MW3 New Season Weapon Performance Update List

Game: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3
Time: 2024-05-30
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The new season of MW3 has begun. In addition to releasing new weapons, some existing weapons have also been adjusted. While some weapons have been strengthened, others have been weakened. For details, please refer to the list below:

Kar98kStriker 9
Holger 556DG-58 LSW
MTZ-556SVA 545
Holger 26BP50
FJX HorusBP50 - Conversion Kit
AMR9XRK Stalker
Kastov 762 
ISO Hemlock 


The optimized Kar98k has an effective range of 86 meters, a bullet speed of 985.2 meters per second, and an ADS time of 377ms, which allows players to headshots at a long distance. It is a weapon for accurate killing. MCW's minimum long-range damage increased by 2, FJX Horus has a more comprehensive improvement, and AMR9 has returned to normal. Holger has enhanced range and recoil control, and the modified bullet capacity has increased. When used with Mags of Holding, it can greatly increase the advantage of this weapon.

For BP50, its mobility has been greatly weakened regardless of whether the player uses the JAK Revenger Kit. SVA-45 little nerf, mid Damage decreased to 22, down from 24. Although Striker-9 and WSP-9 have also been weakened, the extent is not large and they are still usable. DG-58 LSW Headshot Modifier and bullet velocity Nerf, are probably still the meta.

Through the damage test of zombies of different levels, the performance of Kar98k in MWZ is relatively struggling, but this does not mean that it is useless. For more information, please refer to the Sniper Rifle KAR98K damage test.