Fortnite Mist Monsters FAQ List - Newbie Guide

Game: Fortnite
Time: 2023-02-13
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Mist Monsters are one of the two most important kinds of Monsters in Save the World. They may be larger and much more risky than Husks, but are also significantly less numerous.They usually do not damage the objective but instead distract and harm the player and their defenses in an effort to enable the smaller sized Husks. Mist Monsters are extra rare than Husks often have higher health and deal greater harm. Within this web page we will share you some tips and track for allow you to fight them, adhere to this and find out far more!

Fortnite Mist Monsters FAQ List - Newbie Guide


No.1 - What are the mist monsters specifically?

No.2 - Where to find mist monsters?

No.3 - What is the best sniper and perks against mist monsters?

No.4 - Whats the best gun for against mist monsters?

No.5 - How to farm mist monsters?

No.6 - Which missions have the most mist monsters in?


No.1 What are the mist monsters specifically?

The big purple husks are Mist Monsters. They come in the Blaster, Smasher, Taker, and Flinger varieties. They're kinda all over the place, but especially in the higher-challenge Husk encampments (the bigger and spikey-er the encampment, the higher the challenge). Push plot, and you'll see them introduced in the storm shield defenses. They show up fairly regularly.


No.2 Where to find mist monsters?

Encampment missions are guaranteed mist monsters after the 5th encampment.

While you're running around a normal defense map, get every encampment and mist monster you see.

When you're doing the defense, focus exclusively on mist monsters. Smashers first, then everything else.


No.3 What is the best sniper and perks against mist monsters?

Obliterator with 5th tier set to damage to mist monster. Everything else set to damage or impact. Super shredder with - damage - mag size - physical/element - hs damage - damage to mist monsters/affliction/snared - 5hs +30%/ affliction/snares.


No.4 What is the best weapons for against mist monsters?

Helium shotgun works great for smashers. Obliterator works great on laser eyes. Anything works well on takers Any melee works for flingers. Bald eagle by a mile for me. Staggers everything and does monstrous damage. Ole Betsy is a one shot for blasters and takers, and mine kills smashers in three shots, but you need the reload speed perks or it's a pain to have to reload every time. Besides, you can buy fortnite weapons at U4GM.COM


No.5 How to farm mist monsters?

It's better to set it on private/friends start a late canny encampment, invite random people even low-levels to farm mostly to piss off those "Taxi for 200 herbs" fools and get some extra shared boost. Destroy every single encampment+bonus not only don't look like an idiot but get the 50 mist-monster and a good chunk of at least 2 of the 300 elemental husks with a level 6 reward (especially if they are farming), buy fortnite items online is good choice for help you to farm mist monsters.

The step is as following:

1. Start up an encampment clearing quest, clear all 5 base requirements.

2. The bonus camps spawn a mistmonster with each wave (zone lvl 5)

3. Kill the mistmonster on wave 1 of camp 6, leave the area, re trigger the camp and rinse repeat. You'll get 1 kill every 15 or so seconds. Just cleared the 30 kills in 2 games.


No.6 Which missions have the most mist monsters in?

When doing encampments of any types there are three types of encampments small, medium, and large...the large encampments are the only ones I believe that will guarantee to spawn mist monsters. A trick I found is to start the encampment, kill the mist monsters and then leave the encampment zone so the enemies despawn...repeat and repeat


At a particular point in Fortnite you might see a passive mission develop into activated that asks you to kill a certain level of Mist Monsters. Though taking them out are going to be the genuine challenge, acquiring adequate of them is often just as frustrating devoid of an excellent approach. Mist Monsters get started to appear for the duration of greater level missions so all you truly need to do is reach a level where Mist Monsters are actively popping up all through Fortnite. At that point your most effective bet should be to take on an encampment mission as several Mist Monsters are inclined to seem as you attempt to clear the husk encampment. A number of Mist Monsters are also most likely to appear whilst you're defending a particular point against a wave of husks.