New "Monopoly Games" Sticker Album Coming Soon to Monopoly Go

游戏: Monopoly Go
发布时间: 2024-06-08
浏览量: 765

After the final whistle of "Making Music," the "Monopoly Games" album is a thrilling showcase of stickers. The Monopoly Games album launches on June 20th and will run until September 26th. This album features a total of 28 sets, including 5 prestigious sets. These prestige sets are the ones you unlock after completing the album and starting over. Here’s some info of what we know so far about the next sticker album for Monopoly Go.

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Sticker Album Decks List

There are going to be 28 sets for the new sticker album for Monopoly Go. Two more than usual, meaning that it will take slightly longer to finish. 

Set 1- 175 Dices & Cash

Starlit Ceremony1 Star
Blue Barons1 Star
Green Gladiators1 Star
Gold Stars1 Star
Orange Optimists1 Star
Pink Pioneers1 Star
Red Respect1 Star
Final Countdown1 Star
The Games Begin1 Star

Set 2 - 200 Dices & Cash

Tatami Tumble1 Star
Sporting Conduct1 Star
Smashing Success1 Star
Ouch!1 Star
Crushed Ice1 Star
Hawk-Eyed1 Star
Dual Flurry1 Star
Self-Protection1 Star
Top Chops2 Star

Set 3 - 225 Dices & Cash

Day in The Bay1 Star
Double Scull Duo1 Star
Knot Bad1 Star
Tight Crew1 Star
No Bowing Out1 Star
Flare for Drama1 Star
Win Oar Lose1 Star
Deck and Deck2 Star
Rowed to Victory2 Star

Set 4 - 250 Dices & Cash

Long Course1 Star
Pool Deck1 Star
Warm Up1 Star
No Splash Zone1 Star
Well Suited1 Star
Dive In1 Star
Freestylin'2 Star
The Approach2 Star
Winning Touch2 Star

Set 5 - 275 Dices & Cash

Full House1 Star
Priming Up1 Star
Game Plan1 Star
Tip-Off1 Star
Pass Back1 Star
Fending Off2 Star
Nice Try!2 Star
Murderball Cup2 Star
Pink and Gold2 Star

Set 6 - 300 Dices & Cash & Summer Champion Sheld

Highland Games1 Star
Above Board1 Star
Lofty Perch1 Star
Limber Timber1 Star
Heave!2 Star
Caber Neighbors2 Star
Logger Rhythm2 Star
End-Over-End2 Star
Woodland Winners3 Star

Set 7 - 325 Dices & Cash

Track and Field1 Star
Chowing Down1 Star
Disqualified!2 Star
Release!2 Star
Hammer Time2 Star
Take Aim2 Star
Stick the Landing2 Star
Discobolos3 Star
Dream Team3 Star

Set 8 - 350 Dices & Cash & MrmChampion Emoji

Firing Range1 Star
Ammo Cash2 Star
Safety First2 Star
Ready, aim!2 Star
Spend!!2 Star
Precision Vision2 Star
On the Money3 Star
Bill Collector3 Star
Deadeye Duo3 Star

Set 9 - 425 Dices & Cash

Armor Up2 Star
Show Time2 Star
Field Day2 Star
Shall Not Pass2 Star
Slander!2 Star
Hi-Jink3 Star
Huge Savings3 Star
Slapshot3 Star
Best in Field3 Star

Set 10 - 500 Dices & Cash & Animal Dog Scottie Skate Token

Ramped Excitement2 Star
Pad Mates2 Star
Lazy Daisy2 Star
Daily Grind2 Star
Boarder Collie2 Star
Lip Smacking3 Star
Stair Master3 Star
Cool Cat3 Star
Underdogs4 Star

Set 11 - 625 Dices & Cash

Set the Stage2 Star
In Tandem2 Star
Ringing True2 Star
Beam Me Up!2 Star
Razzle Dazzle3 Star
Ribbon Dance3 Star
Wishful Thinking3 Star
Perfect Dismount3 Star
Victory Podium4 Star

Set 12 - 675 Dices & Cash

Loaded Dice2 Star
Lying in Weight2 Star
Strong Support2 Star
Hold It!3 Star
Powerful Aura3 Star
Easy-Peasy3 Star
Center Stage3 Star
Strong Numbers4 Star
Worth It4 Star

Set 13 - 825 Dices & Cash

Basic Training2 Star
The Tortoise2 Star
The Hare3 Star
Squeaky Clean3 Star
Pumped Up!3 Star
Track Meet3 Star
Calamity!4 Star
Engine that Could4 Star
Wins the Race!4 Star Gold

Set 14 - 950 Dices & Cash

The Arena2 Star
Old Faithful2 Star
Making Gains3 Star
Good Sports3 Star
Pink's Serve3 Star
Locked In4 Star
Lucky Shot4 Star
A Net Win4 Star Gold
Paddle Pals5 Star

Set 15 - 1050 Dices & Cash

The Money Pit2 Star
Shake Things Up2 Star
Hi, Divers!3 Star
Vertigo3 Star
Sync and Swim4 Star
Cold Feet4 Star
Pair of Jacks4 Star Gold
Don't Look Down5 Star
Party Time!5 Star

Set 16 - 1150 Dices & Cash

Bright and Early2 Star
Compound Interest2 Star
Precision Pros3 Star
Tuning In4 Star
Positions!4 Star
On The Draw4 Star Gold
Well Taut5 Star
Arrow-Dynamic5 Star
Double Bullseye5 Star Gold

Set 17 - 1350 Dices & Cash

The Big Day3 Star
Don't Sweat It3 Star
Wax, Poetic3 Star
Pipe Dreams4 Star
Surf's Up!4 Star
Crushed It4 Star Gold
Wipeout!5 Star
Tubular!5 Star
Walking on Water5 Star

Set 18 - 1500 Dices & Cash

Parking Prix3 Star
Ready to Roll3 Star
Tune-Up3 Star
Hello You4 Star
Right Angle4 Star
Gearing Up4 Star Gold
Park Place5 Star
Mind the Gap5 Star
Parking Ace5 Star Gold

Set 19 - 1650 Dices & Cash

The Circuit3 Star
Quad Strength3 Star
Over-Tired3 Star
Missing in Action4 Star
Rearing To Go4 Star Gold
On My Mark!4 Star Gold
Barrowing Forward5 Star
Sabotage!5 Star Gold
Wheel Win5 Star Gold

Set 20 - 1750 Dices & Cash

A Day Out3 Star
Monarch of the Sea3 Star
Ace In The Hole4 Star
Dapper Fellows4 Star
Robo-Flock4 Star Gold
Duck and Cover5 Star
Mine? Mine?5 Star
Quack-ing!5 Star Gold
Great Success!5 Star Gold

Set 21 - 1900 Dices & Cash

Take Me Out3 Star
Play Ball!4 Star
Glovin' It4 Star
For the Home Team4 Star
Throwing Heat4 Star Gold
Crack of the Bat5 Star
Let it Slide5 Star
Home Sweet Home5 Star Gold
Game, Set, Catch5 Star Gold

Set 22 - 2050 Dices & Cash

Prestigious Piste3 Star
Sabre Stars4 Star
Present Arms4 Star
Salut des Armes4 Star Gold
Esquive, 4 Stars4 Star Gold
Touch!5 Star
Prime Victory5 Star
Blade Brilliance5 Star Gold
En Garde Gold5 Star Gold

Set 23 - 2200 Dices & Cash

Half-Mile Aisle4 Star
Proper Shopper4 Star
Track & Trolly4 Star Gold
On Your Markets4 Star Gold
Aisle Athletes5 Star
Bursting Buggy5 Star
Can-Do Attitude5 Star Gold
Weigh-in Win5 Star Gold
Cart Dash Champs5 Star Gold

Set 24 - 3000 Dices & Cash

Built to Scale3 Star
Get a Grip!4 Star
Harness Your Power4 Star
Chalk it Up4 Star
Bouldering Buds4 Star Gold
Social Climbers4 Star Gold
Beyond Reach?5 Star
Peak Performance5 Star
Reaching the Top5 Star

Set 25 - 4000 Dices & Cash

Balloon Fiesta4 Star
Floating On Air!4 Star
Basket Buddies4 Star Gold
Full of Hot Air4 Star Gold
Ascending Aviators4 Star Gold
View Finder5 Star
Ballooning Fears5 Star
Cloud Chasers5 Star Gold
Rising Stars5 Star Gold

Set 26 - 5000 Dices & Cash

Sun-Up Warm-Up4 Star
Strokes of Genius4 Star
Backstroke Boss4 Star Gold
Tri to Catch me!4 Star Gold
Wheely Great5 Star
Draft and Pass5 Star
Performance Gain5 Star
Fowl Nemesis!5 Star Gold
Unlikely Synergy5 Star Gold

Set 27 - 6000 Dices & Cash

Pitch Perfection4 Star
Handling!4 Star Gold
Stache Mascot4 Star Gold
Fancy Footwork4 Star Gold
Net Positive5 Star
Goal-oriented!5 Star
Fan Fanfare5 Star
Yip Yip Hooray!5 Star Gold
Paw-some Champs5 Star Gold

Set 28 - 7000 Dices & Cash

Current Race4 Star
Two-Tired4 Star Gold
GO Team!4 Star Gold
Charged Up5 Star
Spin The Wheels5 Star
Spoketacular!5 Star
Super Cyclists5 Star Gold
Watt's Up?5 Star Gold
Shocking Win!5 Star Gold

Completion Rewards

Completing the Monopoly Games sticker album is an achievement worth celebrating, and the rewards are nothing short of spectacular. Here’s what you can look forward to:

First Completion:

Discus Thrower Token: A unique token to showcase your accomplishment.
20,000 Rolls: A massive boost to help you progress further in the game.
Cash Bonuses: A generous amount of in-game cash.
Unlock Prestige Albums: Gain access to 5 exclusive prestige sets, adding more excitement and challenges to your journey.

Second Completion (Including Prestige Albums):

Gold Discus Thrower Token: A prestigious token to mark your exceptional achievement.
25,000 Rolls: Even more rolls to keep the momentum going.

Third Completion:

30,000 Rolls: The ultimate reward for your dedication and persistence.

Set Completion Rewards

Sometimes throughout the album, specific sets will feature additional rewards such as tokens or shields. Let's take a look at some of these rewards.

Set #6 (Caber): Completing this set will reward you with the Summer Champion Shield.
Set #8 (On Target): This set offers the Mr. M Champion Emoji as a reward.
Set #10 (Skateboarding): Finish this set to earn the Skateboarding Scottie Token.

Happy collecting!