MW3 new season weapon prediction [Updata]

Game: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3
Time: 2024-01-09
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The new season of MW3 is coming soon, and most players hope to see some old guns from previous versions in the new season, including Assault Rifle, Battle Rifle, Shotgun, and Pistol. The most popular of these is the pistol series, and many players feel the need to add more pistol assists to the main weapon.


2. The AS Val SMG
One crucial rule of thumb when wielding the AS Val SMG is to equip attachments that effectively reduce recoil. While the Val may not kick as hard as a horse, it can still pose challenges when it comes to accuracy, especially without the aid of suitable attachments. By selecting the right attachments, you can significantly improve your ability to hit targets at a distance, making your shots more precise and effective.

The Power of the Val's Barrel:
The Val's barrel is a game-changer, extending its three-shot kill range and even beyond. Even when it takes four to five shots to eliminate an opponent, Val's firepower remains unmatched. This unique characteristic makes the AS Val the ideal weapon for a wide range of situations. Whether you're facing an opponent at close range or spotting a sniper glint in the distance, Val's versatility ensures you're always well-equipped.

The AS Val ability to consistently deal high damage is what sets it apart from other weapons. This reliability often leads to what I like to call "Val moments" - situations where you find yourself winning gunfights that you shouldn't. Even when faced with opponents who have better positions or superior camouflage, Val's sheer power disregards such advantages. Its consistent performance ensures that you come out on top, even in the most challenging encounters.

To further enhance your AS Val performance, consider customizing it to suit your playstyle. You can equip attachments that maximize accuracy and minimize recoil, allowing for precise shots and improved control. Alternatively, you can modify the Val to prioritize movement and hip fire, transforming it into one of the most formidable SMGs in the game. By tailoring your loadout to your preferences, you can unlock the Val's full potential and dominate the battlefield.

The AS Val is a force to be reckoned with, offering exceptional performance in various combat scenarios. By equipping recoil reduction attachments, leveraging the power of Val's barrel, and customizing it to suit your playstyle, you can maximize its effectiveness on the battlefield.


1. The Five-Seven Pistol
The Five-Seven in Black Ops 2 is a powerful weapon and the most popular pistol in the community, offering unique advantages in gameplay. Not only does it provide exceptional firepower, but it also allows for faster weapon swapping compared to reloading. This feature can catch opponents off guard, as they often expect players to retreat and reload their primary weapon.

the Five-Seven is a Pistol with both high and low-damage capabilities. It deals a staggering 55 damage per shot at close range, making it a formidable two-shot kill weapon in close-quarters combat. However, its effectiveness diminishes at a distance, requiring six shots to eliminate an enemy. The Five-Seven offers a rapid rate of fire, shooting as fast as the trigger can be pulled, with a maximum rate of 600 rounds per minute.

The time to kill with the Five-Seven varies depending on the range. In close-quarters combat, it can swiftly dispatch opponents with just two shots. However, at longer distances, the slower rate of fire and the need for multiple shots can prolong the time to eliminate enemies. It's important to note that the effective two-shot kill range is limited to just 2 meters, necessitating proximity for optimal performance.

One notable advantage of the Five-Seven is its minimal recoil. It boasts exceptional accuracy, rivaling even SMGs and assault rifles. This allows players to effectively engage targets at long ranges with precise shots. In terms of reload time, the Five-Seven falls within the average range for pistols. With a partially full magazine and enhancements like fast mags or reload canceling, the reload time is approximately one second. However, if the magazine is completely emptied, the reload animation may take slightly longer.

While the Five-Seven excels in medium-range engagements, it may be outclassed in very close encounters due to its limited two-shot kill range. However, its accuracy and three-shot kill potential make it a formidable weapon in medium-range engagements.

The Five-Seven is an excellent choice for players seeking a powerful and versatile secondary weapon.