Sniper Rifle KAR98K damage test in MWZ

Game: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3
Time: 2024-05-31
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KAR98K is a classic sniper rifle that often shines in various shooting games. It is a very good choice for players who like accurate shooting. Whether it can adapt to the battle in MWZ needs more testing.

Damage test for zombies of different levels
KAR98K without any upgrades can do a headshot with one shot for primary zombies. Although it performs well, this is just the beginning of the test. For level 2 zombies, KAR98K cannot kill with one shot, and it takes multiple headshots to kill. Therefore, it can be inferred that the basic version of KAR98K will perform more strenuously when facing a large group of level 2 zombies.

Next, use Legendary Aether Tool to upgrade KAR98K and use Pack-a-Punch to enhance it simultaneously. The upgraded KAR98K still retains the 5-round capacity, and the ammunition reserve is increased to 150 rounds, which has significantly increased the damage to ordinary zombies. However, it struggles when facing armored zombies, and will hardly cause any damage unless it is accurately aimed at the head.

Next, the KAR98K is tested for damage in Special Zombie. When facing Disciples in the level 2 area, the upgraded KAR98K can hardly cause damage to it even if it is aimed at its head. From this, it can be inferred that the KAR98K is also unable to cause effective damage when facing high-level zombies.

On the positive side, it also reloads very quickly without buying Speed ​​Cola. But what is puzzling is that the reload speed after using Speed ​​Cola is not much improved.

Unlocking Special Camouflage Achievement
An interesting aspect of using the KAR98K in MW3's Zombie mode is that there is a chance to unlock the "Viscose Violence" camouflage after achieving 250 freeze damage kills. This bright purple camouflage not only adds aesthetic value but is also a trophy for skilled shooters. However, in the process of unlocking this camouflage, the shortcomings of this weapon are exposed, as it performs poorly against stronger zombies.

Based on the test, a very obvious conclusion is that the KAR98K is not suitable for use in MWZ. Facing powerful zombies, the KAR98K cannot cause effective damage to them. But this does not mean that this gun is useless. In a war zone environment, the damage caused by the KAR98K is still considerable, especially for the chest and above, which can cause very serious damage. At the same time, it also has a very fast magazine loading speed, which is very important for snipers.