How to defeat the MWZ Christmas Boss and get rewards?

Game: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3
Time: 2023-12-21
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For the Christmas Boss event in MWZ, this guide explains in detail how to unlock Zombie Santa and defeat him to obtain rewards, including obtaining gifts on the Christmas tree, unlocking the safe house where the Boss is located, as well as the Boss's combat mechanism and what you need to pay attention to during the battle.


Get Christmas gifts and unlock bosses

Step 1: Drop at a Christmas Tree and get gifts 
your first objective is to locate and drop at a Christmas tree on the map. Keep in mind that there are limited Christmas trees available, so there is a possibility of encountering other teams contesting the area. Speed is crucial in securing the location.


U4GM MWZ Christmas Boss Guide 1


Once you reach the Christmas tree, initiate the capture process by entering the designated ring. Your goal is to fully capture the tree, progressing it to tier three. As the capture progresses, the crates in front of you will transform into Christmas presents containing loot of increasing value.


Step 2: Obtain the Black Sight Key 
Upon reaching tier three, a Black Sight key will drop. Ensure that you or one of your teammates picks it up. This key will be used to unlock the entrance to Santa's safe house.


U4GM MWZ Christmas Boss Guide 2


Step 3: Locate and Enter Santa's Safe House 
Follow the floating icon representing Zombie Santa to locate his safe house within the Black Site. The entrance is the door that appears on the grass in the picture above. Use the key you obtained in the previous step to unlock the entrance. This process is similar to accessing a normal Black Sight or stronghold.


Step 4: Engage Zombie Santa 
Inside the safe house, you will encounter Zombie Santa. Be prepared for his teleportation ability, which allows him to move to different locations within the Black Site whenever he takes damage. Additionally, festive zombies will spawn during this encounter, posing an additional threat.

Locate Zombie Santa each time he teleports and continue dealing damage until you successfully eliminate him. Remember, other players will also be attempting to defeat Santa, so be cautious of their presence and defend yourself accordingly.


U4GM MWZ Christmas Boss Guide 3


Zombie Christmas Boss battle Guide and rewards

Part 1: Kill the Christmas Boss to get rewards 
To maximize your chances of success and minimize encounters with other teams, it is crucial to act quickly. Time is of the essence in dealing with Zombie Santa.

Zombie Santa will teleport approximately five times throughout the encounter. Your objective is to locate him each time he teleports and continue dealing damage until he is defeated. Be prepared for his attacks, as he wields a custom LMG minigun. Defeating Zombie Santa will yield valuable rewards.

Upon Zombie Santa's defeat, you will find loot on the ground, including the custom LMG minigun he was using against you, durable gas masks, kill streaks, munition and armor boxes, and a substantial $88,000 cash drop. Make sure to collect these rewards to enhance your chances of success in the game.

Once Zombie Santa has been eliminated, there will be no more Zombie Santas for the remainder of the game. This means you must either be swift in reaching and defeating Zombie Santa before other teams or strategically engage him while another team is doing so.


Part 2: Reindeer Hunting 
As the game progresses and the second circle begins to close in, a Deer Hunt event will occur. Reindeers, which are essentially Hell Hounds with antlers, will spawn throughout the map and be marked for easy identification.


U4GM MWZ Christmas Boss Guide 4


Engage and eliminate the marked reindeer during the Deer Hunt event. Doing so will grant you a chance to obtain decent loot drops.


Part 3: Defeat the reborn Christmas Boss on the train 
As the third circle begins to close in, the excitement intensifies as Zombie Santa respawns on the moving train. This marks the thrilling endgame of the Resurgence game mode.

The objective is to survive by utilizing the train, which is hijacked by Zombie Santa. Before boarding the train, you must defeat Zombie Santa once more.


Zombie Santa's Location

U4GM MWZ Christmas Boss Guide 5

Zombie Santa will be camping on top of the train's front carriage, armed with his minigun. He poses a threat to players in the sky or on top of carriages attempting to take him down. This time, Zombie Santa has a full health bar and significantly more health than in the previous encounter.

Similar to the first encounter, Zombie Santa will teleport between different train carriages as his health decreases. Additionally, he will summon more random zombies to hinder your progress towards him.

In the Resurgence mode with 56 players, there is a possibility that another team may defeat Zombie Santa before you or eliminate your team before you can take him down. Timing and coordination are crucial.

Throughout the game, engaging in various activities such as defeating Zombie Santa in the Black Site, eliminating him on the train, killing zombies, and even eliminating players with snowballs will unlock rewards. These rewards include emblems, calling cards, and loading screens. Note that currently, these rewards may not display detailed information in-game.