The Best Gold Grinding for a TERA Mystic

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Mystics can be a very fun class to play as they offer a wide variety of choices when crafting them. Because Mystics have such unique abilities, you will be able to decide which direction you want to take them. They can excel at many different skills, and advancing them will require you to make smart choices when distributing your talent. Be aware of the direction you are heading with your Mystic as you go about leveling. This will make your ability to acquire gold a lot easier in the sense that you will be focusing your talents on what pays off. Here at U4gm you can get TERA gold without having to spend countless hours grinding.


The Best Gold Grinding for a TERA Mystic


You can choose to build your Mystic as a healer, who will be a fantastic addition to groups as it is your ability to keep the tank alive that will give the group success. Healer Mystics are not to be underestimated, as their abilities will also include being able to take life from others as their own. You will take advantage of this by using buffs or "glyphs" as they are called in TERA. These unique abilities can be cast or can be given by equipping magical items. These glyphs will enable you to do things better, faster, and stronger. Glyph of Energy, for example, will reduce your cool down time from casting greatly. The advantage of this is obvious, as the faster you can heal/use another skill the greater power you have. Speed is great to nullify the Mob's advantage of numbers, and casting speed will really enable you to keep up.


If choosing a Healer Mystic, you will need to understand that you will not be able to produce much gold or level up very well to be able to hunt more gold if you are not willing to work with a team. Joining a guild is highly recommended for healer mystics, as you will be an essential part of the group but also share in their fortunes. To make as much gold as possible with a healer, simply try to go on as many dungeon raids as possible. Bosses are where the real loot is, as selling and trading items can attain you a lot more gold than simply picking it off of monster corpses. Do not be afraid to try to form the groups yourself, you will be a key participant every dungeon raiding group needs. Tanks are the ones taking on the Bosses hand to hand, but without you there to keep them alive nobody will survive with any of the gold or loot.


Another route you can take with your Mystic is to make him a DPS (damage per second) spec. This means you will be a damage dealing force to be reckoned with. While not as essential to groups as a healer, you will be able to level up and make gold solo with this type of Mystic. This can be a really fun class to solo with because you are pretty self-reliant. You are still able to heal yourself, but you should focus your skill distribution on your offensive capabilities. Thrall of Protections, for example, will summon a beast that will aggro monsters and take their damage for you while you attack them. You can use this to great advantage when soloing Bosses. Later we will talk about which quests and dungeons are repeatable to make more gold, and this is where you can take advantage of Thrall of Protection.


When choosing a DPS Mystic to be careful to engage your glyphs correctly. Understand how your new character will work and why it is important to carefully choose the right combination of skills to increase. While it may be nice to be able to stay alive longer, if you cannot deal significant damage to your enemies with your combo attacks and casting, then it will not matter how long you can stay alive. Likewise, if you invest entirely in offensive capabilities you will be left with very weak healing ones, and you will not survive the fight to profit from it. The key to making a lot of gold with a DPS Mystic is just like any other character, kill as many monsters as possible. To do this you will need to be able to deal as much damage as possible while keeping yourself alive.


Mystics can be good at about whatever they choose to specialize in, which makes them a great class to make gold with.  In order to maximize your gold making abilities with a Mystic, get with a team. TERA Online offers a great feature called the Instance Dungeon Matcher. This will automatically find the healer, tank, and other miscellaneous characters you will need to tackle a dungeon. This feature is a great way to make gold as you can continuously find parties to go tackle dungeons and Bosses with. Loot in the dungeons is as good as it gets on TERA Online so make sure to take advantage of this system to get you into dungeons as much as possible. Do not be afraid of dungeons, they are a challenge that they will bring you the greatest rewards. They might take a few times to work out how to conquer the Bosses but they will drop the most value even if they are not successful the first few times.


If you are a diehard solo player though, it will be possible to make a lot of gold solo PVEing with a Mystic. Because you can take advantage of area damage spells and also because you will be able to heal yourself effectively, you will have the firepower and lasting ability to do it alone. Tackling mobs means using your Thrall of Protection animal as a tank substitute. Its aggroing will keep the Mob or Boss off of you while you deal the damage with your Scepter. The scepter will be a compliment to your area damage spells, such as Corruption Ring. Use this spell when you have successfully aggroed the Mob to a small area around you. While your Thrall of Protection takes the damage, cast Corruption Ring and drain the hit points from all enemies within the damaged area. This is a fantastic way to kill multiple enemies at once, which will, in turn, create more loot and gold for you in a quicker fashion.


The Volley of Curses is another area damage spell that can be stacked three times on top of each other. This is a devastating curse to put on a Boss and will help you continuously drain the life out of them. While your tank or Thrall occupies the Boss or Mob, you need to cue of Volley of Curses three times. This will stack the damage being applied to the monster, draining his hit points every two seconds for a total of ten seconds. When taking on a Boss by yourself you will be able to dominate them quickly as this spell will act as another member of your team attacking the Boss.


Using this spell against Bosses is the only way you will be able to effectively solo them, as your Thrall will be under continuous assault and you will have too much to do if you attempt to deal all the damage directly to the Boss. You will not be able to heal yourself, your Thrall, deal damage, and concentrate on the unique combat system that requires your attention in order to effectively deal damage all at the same time. Stacking Volley of Curses on the Boss or Mob you are taking on will allow you to kill them and collect the gold that comes with it. You will be able to mow through enemies and dungeons quickly even by yourself. This is a skill that needs to be used often and you will be rewarded with riches.