The Most Powerful Ammunition in MWZ New Season

Game: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3
Time: 2024-06-03
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Incendiary is a special type of ammunition that, in addition to physical damage, can also cause additional fire damage to the target. They will produce different effects when paired with different weapons, greatly enriching the player's combat strategies and weapon choices.

Characteristics of Incendiary Rounds  
Incendiary rounds ignite a fire effect upon hitting a target, rapidly depleting the enemy's health. Different weapons equipped with incendiary rounds produce varying damage effects, particularly effective against the Mega Abomination.

SPX 80 with Incendiary Rounds  
When equipped with incendiary rounds, the SPX 80 sniper rifle sees a substantial increase in damage, especially against elite zombies:

1. Mega Abomination: Typically requiring significant time and effort to defeat. However, with the SPX 80 equipped with incendiary rounds, this process becomes much simpler. Players can use the high precision of the SPX 80 for long-range targeting. Once the incendiary rounds hit, they immediately trigger a flame effect, continuously burning and rapidly reducing the Mega Abomination's health. This ongoing damage prevents the Mega Abomination from quickly recovering, making the best time to strike when it fires its laser, requiring only one shot to take it down.

2. Tier Three Zombies: Generally stronger than ordinary zombies with higher health and attack power. Yet, the SPX 80 equipped with incendiary rounds can also achieve one-shot kills. In combat, players only need to aim and shoot, and the fire damage from the incendiary rounds quickly eliminates the zombies. This capability allows players to easily handle large groups of zombies.


Hoger 556 with Incendiary Rounds  
The Storm Caller, another powerful boss with various attack methods and high health, shows the significant advantage of incendiary rounds in mid to close-range combat.

1. The high rate of fire and large ammo capacity of the Hoger 556 allow players to quickly unleash firepower on the Storm Caller. The incendiary rounds trigger a flame effect upon impact, causing continuous damage to the boss.  
2. The Storm Caller launches various attacks during combat, requiring players to move flexibly to avoid damage. Meanwhile, the flame effect of the incendiary rounds effectively suppresses the boss's counterattacks, making it difficult for it to launch effective attacks.

3. Continuous shooting and the resulting fire damage rapidly deplete the Storm Caller's health. Players can finish off this strong boss in a relatively short time.

For detailed build please refer to Holger 556 Best Build - S4 Update

Performance of Incendiary Rounds in Dark Aether  
In Dark Aether, one of the most challenging areas in the game filled with powerful enemies and threatening environments, incendiary rounds also demonstrate unparalleled combat effectiveness and tactical value.

1. Clearing Zombie Groups: Players are often surrounded by large groups of zombies in Dark Aether. The sustained fire damage from incendiary rounds makes them an excellent tool for clearing these groups. Using the Hoger 556 assault rifle, players can utilize its high rate of fire and the extensive damage from the incendiary rounds to quickly eliminate groups of zombies, enhancing efficiency and controlling the battlefield.

2. Combating Advanced Enemies: Dark Aether is rife with advanced enemies who generally have high health and strong attack capabilities. The SPX 80 sniper rifle, equipped with incendiary rounds, can cause substantial damage at long range and continuously weaken enemies' health through fire effects. Players can eliminate these high-threat targets quickly, ensuring their safety.

MWZ Incendiary - U4GM

3. Defeating Strong Bosses: The most challenging part of Dark Aether involves combating strong bosses. These bosses typically require intense combat and have various attack methods and high health. Incendiary rounds shine in these confrontations. For example, when facing the Dark Aether Beast, players can exploit the high precision of the SPX 80 and the continuous damage from incendiary rounds to rapidly weaken the boss. The high rate of fire from the Hoger 556 can then suppress the boss at closer ranges.

4. Objectives and Tasks: Tasks in Dark Aether often require players to complete a series of objectives within a specific time. The high combat efficiency of incendiary rounds enables players to complete these tasks faster. For example, in escort missions, players must protect the target from enemy attacks. Equipped with incendiary rounds, the Hoger 556 can quickly clear enemies from the path, ensuring the safety of the escort target.

Tactical Advice for Dark Aether  
1. Keep Moving:  
  In Dark Aether, the enemies are numerous and powerful. Players should keep moving to avoid being surrounded. Using incendiary rounds while on the move can continually damage pursuing enemies, reducing the pressure on oneself.

2. Prioritize High-Threat Targets:  
  During combat, players should prioritize eliminating high-threat targets such as advanced enemies and bosses. The sustained damage from incendiary rounds can quickly deplete these enemies' health, making the fights less challenging.

After the update in MWZ, incendiary rounds have shown tremendous combat effectiveness, excelling against regular zombies, advanced enemies, and powerful bosses, thus enabling players to effectively handle various challenges. However, with ongoing updates, the potency of incendiary rounds may be reduced. Therefore, players should seize this rare opportunity to complete contracts and unlock more schematics while they can.