Path of Exile Armourer's Scrap Guide

Game: Path of Exile
Time: 2023-02-13
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PoE Armourer's Scrap is usually a Poe currency which can be utilized to enhance the high-quality of a piece of Armour. Each scrap applied to an Armour will improve its high quality by as much as 5% based on its rarity.


How to get PoE Armourer's Scrap

How to use Armourer's Scrap

Where to use Armourer's Scraps

NO.1 How to get PoE Armourer's Scrap Item with 20% Quality -> 1 x Armourer's Scrap 
a total of 40% combined Quality (Armor only) -> 1 x Armourer's Scrap 
Blacksmith's Whetstone -> 1 x Armourer's Scrap 

Divination Card
A set of 5 Emperor's Luck can be exchanged for five Armourer's Scraps. 

NO.2 How to use Armourer's Scrap 
Armourer's Scrap is most typically utilized to raise the excellent quality of Armour gear. As with other quality-increasing currency, consuming an Armourer's Scrap improves the superb quality of healthy items by 5%, magic items by 2%, and rare and unique items by 1%. The defense values in the Armour are enhanced by the percentage high-quality, additive with any neighborhood defense modifiers on the Item. 
Excellent quality on Armours is also made use of to improve the possibility of gaining sockets or links on an item applying a Jeweller's Orb or Orb of Fusing. Every 1% excellent enhance the likelihood of finding new Sockets or hyperlinks by 1%. 
Armourer's Scraps may also be spent by exchanging them for other currency items. One can trade Greust 3 Armourer's Scraps in exchange for a Blacksmith's Whetstone. One particular can also sell an Armourer's Scrap to any vendor for two Scrolls of Wisdom.



Path of Exile Armourer

NO.3 Where to use Armourer's Scraps 
If you're going to change a lot of a specific type of thing, you can use them for the alchemy recipe. 
20% white item + 20% magic item + 20% rare item of same type = 1 alchemy orb at the vendor 
Thus you can convert 12 scraps or whetstone + some chances back to 1alch. Which is better than just chancing and getting was scraps or shards. 
Armourer's Scraps have a lot of uses 
Vendoring for Wisdom Scrolls 
Converting to each other/baubles through Hargan 
20% Stone Hammer/Rock Breaker/Gavel + map = chisel 
Alching "for free." Then Alching something, get it to 20% Q first, then if you want your arch back, get two more of the same base, 20% q them too, then transmute one of them. Vendor all 3 for an Alch. (20% rare + 20% blue + 20% white = Alch) 
improving your jeweler' s/fusing rolls. 
Convert scraps to whetstones (1:1 at vendor) 
Collect white stone hammers/rock breakers/gavels. 
Quality them up to 20% using four whetstones 
Sell the hammer and 1x map (any level) and get 1x cartographer's chisel 
Sell 40 chisels for one Poe exalted Orb (standard)