Path of Exile 3.3 Incursion Faq

Game: Path of Exile
Time: 2023-02-13
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Path of Exile 3.3 Incursion Faq

Do you only earn items once you've completed the whole Temple?
You'll get a fountain of items at the end of each Incursion and, if you're careful with your Temple upgrading, you can earn some valuable rewards from the final Temple. It's a Treasure Temple, after all!

Do you have to get the same Incursion rooms twice in a row to be able to upgrade it?
You don't need to get them consecutively to upgrade, just some time in your 11 Incursions before the final Temple.

Since it's random which Incursion rooms you land in, is it possible to be locked out of some places in the present-day Temple if you weren't sent to a connecting room?
Yes, it's possible to lock out of rooms. That's what the Explosives Room is for :-)


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Can maps drop from the end of your Incursions?
Yes, Architects and Magic monsters in Incursions can drop maps, which make their way into your item fountain. In the final Temple, there's a room that Drops a whole lot of Maps. Of course, monsters in the last Temple can drop maps if they are high enough level.

How many keys will you find in an Incursion?
It's random, but can be more than one if you're lucky.

What happens if you kill both Architects in a room?
It's not possible to kill both. If you kill one, the other will flee.

Is it possible to complete all 11 Incursions and not reach the Apex of the Temple?
Yes, this is possible if you don't connect enough rooms. In some cases, it's also desirable as you may prefer to focus on upgrading some of your other places. Some can lead to rewards even more valuable than those that the boss drops!


How often will I see Alva?
Alva spawns in every area from the Mud Flats onwards. That excludes side regions like master missions. She will also generate in every end-game map you enter - this may eliminate unique maps, but we are not yet able to confirm.

Will my Incursion load with my map or area?
Yes, the Incursion loaded as you enter an area. That means there are no loading screens before you begin an Incursion. However, when Alva spawns the final Temple, she opens six portals for you to enter where you will encounter a loading screen on your way there because it's a large, separate area.

What will monster/item level the Incursions and Temple be?
Incursions are the same level as the area that they contained within. The level of the final Temple is the average of the standards of the Incursions that led to it, plus a few Levels. The intent is that that it'll be pretty close to your Level while you are progressing (unless you skip areas or do low-level Incursions way below your level).

Do your map mods affect your Incursions and final Temple?
When you open a map, your Incursion will be affected by all of the mods of that map. The final Temple has its game instance and will not inherit any map mods, because it gets its mods from the rooms it contains.
For example, if your map has "Players cursed with Vulnerability," then the players in the that map's Incursion will be cursed by Vulnerability. If it has 30% Pack Size, then the Incursion packs will be 30% larger. If it has "Monsters have 100% quantity of items found", it will cause the item fountain at the end of your Incursion to drop more items.

What does the Tier 3 Temple Nexus Room Do?
Rooms surrounding a Tier 3 Temple Nexus Room will be one Tier higher (capped at 3).

How does the implicit mod on the String of Servitude unique belt work?
The item drops pre-corrupted, and the implicit will be a tripled version of any belt corruption mod. The new mod shown on the Item already tripled. Clear, this item doesn't triple the implicit mods on other Items that you have equipped.

Can we turn off the motion blur inside Incursions?
The version of this effect shown in the trailer amplified for effect. The version that exists in the game has been toned down and can be turned off by disabling post-processing.

Will there be a fixed number of Incursions to complete before entering the final Temple or are there mechanics to alter it?
It will be a fixed number of roughly 11. We are only using estimates for now until we confirm what the exact fixed amount will be. It may be higher in maps than natural areas so that you have more opportunities to get good rooms.

Is there a fixed Temple layout each day?
No. The layout starts randomly generated for you and changes based on the actions that you performed during your Incursions. You'll get a new random layout every time you complete the Final Temple (after each set of 11 Incursions). Real-world time has no impact on it.

How does party play work?
Party members can participate in each other's Temples and Incursions, but their actions in another player's Incursions and Temples will not affect their own Temple layout.

Can we redo our 11 upgrades?
Yes, you can repeat your Incursion runs, but they will be different each time. Once you complete the 11 Incursions and complete the final Temple, you'll start a new set of 11 again. Necessarily, you'll achieve a Temple every act during the core game and then every 11 or so maps.

Does the Temple reset automatically after 11 Incursions or is it something you can choose?
You won't be able to complete any more Incursions until you enter the full Temple in the present day. If you wanted to, you could open it and leave it again to reset it without running it, but you'd be preceding many rewards!