MWZ S3 Act 4 Latest Mission Detailed Guide

Game: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3
Time: 2024-05-04
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MWZ's latest season update has arrived, With the season update, Act 4 opens a new chapter. If players want to get the MWZ New Schematics after the game update, they must open new missions in order and complete them. Here is a detailed mission guide.

1. Activate the Mission

The player must navigate to the game’s main menu, which is typically the first screen after launching the game or the pause screen if already in session.

MWZ S3 Act 4 New Missions

From the menu, the player needs to locate and select “Act 4 Mission Union”. This is often found in special events, challenges, or missions tab, depending on the game's interface. The premise is that you need to complete the previous MWZ Missions.

After entering the game, you need to find the portal according to the prompts. It is located in a high-threat area, near Old Town. After finding the portal, press and hold the square button on the handle to activate it, and then the player will be teleported to Dark Aether.

MWZ S3 Act 4 New Missions

2. Crystal Challenges

After arriving at Dark Aether, in the BREAK THE STORM mission, players need to Investigate the Crystal. Players need to find specific crystals and break them. These crystals are usually unique in appearance, often glowing or pulsating, and are easier to find.

MWZ S3 Act 4 New Missions

The key aspect of the Crystal Challenge is to identify and remember the rune pattern displayed in front of the Crystal. After the Crystal displays the pattern, similar runes will appear on the buildings in the surrounding area. Players must find these runes, which are part of the environment and sometimes integrated into other elements. Players shoot them in the order of the runes to activate them. This usually needs to be done quickly, because sometimes time limits or additional challenges such as enemy attacks are introduced.

MWZ S3 Act 4 New Missions

Successfully matching the runes in the correct order results in visual feedback from the crystal (such as changing colors from its original to yellow, then red), signaling completion. This often triggers the crystal’s destruction or unlocks further game elements.

MWZ S3 Act 4 New Missions

Complete the sequence to weaken the Crystal The task needs to be completed multiple times, repeating the above steps, which is a test of the player's observation, shooting accuracy, and speed.

3. Activate the Obelisks

Obelisks are usually positioned in significant or challenging areas of the map. Players must locate these structures, which are often marked by distinctive features or glowing effects to set them apart from the regular environment. Reaching the obelisks may involve navigating through hordes of enemies or solving environmental puzzles, adding a layer of difficulty to the game.

Players activate obelisks by approaching them and using the designated interact key. This activation often triggers the start of a defense challenge where players must protect the obelisk from waves of enemies. Activation is not just a one-time interaction; it may require players to stay within a certain proximity to ensure the obelisk remains activated or to perform additional tasks as part of the activation process.

MWZ S3 Act 4 New Missions

Once activated, many obelisks function as 'soul boxes'—structures that collect souls from defeated enemies within their vicinity. This mechanic involves killing zombies near the obelisk to feed them. Successful soul collection is usually indicated by visual effects (such as the obelisk glowing more intensely) and audio cues, providing feedback to the player on their progress. After activation, players often face waves of enemies aiming to destroy or deactivate the Obelisk.

Defeat the task boss to get special items 
After the player completes a series of pre-quests, the quest boss will appear. You need to defeat it to get the golden quest item to open the portal in the later story. The quest boss is not challenging, and most players can pass it smoothly. After killing the Boss, the system will prompt HEMOGLOBIN UNLOCKED.

After using the portal to leave Dark Aether, the player needs to continue to collect the remaining golden items to open another portal.