The Most Popular PoE 3.4 Marauder Builds

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Time: 2023-02-13
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The Marauder is Path of Exile's pure strength class, which implies that he's wonderful at taking hits, and in some cases superior at dishing out punishment. His melee skills encompass a wide range of assault, from huge single target harm to devastating area of effect. This brute of a man bolsters his impressive physical arsenal with a number of shouts and cries, skills that rally his allies and strike terror into the hearts of his enemies. Here U4GM Poe Editor Team will share  The Most Popular PoE 3.4 Marauder Builds for you. 

[Poe 3.4 Juggernaut Build] Righteous Fire Juggernaut Build

[Poe 3.4 Juggernaut Build] life Mjolner did right by Rico Juggernaut Build

[Poe 3.4 Juggernaut Build] Bow Fire Elemental Hit Juggernaut

[Poe 3.4 Juggernaut Build] The Dancing Duo Juggernaut

[Poe 3.4 Build] Bleed Sunder Zerker Berserker Build

[Poe 3.4 Chieftain Build] Very strong boss and single target killer DW Nebuloch Molten Strike Chieftain

[Poe 3.4 Chieftain Build] CSWOLE Blaze Vortex

NO.1 [Poe 3.4 Juggernaut Build] Righteous Fire Juggernaut Build
This build is low-priced to start but does demand some precise uniques. It is not going to become exceptional in any way with low-cost gear nevertheless. It's actually kinda mediocre till you start off throwing currency at it. Gear that makes this build effective is highly-priced. 

PoE 3.4 Changes
Increased attack speed affix on weapons no longer has any effect on Shield Charge. This will impact mobility quite a bit early on since we won't be able to use Brightbeak for a huge boost. Shield Charge now gains 1% increased movement speed as the gem levels up. Orb of Storms can now be triggered by Cast when Damage Taken.

Oak or Kill All.
Oak - 1% life regenerated, 2% Phys damage reduction
Kill All - 2 passive points
Oak's regen is nice early on but loses its appeal when you have decent gear. Two passive points are better at that point. I'd only go with Oak if you either don't play much or don't mind spending 20 regrets to respec to Kill All eventually.

Pantheon Leveling:
Soul of Arakaali (Major God)
Soul of Abberath (Minor God)

Pantheon Shield Charge:
Soul of Solaris (Major God) - worth unlocking secondary powers
Soul of Tukohama (Minor God) - make sure to unlock the secondary power

3.2 Uber Elder -
3.2 T16 Maze of the Minotaur Clear -

Skill Tree:
Level 88 -

PoB Link:

Example Link:

NO.2 [Poe 3.4 Juggernaut Build] life Mjolner did right by Rico Juggernaut Build
This build makes use of difficult and matured mechanics with a great deal of optimization procedure involved through its development. At the similar time can see numerous new players asking basic inquiries relating to the build. Cold dmg to attacks on ring operates with cyclone and not with Blade Vortex (which is a spell). Having said that this is just what you need as cyclone hits and applies cold dmg hence reducing target resistances for both fire & lightning for your next Discharge/Arc. Cold dmg to spells would work with blade vortex, but this really is not the main reason BV is included in the build. Its main role is to be yet another source of power charges via Romiras ring with many hits on bosses (up to 6-7 stable BV stacks).

Changes vs. 3.3:
+ Some minor changes in the passive tree
+ Added some BIS corruptions

Bandits: 2 Passive skill points.

Quick 3.3 T14 Dark Forest -

PoB Link:

Skill tree:

Example Link:

NO.3 [Poe 3.4 Juggernaut Build] Bow Fire Elemental Hit Juggernaut
Elemental hit on Ranger/Scion has been going on quite well this league, but just after testing it on them I felt they lacked something when it came to enduring damage. The Juggernaut with a bow although maintaining up together with the harm offers the tackiness that a lot of may well really feel lacking within the above.
3.4 Update:
We lost ~30% of damage, my clear map setup which was a bit over 100k is now a little over 70k. So the build is still strong and very viable.
Will be updating if I find any changes more suitable than the previous version.

Bow Fire Elemental Hit Juggernaut Vs. Chimera -

Skril Tree:
Crit Version -
Non-Crit Version -

PoB link:
Crit -
Non-Crit -
Current Character -

Example Link:

NO.4 [Poe 3.4 Juggernaut Build] The Dancing Duo Juggernaut
At the begin of every map, you pop all charges from two of your Worm flasks to begin the rampage. Then you definitely run about the map and collect loot, although your swords make the killing.
Once you go just a little slow or once you have to backtrack, keep in mind to pop a flask charge prior to rampage expires (press the key when the bar is at 1/3, requires some time for the worms to spawn and for the swords to acquire there). For difficult enemies like red beasts or bosses, pop Vaal haste, your supplying curse them with vulnerability and spam SRS to add a bit damage.

+ Pros
+ Very high clear speed
+ You can do all map mods and content, including Atziri, Guardians, Uber Lab, Shaper...
+ totally different from anything you played before
+ very cheap / budget friendly
- Cons
- Keeping up rampage can be annoying at first, but you get used to it
- Requires a fast playstyle, you cannot stand around and look at items for example 
- Kind of passive playstyle, u basically support an AI
- If you like to press a lot of buttons, this one is not for you
- You have to Essence Craft Jewellery, which can be expensive

Deathless Shaper! -
Uber Lab Run -

Skill Tree:
Level 92 -

PoB Link:
Path of Building Import Code -

Example Link:

NO.5 [Poe 3.4 Build] Bleed Sunder Zerker Berserker Build
This build is slightly various in the standard every day Sunder Zerker/Slayer because it uses the Blood Magic Keystone to be able to drastically increase our Liverpool, whilst also getting in a position to work with much more support flasks to mitigate incoming harm. On the other hand, even though using BM, you won't have the ability to use any auras. And as a result, I bring forth my contribution, with a special gem setup that may enable us to correctly mitigate as substantially as you possibly can the damage loss from HoA/Hatred, while being able to get that juicy 35% hp to improve.

PoB link:

Example Link:

NO.6 [Poe 3.4 Chieftain Build] Very strong boss and single target killer DW Nebuloch Molten Strike Chieftain
This build is often a very powerful build for pretty considerably all of game content material and excels at killing bosses. It includes a pretty reasonable introductory expense, only seriously requiring the Nebuloch mace and Wildfire jewels, and may scale incredibly nicely together with the additional gear investments that you just make, offensively in addition to defensively. 
400 Fire Harm taken per second per Endurance Charge if you've been Hit Lately. What does that imply is that whenever that you are hit, the mace applies a 400 fire damage degen for your character PER ENDURANCE CHARGE. 

Very strong boss and single target killer
Very tanky
Low entry cost
Good clear speed
All content has done

Can't do maps with no leech and no regen combined.

- 20 points :
- 57 points :
- 101 points :
- 118 points (complete tree) :

PoB Link:

Example Link:

NO.7 [Poe 3.4 Chieftain Build] CSWOLE Blaze Vortex
This build aims to combine the tackiness of Righteous Fire (RF) with the damage output of Blade-Vortex (BV) employing the several synergies between these two skills.
For general mapping just turn RF on, and Shield Charge into packs even though preserving one particular or two stacks of BV. For bosses, we charge up BV ahead of the fight, then shield charge in an attempt to maintain as several BV stacks as possible and sometimes drop an Orb of Storms around the target.

Decent map clearing speed
Boss melting (over 1M Shaper dps)
Lots of room for investment
Safe for Uber lab
Tanky (over 8K life)
Does not require six linked gear (6L)
Easy resistance capping

Clears slower than BV Elementalist
Survivability depends mainly on Kaom's Heart

Deathless Shaper -

PoB link:

Skill tree:

Example Link:


The Most Popular PoE 3.4 Marauder Builds


Commonly, they may be not worth the difficulty for factors which might be sufficient within the lengthy run. Even though they may be valuable for players who might know nothing about the game. For the most element, they're understanding tools for novices to ease them into the game. For more Path of exile 3.4 Builds, you can visit Just a reminder: you will get 5% coupon code at no cost in the reps if you Get Poe Currency order from this short article.