Best Weapon Performance and Build in MWZ [Update]

Game: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3
Time: 2023-11-29
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This guide details some of the best weapons in MW3 Zombie, including their performance in combat and how to use attachments to upgrade weapons. Some weapons have added performance test videos in combat to help players quickly understand all aspects of the weapon and choose the most suitable weapon in different battles. (content is continuously updated)


Weapons list[Updated]

Assault RifleBattle RifleSniper RifleMarksman RifleLauncher
HOLGER 556 (S4 Update)    
FR Advancer    


HOLGER 26FSS Hurricane CORE-45 

39. BP50 Performance & Build

The BP50 is known as the "King of Lateral Movement," boasting exceptional mobility and handling. It offers high shooting accuracy, and with the Pack-A-Punch Level 3, its magazine capacity increases to 120, also enhancing the weapon's damage. Due to the BP50's fast fire rate, for players who want to reduce the frequency of reloading, the best way is to use the Mag of Holding.

In MWZ, players can unlock various BP50-related accessories through weekly challenges, which provide greater ammo capacity, improved vertical recoil control, and faster aiming and movement speeds.

U4GM MWZ Weapon BP50

The BP50 Build   
1. Laser: 1MW Quick Fire Laser   
Enhances the weapon's aiming down sight (ADS) speed, allowing for faster target acquisition while aiming. As a 1MW laser, it outputs very low power, making the laser beam less visible to enemies compared to high-power lasers. This improves hip-fire accuracy while remaining relatively undetected. Although the 1MW laser is visible at a very close range, it is hard to spot if you are not stationary, making it useful for a mobile playing style.

2. Rear Grip: TRST-IV Grip Tape   
Enhances weapon grip performance and optimizes handling, thereby improving the shooter's precision. It may also feature a personalized appearance.

3. Optic: Quarters Classic Reflex   
The Quarters Classic Reflex is a classic red dot reflex sight that provides a clear and accurate aiming point. As an excellent optical accessory, it significantly improves weapon accuracy and hit rate at medium to long distances. To unlock it, players need to upgrade the SOA Subverter to level 8.

4. Muzzle: Shadowstrike Suppressor   
Effectively reduces the weapon’s firing noise without affecting the weapon’s range and damage. Players need to upgrade the Bas-B to level 24 to unlock this suppressor or obtain it by unlocking a Blueprint in the battle pass.


U4GM MWZ JAK Revenger Kit


JAK Revenger Kit   
Its main function is to transform the BP50 from an assault rifle into an SMG for close-quarters combat, enhancing the BP50's mobility, aiming speed, and recoil control, making it more agile and flexible at close range. The modified BP50 will receive a high-capacity drum of 60 rounds, significantly increasing its reload capacity. The kit increases the BP50's fire rate to 984 rounds/minute, reducing the time to kill a target at close range to 244 milliseconds, with damage output nearing top-tier SMG levels.

However, the kit reduces the BP50’s effective range, bullet velocity, and horizontal recoil control, putting it at a disadvantage in long-range combat. The JAK Revenger Kit offers players a new way to use the BP50, making it more suitable for intense close-range combat, but it requires a trade-off in range and accuracy.

When opting to modify the BP50 with the JAK Revenger Kit, consider using the Kimura RYL33 Laser Light. It projects a bright laser dot on targets, helping players aim more precisely and hit targets, especially in close combat. It can improve the weapon's "walking aim stability," "tactical stance speed," "sprint-to-fire speed," and "aiming speed," making the player more stable and quick when shooting on the move, enhancing close-range combat capabilities.


38. Lockwood 300 Performance & Build

The Lockwood 300 is a robust shotgun that stands out for its high damage output. A notable modification is the special trigger which allows the discharge of both rounds simultaneously, enhancing the weapon's destructive potential. Originally efficient, the weapon becomes a true force of destruction with the right upgrades and perks.

Mags of Holding significantly enhances the Lockwood 300 by enabling continuous firing without the need for reloads, turning it into an almost unstoppable weapon against waves of enemies.

1. Initial Setup and Upgrades:   
  - Equip the Lockwood 300 with the dual-trigger to enable shooting both rounds at once.   
  - Before entering combat, upgrade your weapon to Pack-A-Punch levels to increase damage output drastically.

2. Strategic Gameplay in Dark Ether:   
  - When entering tiered challenges like the Dark Ether stronghold, start with the Lockwood 300 in its enhanced form.   
  - Use the continuous fire advantage provided by Mags of Holding to clear large groups of enemies swiftly.   
  - Focus on maintaining ammo supply by traversing over fallen enemies, crucial for sustained engagements.

3. Boss Encounters:   
  - The shotgun proves exceptionally effective against boss-type zombies, often requiring fewer shots to down them compared to other enemy types.   
  - Aim for critical spots to maximize damage, especially when dealing with resilient foes like the Mangler and the Mega Abomination.

The Lockwood 300 Build   
1. Barrel - MATUZEK 812 BARREL: Improves damage range and accuracy, thereby enhancing its close combat performance.   
2. Stock - HEIST Stock   
3. Muzzle - BRYSON SERIES XII CHOKE: Increases the damage range and projectile concentration, thereby enhancing its close-range lethality.   
4. UnderBarrel - BRUEN BASTION ANGELD GRIP: Improves stability and control, thereby enhancing its close combat performance.   
5. Trigger - MAELSTROM DUAL TRIGGER: Increases the rate of fire and burst capability, thereby enhancing its close-range lethality.

Perks and Additional Equipment   
- Golden Armor Plate: Provides extra durability in combat.   
- Ether Blade Case: Useful for quick melee engagements.   
- Perks Selection: Tailor your perks to enhance either damage output or survivability, depending on your play style.

Combat Tips   
- Positioning: Stay mobile and use the shotgun's power in close to mid-range combat zones.   
- Ammo Management: Always keep an eye on your ammo. Even with Mags of Holding, running out can leave you vulnerable.   
- Pack-a-Punch: Regularly upgrade your weapon to adapt to tougher enemies as you progress through tiers.

Whether clearing hordes of enemies or facing down daunting bosses, this shotgun setup allows players to deliver relentless firepower. Mastery of this weapon can significantly enhance your effectiveness in high-stakes combat scenarios, ensuring you and your squad can dominate the undead with ease.


37. FR Advancer Performance & Build

The Season 2 reloaded update has significantly impacted the loot system, making the gameplay experience more rewarding. Players have noted an increase in valuable drops such as crystals, enhancing the appeal of venturing into higher-tier zones. The FR Advancer, with its enhanced capabilities, stands out as a particularly potent weapon in this updated landscape, capable of taking full advantage of the improved loot quality.

The FR Advancer has an excellent balance of damage output, magazine capacity, and adaptability, making it suitable for a variety of scenarios, including effective control of high-value targets (HVT) and densely populated areas, not only allowing players to easily operate in Battle giant abominations in the Red Tier area and navigate the dangerous realms of the Dark Aether.

Upon testing the FR in the game, it's clear why this weapon has become a fan favorite. Even at Pap 2 (Pack-a-Punch level 2), it demonstrates formidable power against tier three zombies, shredding through their ranks with ease. Its efficiency in the dark ether is particularly noteworthy, where it faces off against enhanced enemies and still manages to hold its ground impressively.

The weapon's design allows for customization, with players opting to replace the under-barrel drill charger with a grip for better control and effectiveness. This adaptability makes the F Advancer not just a weapon of choice for dealing with Mega Abominations but also a versatile tool for any player's arsenal.

The FR Advancer Build   
U4GM MWZ Weapon FR Advancer>

1. Muzzle - ZEHMN35 Compensated Flash Hider   
2. Barrel - 435MM FR435   
3. Optic - CRONEN MINI PRO   
4. Magazine - 60 ROUND DRUM   
5. UnderBarrel - FTAC MSP-98 HANDST

The FR Advancer has emerged as a cornerstone of any effective "Modern Warfare Zombies" strategy. Its balanced performance across different game zones, coupled with the enhancements introduced in the Season 2 reloaded update, solidifies its status as a must-have for zombie slayers. Whether you're tackling HVTs, navigating the dark ether, or simply looking to maximize your zombie-slaying efficiency, the FR weapons are your go-to arsenal for dominance in MWZ.


36. Sidewinder Performance & Build

The Sidewinder is a powerful weapon that has gained popularity among players for its effectiveness in both regular tiered zones and the Dark Aether. With the aftermarket part, the Sidewinder's bullet velocity is increased by 25%, making it even more lethal.

Effectiveness in the Dark Aether:   
In the Dark Aether, the health of zombies and other creatures is different from that of regular-tiered zones. This means that some weapons that excel in tier-three zones may not perform as well in the Dark Aether. However, the Sidewinder with the aftermarket part remains a formidable choice, capable of shredding through hordes of enemies with ease.

Contract Completion and Rewards:   
Completing contracts in the Dark Aether is crucial for acquiring rare items and resources. The Sidewinder with the aftermarket part proves to be a valuable asset in swiftly completing contracts, thanks to its high damage output and improved bullet velocity.

The Sidewinder Build   
U4GM MWZ Weapon Sidewinder   
The increased bullet velocity provided by the aftermarket part allows the Sidewinder to eliminate enemies more quickly, giving players an advantage in the intense battles of the Dark Aether. Additionally, the reduced recoil provided by certain builds further enhances the weapon's accuracy and control.

The Sidewinder with the aftermarket part continues to be a reliable and powerful weapon in the Dark Aether. Its increased bullet velocity and reduced recoil make it a top choice for players seeking to conquer the challenges of this parallel dimension. As the Dark Aether evolves, players can look forward to new experiences and potential surprises.


35. RAM-9 Performance & Build

One weapon that has gained significant popularity among players is the RAM-9. With its exceptional performance and versatility, the RAM-9 has become a top-tier choice for both casual and skilled players alike. We will explore the capabilities of the RAM-9 and its effectiveness in different zones, including the challenging Elder Dark Ether.

1. Testing the RAM-9 in Different Zones   
To gauge the RAM-9's performance, tested the weapon in various zones using different rarities of ether tools and Pack-a-Punch upgrades.

First Zone: The RAM-9 effortlessly handled an HVT (High-Value Target) in the first zone, showcasing its ability to take down powerful enemies with ease.

Second Zone: Against regular zombies and a Mangler, the RAM-9 proved to be a formidable weapon, dispatching enemies in under two seconds.

Third Zone: Even with only an Epic Aether Tool and a Pack-a-Punch rarity of 2, the RAM-9 excelled in taking down a Mega Abomination. Its high damage output and mobility made it a top choice for handling bosses.

2. Shredding Zombies in the Red Zone   
the RAM-9's effectiveness against regular zombies in the Red Zone. Despite not having the highest rarity upgrades, the weapon shredded through the undead with ease. This highlights the fact that the RAM-9 doesn't necessarily require top-tier upgrades to be effective.

3. Unleashing the Full Potential with Legendary Ether Tools   
Equipped with a legendary ether tool, the RAM-9 showcased its true power. Taking on a Mega Abomination, the weapon swiftly tore through its health, demonstrating its ability to deal massive damage. The RAM-9's effectiveness in this scenario solidified its reputation as a fan-favorite weapon.

4. Conquering the Elder Dark Ether   
The uploader ventured into the challenging Elder Dark Ether, a zone that has been buffed in Season 2. Despite the increased difficulty, the RAM-9 continued to shine. It effortlessly eliminated a mimic and proved its worth against the formidable enemies found in this zone.

5. Surviving the Holdout Mission   
During a Holdout Mission in the Elder Dark Ether, the RAM-9 proved its worth once again. Despite encountering unexpected challenges, such as a Mega Abomination spawning during the contract, the weapon handled the situation admirably. Missions are made easier with the RAM-9's mobility, damage output, and additional tools like magical weapons and decoy dog bones.

RAM-9 Build

U4GM MWZ Weapon RAM-9

The RAM-9 is undoubtedly one of the most powerful and versatile weapons in MWZ. Its exceptional performance in different zones, including the challenging Elder Dark Ether, makes it a top choice for players of all skill levels. Whether you're facing regular zombies, or bosses, or engaging in intense missions, the RAM-9's mobility, damage output, and overall effectiveness make it a must-have weapon in your arsenal.


34. TAQ EVOLVERE Performance & Build

One standout weapon that has caught the attention of players is the TAQ EVOLVERE LMG. With its insane ammo capacity and powerful attachments, this LMG is a force to be reckoned with.

Insane Ammo Capacity   
Right from the start, the TAQ EVOLVERE spawns with a crazy ammo magazine of 100 rounds, out of a total capacity of 750 rounds. This is an incredible advantage, especially in the early stages of the game. Even without Pack-a-Punch upgrades, the TAQ EVOLVERE's ammo capacity is unmatched. When Pack-a-Punched, the ammo capacity doubles to a staggering 1,500 rounds, making it the highest ammo capacity weapon in the entire game.

Powerful Attachments   
The attachments available for the TAQ EVOLVERE greatly enhance its performance. The VT-7 Spiritfire Suppressor increases damage range, while the LRF Righteous long barrel improves movement speed and ADS movement speed. These attachments make the LMG versatile and effective in both close-quarters combat and long-range engagements. Additionally, the high-grain round attachment boosts damage range and bullet velocity, further increasing the weapon's effectiveness.

Unlimited Ammo   
One of the most remarkable features of the TAQ EVOLVERE is its ability to sustain a constant stream of bullets. With its massive ammo capacity, players will rarely run out of ammunition. Even during intense battles, the LMG's ammo count can be replenished by simply killing zombies or picking up dropped ammo. This makes the TAQ EVOLVERE an ideal weapon for extended fights and high-round gameplay.

Effective in Boss Fights   
The TAQ EVOLVERE proves to be a formidable weapon in boss fights as well. Its high ammo capacity allows players to continuously fire at bosses without the need for frequent reloads. This is particularly advantageous when facing bullet sponge enemies like the Mega Abomination. The LMG's sustained firepower, combined with strategic positioning, can make quick work of even the toughest bosses.


1. Muzzle - VT-7 Spiritfire Suppressor   
2. Barrel - LRF Righteous Long Barrel   
3. Laser - SL Razorhawk Laser   
4. Optic - Cronen Mini Pro   
5. Ammunition - 7.62X51MM high-grain round

In MWZ, the TAQ EVOLVERE stands out as the best LMG in the game. Its insane ammo capacity, powerful attachments, and unlimited ammo make it a force to be reckoned with. Whether you're mowing down hordes of zombies or taking on challenging boss fights, the TAQ EVOLVERE is a reliable and effective weapon. So, gear up, pack some extra ammo, and unleash the power of the TAQ EVOLVERE in your fight against the undead.


33. TEMPUS TORRENT Performance & Build

The Tempus Torrent is a formidable marksman Rifle in MWZ known for its high damage output. Once Pack-A-Punched, it becomes a fully automatic weapon, making it even deadlier against hordes of zombies and bosses.

The Tempus Torrent's performance in both Tier 3 and Tier 5 Zones is exceptional. In Tier 3, the weapon can eliminate hellhounds with a single shot and regular tier three zombies with just two shots. Its mobility is commendable, and the damage output is unparalleled.

Moving on to Tier 5, the Tempus Torrent continues to shine. It proves to be highly effective against mega zombies, dealing significant damage with each shot. The weapon's high damage output makes quick work of bosses, such as the Mangler, Mimic, and Disciple. The Tempus Torrent's versatility and power make it an excellent choice for farming Bounty contracts and unlocking schematics in the Tier 3 Zone.

U4GM MWZ Weapon Tempus Torrent


Tempus Torrent Build   
1. Phantom Grip: This grip enhances sprint-to-fire speed and ADS (Aim Down Sight) speed, allowing for quick reaction times and increased mobility.

2. Demo Fade Pro Stock: This attachment further increases sprint speed, enabling swift movement across the map.

3. FSS Ole-V Laser: The FSS Laser improves ADS speed and sprint-to-fire speed, ensuring faster target acquisition and quicker response times.

4. 24" Outreach Barrel: This barrel attachment enhances bullet velocity and range, allowing for more accurate shots and increased effectiveness at longer distances.

5. 50-Round Drum Mag: The 50-round drum magazine provides ample ammunition capacity, reducing the need for frequent reloads and ensuring sustained firepower.

The Tempus Torrent is a top-tier marksman rifle in MWZ, offering exceptional damage output and mobility. With its recommended build, this weapon becomes a force to be reckoned with, capable of swiftly eliminating bosses and hordes of zombies. Whether you're tackling the Tier 3 Zone or venturing into the more challenging Tier 5 Zone, the Tempus Torrent will prove to be a reliable companion. Its effectiveness in both zones makes it a must-have weapon for any MWZ player looking to dominate the battlefield.


32. X13 AUTO Performance & Build

Testing the X13 AUTO in a Tier Three Zone, It to be highly effective against groups of zombies. The damage output of this weapon is impressive, making it a reliable choice for taking down hordes of undead. Its mobility is also noteworthy, as it allows for quick maneuvering in tight situations. The reload speed is commendable, ensuring minimal downtime during intense encounters. Overall, the X13 build proves to be a solid weapon for tackling zombies in Tier Three Zones.

The X13 AUTO excels not only against groups of zombies but also against Bounty targets. Its high fire rate and substantial damage output make it a formidable choice for taking on tougher enemies. Whether you are farming schematics in the Tier Three Zone or venturing into the challenging Elder Dark Aether, this weapon proves to be a reliable companion.


U4GM MWZ Weapon X13


X13 AUTO Build   
The X13 build are using incorporates several key components to enhance its effectiveness. Firstly, have equipped the Impact Point Barrel for improved accuracy and stability. Additionally, we have opted for 9mm overpressured +P ammunition and a 50-round drum mag to maximize damage output and minimize reload time. To further enhance the weapon's capabilities, have added the FJX DIOO-70 laser for increased ADS speed and sprint-to-fire speed. Lastly, the FT Steel Fire Muzzle has been chosen to boost bullet velocity and range.

1. Barrel - Impact Point   
2. Laser - FJX DIOO-70   
3. Magazine - 50 ROUND DRUM   
4. Ammunition - 9MM Overpressured +P   
5. Muzzle - FT Steel Fire

While it may not be considered overpowered, it certainly delivers exceptional performance in various scenarios. Whether you are a seasoned player or a beginner, this build is a great choice for those looking to efficiently dispatch zombies and farm schematics.


31. AMR9 Performance & Build

The AMR9 is an often-overlooked SMG in the world of zombie slaying. While other popular SMGs like the P90 and FTAC dominate the scene, the AMR9 offers a unique and powerful experience that shouldn't be ignored. At its base form, the AMR9 boasts an impressive 100-round magazine with 600 rounds in reserve, making it a force to be reckoned with. Testing it against tier-one zombies, the weapon showcases its incredible damage output, taking down enemies with just a few well-placed shots. The manageable recoil allows for effective mid-range and even long-range engagements.

Challenging Tier Two Zombies   
Moving on to tier two zombies, the AMR9 still holds its ground. While it may require a slightly higher number of bullets to take down certain enemies, it remains a reliable choice for dispatching hordes of regular zombies. However, against tougher foes like armored zombies, equipping an uncommon ether tool significantly improves its performance, reducing the number of bullets required to eliminate them.

Packing it with an Epic Aether Tool and Pack-a-Punch amplifies its capabilities. With a doubled magazine capacity of 200 rounds and an impressive 800 rounds in reserve, this SMG becomes a true crowd-control weapon. Even against formidable enemies like the Mangler, the AMR9 proves its worth, dispatching them with relative ease.

Dominating Tier Three Zombies   
In tier three, the AMR9 continues to shine. With an Epic Aether Tool and the Pack-a-Punch, it remains a formidable choice for zombie slayers. Its damage output is significantly increased, making quick work of even the toughest enemies. Adding a Legendary Aether Tool further enhances its performance, allowing for faster kills and improved crowd control.

Challenging Mega Abominations   
When faced with the ultimate challenge of a Mega Abomination, the AMR9, equipped with a Flawless Aetherium Crystal, truly shines. Its maximum potential is unleashed, and the once formidable enemy becomes nothing more than a mere nuisance. The large reserve of ammunition ensures that you never run out of bullets, making the battle much more manageable.


U4GM MWZ Weapon AMR9


AMR9 Build   
- UnderBarrel: CHEWK ANGLED GRIP   
- Optic: MK.3 REFLECTOR   
- Stock: DEMO D50 BUFFER TUBE   
- Magazine: 100 ROUND DRUM

The AMR9 is a hidden gem in the world of zombie slaying. Its high magazine capacity, manageable recoil, and impressive damage output make it a force to be reckoned with. Whether you're facing tier one or tier three zombies, this SMG proves its worth. Don't overlook the AMR9 - give it a try and experience its true potential in the fight against the undead.


30. FSS Hurricane Performance & Build

From the moment started using the FSS Hurricane, it became clear that this SMG was designed for one purpose: annihilating zombies. It effortlessly shreds through the undead, including the heavily armored ones. With a starting magazine capacity of 50 rounds and no option for a magazine attachment to increase it to 150, you might think that ammo would be a concern. However, fear not, as 100 bullets per magazine are after upgrading using legendary tools more than enough to unleash havoc on the battlefield.

While the FSS Hurricane may not excel at long-range engagements, it is by no means a weak weapon. It performs admirably in close to mid-range encounters. Its accuracy and firepower make it a force to be reckoned with, ensuring that zombies fall before you with ease. The FSS Hurricane proves it's worth time and time again, consistently delivering impressive results.


U4GM MWZ Weapon FSS Hurricane


FSS Hurricane Build   
- Barrel: FSS-X7   
- Rear Grip: PHANTOM GRIP   
- Ammunition: 5.7X28MM OVERPRESS   
- UnderBarrel: FTAC MSP-98 HANDSTOP

The FSS Hurricane is a formidable SMG that lives up to its name. With its devastating firepower and impressive accuracy, it is a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield. While its range may be limited, its performance in close to mid-range encounters is exceptional. So, if you're looking for a weapon that can tear through hordes of zombies without breaking a sweat, look no further than the FSS Hurricane.


29. CORE-45 Performance & Build

What sets the CORE-45 apart is its unique firing mechanism. With the aftermarket part installed, this pistol shoots two bullets every time you click. That's right, one bullet when you click and another when you release. The fire rate is simply unmatched. This enhanced feature turns the CORE 45 into a force to be reckoned with.

The aftermarket part effectively transforms the CORE-45 into an SMG in the form of a pistol. Just imagine combining the dakiri with this beast of a weapon. The results are mind-blowing. It effortlessly melts through anything that stands in its way. The fire rate is simply ridiculous, allowing you to dispatch zombies with lightning speed.

However, it's important to note that the CORE-45's power comes at a cost. Its incredible fire rate means that you'll burn through ammo at an alarming rate. So, while you're enjoying the immense damage output, always keep a close eye on your ammo count. It's a small price to pay for the sheer devastation this weapon can unleash.


U4GM MWZ Weapon CORE-45


CORE-45 Build   
- Laser: 1MW PISTOL   
- Optic: MK. 3 REFLECTOR   
- Magazine: 40 ROUND DRUM   
- UnderBarrel: OP-X9 FOREGRIP   
- Conversion Kit: XRK IP-V2 COMVERSION KIT

Unlocking CORE 45 true potential with the aftermarket part turns it into an unstoppable force. Whether you're facing hordes of enemies or taking on challenging missions, this pistol will not disappoint.


28. MTZ-556 Performance & Build

If you're searching for a versatile weapon that combines the strengths of Assault Rifles and SMGs, look no further than the MTZ-556. This assault rifle offers a unique blend of consistency, fire rate, and hip fire capabilities, making it a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield.

The MTZ-556 strikes a perfect balance between the power of assault rifles like the HOLGER and the agility of SMGs like the Bass P. While it may not have the same magazine capacity as an SMG, it compensates by delivering harder hits. This makes it an ideal choice for players who prefer a hybrid playstyle.

One area where the MTZ-556 truly shines is against mercenary-based enemies. If you find yourself frequently engaging in human mercenary contracts, the MTZ-556 is your go-to weapon. With its impressive range, excellent fire rate, and outstanding DPS, it excels at easily taking down these adversaries. Its damage output is top-notch, ensuring you can efficiently eliminate threats.

The MTZ-556 also offers improved hip fire movement speed, which can be advantageous in close-quarters combat situations. While the melee damage bonus may not be necessary, the ability to increase hip walking speed sets this weapon apart from others in its class.

It's important to note that the MTZ-556 should not be confused with other weapons mentioned earlier. This assault rifle stands on its own, offering unique capabilities that make it a valuable asset on the battlefield.

U4GM MWZ Weapon MTZ-556


MTZ-556 Build   
1. Muzzle: C400 DOOR KNOCKER   
A muzzle attachment can be unlocked by leveling the M16 to Level 5. The function of the C400 Door Knocker is to provide an edge in close-quarters combat with increased melee damage. This attachment is a universal attachment, meaning it can be used across all weapon platforms in the game.

- Increasing bullet velocity   
- Extending damage range   
- Reducing aiming idle sway   
- Improving firing aim stability

It is a barrel attachment for the MTZ-556 assault rifle, which can be unlocked by leveling the MTZ-556 to Level 10.

Can be unlocked by leveling the MCW to Level 2. It enhances hip-firing accuracy, making it easier for players to hit their targets when firing from the hip.

Can be unlocked by leveling the MTZ-556 to Level 26 and the Rival-9 to Level 11. The function of the MTZ Stockless Mod is to provide increased mobility and speed to the weapon it is equipped on, making it more agile and easier to handle in close-quarters combat.

5. Magazine: 40 ROUND MAG

If you're looking for a versatile weapon combining the best assault rifles and SMGs, the MTZ-556 is the perfect choice. Its consistency, fire rate, and hip fire strengths make it a formidable weapon against any enemy.


27. Holger 556 Best Build - S4 Update

Holger 556 with JAK Backsaw Kit, 100 rounds of ammunition capacity, 200 rounds of reserve ammunition. After upgrading with Legendary Aether Tool, the ammunition capacity is 300 rounds, 600 rounds of reserve ammunition, and it will be better if there are Mags of Holding.

U4GM MWZ Weapon Holger 556 S4 Update

1. Rear Grip - Intruder Grip

2. Stock - Ignis F43 Stock

3. Optic - JAK Glassless 
an optic or sight attachment provides a crisp and clear reflex dot sight picture for aiming. It utilizes state-of-the-art stabilization technology that reduces visual recoil and makes weapons feel like they have no recoil when firing. Players need to complete any 5 challenges from Week 4 Challenges to unlock it. Once unlocked, it can provide a major advantage in combat by enhancing target acquisition and recoil control on weapons it is equipped with.

4. Ammunition - 5.56 Incendiary 
It is a special incendiary or explosive type of 5.56mm ammunition. When bullets from the 5.56 Incendiary ammunition hit an enemy, they cause burning damage over time in addition to the regular bullet damage.

5. JAK Backsaw Kit

Key Accessories:

1. 5.56 Incendiary 
5.56 Incendiary is one of the core accessories of Holger 556. It can deal continuous fire damage to enemies, especially large bosses such as Mega Abominations and Manglers, and its lethality can treat level 3 zombies as if they were level 1 zombies. These enemies are very vulnerable to fire and burst damage, making 5.56 Incendiary a must-have accessory.

2. JAK Backsaw Kit 
The JAK Backsaw Kit radically transforms the Holger 556's firing behavior, turning it into a devastating close-range weapon. It effectively doubles the fire rate and damage output by allowing the Holger 556 to fire two bullets simultaneously with each trigger pull. Additionally, it increases the magazine capacity to 100 rounds, enabling sustained fire without frequent reloads. However, equipping the JAK Backsaw Kit locks out the ability to change the muzzle, barrel, under-barrel, and magazine attachments. This transformation essentially converts the Holger 556 from an assault rifle into a highly maneuverable, SMG-like weapon with immense firepower. To unlock the JAK Backsaw Kit, players need to complete five specific weekly challenges during Week 6 of the season in Modern Warfare III's multiplayer, Warzone, or Zombies modes.

Additional Attachment: Napalm Burst 
Combining the 5.56 Incendiary with the Napalm Burst further enhances the fire damage. Napalm Burst adds an extra fire effect when firing, making your attacks more deadly. It only takes a few bullets to kill a level 3 elite zombie.

1. Prioritize large bosses: 
Mega Abominations and Mangles are your main targets. Use the combination of 5.56 Incendiary and Napalm Burst to deal a lot of damage to these enemies in a short period.

2. Keep your distance: 
Use the range advantage of Holger 556 to attack enemies at medium and long distances. Avoid being besieged by zombies and stay mobile and flexible.

3. Focus on enemy weaknesses: 
Mega Abominations' mouths are their weaknesses. Try to aim at these parts to greatly increase damage output.


26. Tonfa Performance

One key feature that sets the Tonfa apart from other melee weapons is its incredible attack speed. The Tonfa strikes with lightning-fast precision, leaving opponents stunned and overwhelmed. Even in its base form, the Tonfa delivers a level of strength that can rival any boss or bounty encounter. However, when triple-packed with a legendary Rarity, its power becomes truly mind-blowing. The Tonfa's exceptional damage output ensures that even the most resilient foes can be vanquished. This combination of power and versatility makes the Tonfa an invaluable asset in high-threat zones.

It should be noted that although Tonfa can also deal with hordes of zombies, the most efficient solution is to use RGL-80. You can simply shoot at your feet without fear of self-inflicted damage. This makes it nearly impossible to die while using the RGL-80.

While the Tonfa's power is undeniable, it is important to exercise caution when wielding this weapon against formidable enemies like Mega Abominations. Engaging in such encounters can be perilous, as the risks involved are significant. However, the Tonfa's immense damage potential and unmatched speed make it an enticing option for those seeking a thrilling challenge.

While other melee weapons may exist in the game, none can match the Tonfa's exceptional speed and devastating impact. Its ability to swiftly dispatch enemies sets it apart from the competition.

In the realm of MWZ, the Tonfa stands as the undisputed champion of melee weapons. Its unparalleled speed and devastating damage make it a formidable force to be reckoned with. Players can unleash unparalleled power in high-threat zones by harnessing the Tonfa's potential and optimizing it for maximum effectiveness. Embrace the Tonfa and experience a level of dominance that will leave your opponents in awe.


25. Versatile Shotgun Attachment

The CORVUS MASTERKEY is an under-barrel shotgun attachment that can be equipped on any assault rifle. It may seem unassuming, but don't let that fool you. This attachment is one of the best shotguns available in the game, offering exceptional performance.

By default, the CORVUS MASTERKEY provides you with four shots. However, when you Pack-A-Punch this attachment, you'll receive an impressive upgrade to four shots of 16. This significant boost in ammunition capacity allows you to unleash devastating firepower on your enemies.

Devastating Damage:   
The CORVUS MASTERKEY becomes a force to be reckoned with in the tier three zone. It can one-shot any zombie, making it an excellent choice for clearing hordes. Additionally, it is surprisingly effective at stopping the laser attacks of the Abomination, showcasing its impressive damage capabilities.

Limited Ammunition and Reload Speed:   
One drawback of the CORVUS MASTERKEY is its limited ammunition capacity. With only four shots before needing to reload, you'll need to make each shot count. Additionally, the reload speed is relatively slow. However, despite these limitations, the attachment's damage output and versatility make it a valuable addition to your loadout.

Spare Attachment Slot Potential:   
If you find yourself with a spare attachment slot on your assault rifle loadout, don't hesitate to equip the CORVUS MASTERKEY. It provides an additional shotgun option that can significantly enhance your firepower and effectiveness in combat.

The CORVUS MASTERKEY shotgun attachment is a hidden gem in Modern Warfare zombies. Its versatility, Pack-A-Punch power, devastating damage, and the potential to stop the Abomination's laser attacks offer a unique and valuable addition to your loadout. Despite its limited ammunition and slower reload speed, the benefits it brings to the table make it a worthwhile choice. Don't overlook this attachment - try to experience its true potential on the battlefield.


24. FTAC Siege Performance & Build

With the right loadout and upgrades, FTAC Siege can become a force to be reckoned with, combining an LMG's firepower with an SMG's agility. The FTAC Siege starts with an impressive 72-round magazine, which is already quite substantial for a pistol. However, when fully upgraded, it boasts a staggering 144-round magazine. This means you'll have plenty of firepower at your disposal, even in low-threat zones.

Mobility and Damage   
One of the key advantages of the FTAC Siege is its exceptional mobility. As a pistol, it allows you to move swiftly while still delivering a remarkable amount of damage. Its damage output rivals that of typical ARs or SMGs. This makes it ideal for taking down zombies, dogs, bosses, and elites in high-threat zones.

Single or Akimbo   
While some players recommend running the FTAC Siege with an Akimbo setup (dual-wielding), we believe it performs better when used as a standalone weapon. Its fully automatic firing capability combined with its insane damage potential makes it a formidable choice on its own.

Ammo Management   
Due to its fully automatic nature and rapid-fire rate, the FTAC Siege tends to deplete ammo quickly. As a result, you'll need to visit ammo caches regularly to replenish your ammunition. Keep this in mind during gameplay to ensure you always have enough rounds to dominate the battlefield.


U4GM MWZ Weapon FTAC Siege


FTAC Siege Build   
- Underbarrel: S40-H GRIP Enhances stability and control, allowing for more accurate shots.   
- Magazine: 72 ROUND DRUM Increases ammunition capacity, ensuring you have enough rounds to sustain prolonged engagements.   
- Barrel: RATCHET BE Improves overall weapon performance, increasing damage output and range.   
- Laser: 1 MW PISTOL LASER Enhances accuracy and target acquisition, making it easier to land precise shots.   
- Stock: SIEGE WIRE STOCK Provides additional stability and control, reducing recoil and improving overall handling.

The FTAC Siege is a powerhouse of a pistol that combines the best aspects of an LMG and an SMG. With its high ammunition capacity, exceptional mobility, and devastating damage output, it's a force to be reckoned with. Just remember to manage your ammo wisely and equip it with the recommended loadout for optimal performance.


23. MCW Performance & Build

When it comes to versatility and effectiveness, the MCW Assault Rifle is in a league of its own. This weapon not only covers all the strengths of other assault rifles, but it also excels in every type of contract you can throw at it.

The MCW boasts solid damage capabilities, allowing you to take down zombies easily. When Pack-A-Punched, its magazine capacity expands to a staggering 120 bullets. This generous amount of ammunition ensures you can sustain prolonged engagements without worrying about running out of firepower. Combine this with perks like Deadshot Daquiri, and you'll be able to unleash an incredible amount of damage on the undead. It is the best assault rifle in MWZ and one of the alternative weapons to challenge red Greylorm.

Excellent Mobility:   
In addition to its impressive damage and ammunition capacity, the MCW offers excellent mobility. This allows you to navigate the map and engage zombies with ease swiftly. Whether you're on the move or holding down a position, the MCW's mobility ensures you can adapt to any situation.

Ranged damage capability   
Whether you're facing off against the formidable red worm or taking on the challenging act four worm, the MCW proves to be a formidable weapon. Its exceptional damage output makes it a force to be reckoned with in these encounters. One key factor contributing to its effectiveness is a slight adjustment to the barrel, which extends bullet velocity and damage range. This enhancement allows you to deal significant damage even from a distance.

You might be wondering why range extension is important in a game mode like Zombies, where most fights occur within close proximity. However, when facing enemies like the worms, similar to the Bass B, being able to engage from a distance can make a significant difference. The MCW's ability to deal substantial damage from afar sets it apart from other weapons in its class.




MCW Build - 1   
- Muzzle: SAKIN TREAD-40 Enhances weapon control and reduces recoil, allowing for more accurate shots.   
- Underbarrel: XRK EDGE BW-4 HAND STOP  Improves stability and control, ensuring your shots hit their mark.   
- Magazine: 60-ROUND DRUM Increases ammunition capacity, providing you with ample rounds to mow down zombies.   
- Optic: MK. 3 REFLECTOR Enhances visibility and target acquisition, making spotting and engaging enemies easier.   
- Rear Grip: RB RAPIDSTRIKE GRIP Improves weapon handling and reduces recoil, allowing for better control during intense firefights.

MCW Build - 2   
1. Muzzle: C400 DOOR KNOCKER Increased melee damage   

2. Barrel: 16.5" MCW CYCLONE LONG BARREL   
- Increasing bullet velocity   
- Extending damage range   
- Reducing aiming idle sway   
- Improving firing aim stability   
The 16.5" MCW Cyclone Long Barrel is particularly useful for players who prefer to use their weapons at longer ranges.   

- It enhances hip-firing accuracy, making it easier for players to hit their targets when firing from the hip.   

4. Stock: A90 VENOM STOCK   
 - A stock attachment can be unlocked by leveling the MCW 6.8 to Level 16. The function of the A90 Venom Stock is to provide increased mobility and speed to the weapon it is equipped on, making it more agile and easier to handle in close-quarters combat.

5. Magazine: 60-ROUND DRUM

If you want to unlock the full potential of the MCW, consider adjusting its attachments. By making slight changes, such as extending the barrel, you can further enhance its performance and make it even more formidable against endgame content.

The MCW assault rifle is a top-tier choice for Modern Warfare zombies. Its formidable damage, ample ammunition capacity, and excellent mobility provide a winning combination for taking down hordes of undead. Equipping it with the recommended loadout will prepare you to dominate the battlefield and emerge victorious.


22. BAS-P Performance & Build

In terms of damage output, the BAS-P surpasses many of its MW2 counterparts, such as the PDW. While it may not have the same magazine capacity, its improved damage makes it a formidable choice in combat situations. One of the standout features of the BAS-P is its exceptional hip-fire control. With this weapon, there's no need to aim down sights. Equipped with the right laser attachment, the BAS-P becomes a force to be reckoned with. Its accuracy and precision in hip-firing are unmatched, allowing you to effortlessly mow down enemies without sacrificing mobility. This makes the BAS-P an excellent choice for close-quarters combat and situations that require quick reflexes.

Surprising Crowd Control Abilities:   
While the BAS-P may not output the highest damage against elite enemies, it truly shines in crowd-control scenarios. When facing contracts or activities with a mass amount of enemies, the BAS-P becomes a game-changer. Its hip-fire capabilities and the right attachments allow you to handle waves of adversaries effortlessly.

Never Aim Again:   
The BAS-P's exceptional hip-fire control and crowd control abilities make aiming down sights unnecessary. This weapon is so good that you can rely solely on hip-firing to take down enemies. The level of precision and effectiveness it offers is truly remarkable. Experience the thrill of never needing to aim again as you unleash the power of the BAS-P.



BAS-P Build   
- Barrel: 12'' BRUEN SZ-36   
- Laser: POINT-G3P 04   
- Magazine: 50 ROUND DRUM   

The reworked BAS-P stands out as a weapon that offers exceptional hip-fire control and surprising crowd control abilities. While it may not have the fastest time to kill or the highest damage output against elite enemies, its versatility and effectiveness in close-quarters combat and crowd-control scenarios are unmatched. With the right attachments, the BAS-P becomes a force to be reckoned with, allowing you to clear out waves of enemies effortlessly.


21. WSP Stinger Performance & Build

One of the standout features of the WSP Stingers is their unparalleled mobility. These firearms offer a sprint-like feel, allowing you to move swiftly and effortlessly across the battlefield. Whether you need to reposition quickly, evade enemy fire, or engage in hit-and-run tactics, the WSP Stingers provide the agility you need to stay one step ahead of your adversaries. With their incredible movement speed, these weapons allow you to navigate the battlefield easily.

Versatility in Various Situations:   
While the WSP Stingers may not match the DPS or damage output of their counterparts, the Swarms, they make up for it with their versatility. These firearms excel in a wide range of scenarios, making them a reliable choice for any situation. Whether you're engaging in close-quarters combat or engaging enemies from a distance, the WSP Stingers prove to be effective tools. Their adaptability allows you to switch between different playstyles and strategies, ensuring that you can handle any challenge that comes your way.

Enhanced Mobility with Stamina Boost:   
To further enhance their mobility, the WSP Stingers synergize exceptionally well with stamina-boosting abilities. When combined with stamina enhancements, the movement speed provided by these weapons becomes even more impressive. You'll feel like a blur on the battlefield, effortlessly maneuvering and outmaneuvering your opponents. If you prioritize mobility and value the ability to navigate the environment swiftly, the WSP Stingers are an excellent choice that will elevate your gameplay experience.

The WSP Stingers truly stand out from other weapons in their class due to their exceptional mobility and versatility. While they may not boast the highest DPS or damage output, their unique attributes make them a force to be reckoned with. If you value agility, adaptability, and the ability to respond to changing situations quickly, the WSP Stingers are a standout choice that will give you the edge you need on the battlefield.


U4GM MWZ Weapon WSP Stinger


WSP Stingers Build   
- Laser: 1MW PISTOL   
- Magazine: 32 ROUND MAG   
- Ammunition: 9MM OVERPRESSURED   

The WSP Stingers shine as a weapon that offers unmatched mobility and versatility. With their incredible movement speed and the ability to adapt to various situations, these firearms provide a significant advantage on the battlefield. While they may not have the highest DPS or damage output, their unique attributes make them a standout choice for those who prioritize agility and adaptability.


20. DG-56 Performance & Build

The DG-56 stands out as a versatile firearm that offers a solid performance against various adversaries. One of the standout features of the DG 56 is its remarkable damage output. Whether you're facing heavily armed mercenaries or hordes of ordinary zombies, this weapon can kill enemies quickly. Designed primarily as a precision firearm, the DG-56 truly shines in its intended role. Making it an effective tool for crowd control and unleashing a barrage of bullets.

The DG-56 can be equipped with a specially designed muzzle attachment to enhance its versatility further. This attachment improves the weapon's performance and increases your movement speed. This means that even in intense combat situations, you can swiftly maneuver and easily respond to threats. The added mobility provided by this attachment allows for greater flexibility in your gameplay strategy, making the DG-56 a reliable choice for any situation.

Consistency and Reliability:   
While the DG-56 may not boast the fastest time to kill, it compensates with its exceptional consistency. This weapon offers a reliable performance, ensuring that you can consistently eliminate enemies without worrying about unpredictable outcomes. Whether you're engaging in close-quarters combat or engaging enemies from a distance, the DG-56 remains a solid choice that you can rely on.

A Great Starter Weapon:   
For those new to MWZ, the DG-56 is an excellent entry weapon. While it may not excel in any particular aspect, it performs admirably in a wide range of scenarios. Its versatility allows you to adapt to different challenges and overcome obstacles with relative ease. Consider the DG-56 as your trusty companion as you embark on your adventures, providing you with a reliable tool to face the game's various challenges.

U4GM MWZ Weapon DG-56


DG-56 Build&   
- Barrel: CDG T-25 LIGHT   
- Laser: CORIO LAZ-44 V3   
- Comb: 5GN TAC-COMB   
- Magazine: 60 ROUND DRUM   


19. RGL-80 Performance & Build

The RGL-80 is a game-changer in the world of zombie slaying. While it may start as a lackluster weapon, it becomes an unstoppable force with the right upgrades and perks.

The RGL-80 truly shines when it comes to annihilating hordes of zombies. Once you acquire the PhD perk and pack-a-punch the weapon, you can simply shoot at your feet without fear of self-inflicted damage. This makes it nearly impossible to die while using the RGL-80. Whether you're facing low-tier or high-tier zombies, this weapon is unbeatable. Its quick reload time and high damage output ensure you can easily mow down zombies.

Ammo Management Made Easy   
One of the standout features of the RGL-80 is its exceptional ammo management. Unlike other weapons, you don't have to worry about running out of ammo. With each ammo crate drop, you receive over 10 rocket bullets, replenishing your stockpile in no time. This allows you to be more reckless with your shots, knowing that you can quickly replenish your ammunition. Say goodbye to the constant struggle for ammo and focus on decimating the undead.

Conquer the Dark Aether   
The RGL-80 is also a valuable asset in the Dark Aether. Whether you're aiming for the normal Dark Aether or the Elder Dark Aether, this weapon makes escort missions a breeze. Simply spam the area around the escort target, keeping it safe from harm. However, it's worth noting that the RGL-80 may not be the best choice for taking down bosses in the Dark Aether. It's advisable to have a secondary weapon for those encounters.

The RGL-80 is the undisputed king when it comes to obliterating hordes of zombies. Its explosive power and high damage output make it the ultimate weapon for mowing down waves of undead. Especially for Escort Contract in Dark Aether. However, it's important to note that the RGL-80 is not as effective against bosses. While taking down bosses with the RGL-80 is possible, having a secondary weapon for those encounters is recommended.

Conquering Boss   
While the RGL-80 excels at annihilating zombies, the combat knife is the go-to weapon for taking down bosses. Its swift and deadly strikes can quickly dismantle even the toughest bosses. When facing formidable foes, the combat knife becomes your most reliable weapon. However, it's worth mentioning that the combat knife is not as effective against large groups of zombies. Its primary purpose is to excel in one-on-one combat against bosses.

The Perfect Combination   
By equipping both the RGL-80 and the combat knife, you create the ultimate class setup. This combination allows you to handle any situation that comes your way. When facing hordes of zombies, unleash the devastating power of the RGL-80, clearing them out with ease. For boss fights, switch to the combat knife and deliver precise strikes to dismantle your opponents. With this setup, you have the best of both worlds.

Maximizing the RGL-80's Potential   
To truly harness the power of the RGL-80, walk confidently into a massive horde of tier-three zombies without any armor plates. Spam your shots at the ground, and witness the sheer destruction as the zombies fall before you. The RGL-80 makes it feel like easy mode, allowing you to farm kills effortlessly. However, remember to switch to a different weapon when facing bosses, as the RGL-80's effectiveness is limited in those encounters.

If you're looking for the ultimate zombie-slaying weapon, look no further than the RGL-80. Its ability to eliminate zombies effortlessly, coupled with its generous ammo drops, makes it a game-changer. Whether you're facing hordes of zombies or tackling challenging missions in the Dark Aether, the RGL-80 will be your best companion. 


18. XRK STALKER Performance & Build

In the MWZ, the XRK STALKER sniper rifle stands out as a DLC weapon that packs a punch. This high-risk, high-reward weapon requires precision and accuracy to make the most of its potential. Hitting your shots is crucial, as a well-placed shot can melt through hordes of zombies. However, missing shots will significantly reduce its effectiveness.

The XRK STALKER sniper rifle proves to be a valuable asset when facing tier 2 and tier 3 bosses. Its high damage output can take down bosses with just a few well-placed shots. Even against tougher enemies like the mega Abomination, the XRK STALKER can deal significant damage, making it a reliable choice for boss encounters.

Versatility and Range   
The XRK STALKER sniper rifle retains its incredible range even after being pack-a-punched. This means that you can easily pick off zombies from a distance, catching them off guard and eliminating them before they even know what hit them. This versatility sets the XRK STALKER apart from other weapons that are primarily designed for close or medium ranges.

The XRK STALKER Sniper boasts incredible damage over range, making it a formidable choice for long-distance engagements. When pack-a-punched, With each shot, this sniper rifle delivers significantly more damage compared to other options in the MWZ. Its ability to eliminate zombies with a single hit and heavy armor zombies with just two hits sets it apart from the competition. This exceptional damage output ensures you can easily clear hordes of undead.

Dominating Boss Battles   
When it comes to taking down bosses, especially the formidable Mega Abomination, the XRK STALKER Sniper proves its worth. With its immense power, this weapon can halt the Mega Abomination's laser attack within the first or second shot. Its sheer strength makes it an invaluable asset in boss encounters, allowing you to neutralize threats swiftly and efficiently.

Deadly Combination   
To further enhance the XRK STALKER Sniper's effectiveness, consider pairing it with the Deadshot Daiquiri perk. This combination transforms the weapon into an unstoppable force against zombies. Deadshot Daiquiri improves accuracy and headshot potential, making each shot count. With this deadly duo, you can dispatch enemies with precision and speed, ensuring your survival in even the most challenging situations.

Consistency and Limitations   
While the XRK STALKER Sniper excels in eliminating zombies and bosses, it has a limitation. Unlike some other weapons, it cannot be hip-fired. However, its consistent performance in taking out both zombies and bosses compensates for this drawback. Additionally, the XRK STALKER Sniper proves to be highly effective against the Storm Caller, making it a recommended choice when facing this formidable enemy.




- Laser: CORIO LAZ-44 V3   
- Magazine: 10 ROUND MAG

Equipping these attachments can enhance the rifle's performance, improving accuracy, stability, and overall effectiveness in combat.

The XRK STALKER Sniper is a game-changer in Season 1, offering unparalleled damage and range capabilities. Its ability to easily dispatch zombies and heavy armor zombies, as well as its effectiveness against bosses and the Mega Abomination, makes it a force to be reckoned with. When paired with Deadshot Daquiri, this weapon becomes a true menace against the undead.


17. RENETTI Performance & Build

The RENETTI pistols, when equipped with the AKIMBO attachment, become a force to be reckoned with. With a maximum ammo capacity of 100 bullets in each pistol, these weapons can easily shred through enemies. Even tier 2 zombies can be eliminated with just six bullets, while tougher enemies like Manglers and tier 3 bosses can be dispatched quickly. The RENETTI pistols also prove effective against the mega Abomination, dealing significant damage.

The Versatility of AKIMBO   
One of the standout features of the AKIMBO attachment is its versatility. Players have the option to use one pistol at a time while reloading the other, allowing for continuous firepower. This feature proves useful in situations where maximum firepower is not necessary, conserving ammo and providing flexibility. However, when facing bosses or requiring maximum damage output, players can switch to the akimbo mode and unleash a barrage of bullets, making short work of even the toughest enemies.

The Downsides of RENETTI   
While the RENETTI pistols with the AKIMBO attachment offer impressive DPS, They are three-round burst weapons. This means that continuously spamming the triggers can quickly tire out your fingers. This may seem like a minor inconvenience at first, but during long gaming sessions, it can become a significant drawback. But this weapon is very suitable if you are just looking for a certain item or in a scenario that does not require continuous combat.




RENETTI Build   
- Laser: XTEN SIDEARM-L400   
- Magazine: 50 ROUND DRUM   
- Trigger Action: BRUEN EXPRESS   
- Rear Grip: AKIMBO Attachment

By equipping these attachments, players can enhance the pistols' performance, increasing their effectiveness in combat.

While often overlooked, the RENETTI pistols with the akimbo attachment in MWZ are hidden gems that can deliver incredible firepower. With their ability to eliminate enemies quickly and efficiently, these pistols are a valuable asset in any player's arsenal.


16. TAQ ERADICATOR Performance & Build

If you're a Black Ops 2 zombies fan, then you know that the TAQ ERADICATOR is the go-to LMG for taking down hordes of undead. The ammo capacity before the upgrade is 150, and it can reach 300 (with a reserve of 750) after Pack-a-Punch. This beast boasts impressive mobility and, even more importantly, a fire rate that shreds through zombies. Tier 2 undead evaporate, often even, thanks to the insane bullet rain and ample ammo. But don't be fooled by its rapid-fire nature because this LMG packs a punch zombie against higher tiers too. Tier 3 zombies and even the mighty Mega Abomination tremble before its fury.

One of the main issues with LMG in MWZ is their lack of fire rate and DPS, as well as painfully slow reload times. However, the TAQ Eradicator addresses these concerns and excels in all areas. It boasts insane damage, a solid rate of fire, and a relatively quick reload time. It's like a hybrid between an assault rifle and an LMG, offering the best of both worlds.

Another standout feature of the TAC Eradicator is its impressive iron sights. Unlike other LMGS, you won't need to rely on a red dot or other optics to aim accurately. The iron sights are clean and unobtrusive, allowing for precise targeting.

Despite being an LMG, the TAQ ERADICATOR has surprisingly manageable recoil. It allows for precise shots, ensuring that every bullet counts. Take aim, fire, and watch as the zombies fall. It effortlessly melts through any zombie in its path, thanks to its high bullet count and LMG capabilities. No need to worry about reloading constantly - this gun has you covered.

Reload Speed   
The TAQ ERADICATOR's reload speed is actually quite decent for an LMG. You won't find yourself waiting too long to get back into the action. It excels in crowd control, making it the perfect weapon for taking on hordes of zombies.

Disadvantages of TAQ   
Of course, no powerhouse is perfect. The TAQ ERADICATOR's LMG heritage means it's a tad slower than its assault rifle counterparts on this list. However, the sheer DPS makes up for the slightly sluggish movement. So, if you're looking for a weapon that mows down hordes and obliterates bosses alike, the TAQ ERADICATOR is a force to be reckoned with. Just keep in mind its slower handling and unleash its fury precisely to unleash its potential.

Just be careful of those pesky mimics. They can be quite tanky and even take a bite out of your head if you're not careful. Aim for their mouths and take them down before they get too close.




- Boosts your mobility and fire rate, perfect for strafing and melting zombie masses.

- Improves hip fire accuracy, crucial for those close-quarters encounters.

- Enhances aiming stability and recoil control, keeping your shots on target during sustained fire.

4. 150 ROUND DRUM   
- This beastly capacity lets you mow down endless undead without reloading, minimizing downtime.

Speeds up weapon handling, allowing you to aim and react to the ever-shifting zombie waves quickly.

TAQ ERADICATOR Build - 2 - From Reddit Bearchaw34   
1. Tempus GH50 muzzle   
- It significantly reduces vertical and horizontal recoil, ensuring steady aim and control over the weapon.

2. Short Barrel   
- It provides benefits such as increased mobility, speed, and hip-fire accuracy at the cost of reduced range and damage.

3. Bruen heavy support Underbarrel   
- It helps reduce the weapon's recoil, making it easier to control and aim, and also enhances the weapon's handling, allowing for smoother movement and target acquisition.

4. Fss combat rear grip   
- It is a rear grip attachment that can be equipped on various weapons to improve their handling and stability.

5. Tacverte Core Stock   
- It is a stock attachment that can be equipped on various weapons to improve their handling and stability.

Bonus Tips:   
Unleash the TAQ's blistering fire rate to shred through Tier 2 and even Tier 3 zombies with pinpoint accuracy. Aim for center mass, and don't worry if you miss a few headshots – sheer bullet volume will compensate. Don't underestimate this LMG against bosses. Aim for weak points like the Abomination's chest or the Margwa's tentacles to dish out serious damage.

While not the fastest gun, use the TAQ's mobility to your advantage. Strafe around enemies, dodge attacks, and reposition quickly to maintain dominance. Despite the 150-round drum, keep an eye on your ammo, especially against bosses. Burst fire for long-range targets or tap-fire for maximum accuracy against tougher enemies. This LMG truly shines with Pack-a-Punch upgrades. Prioritize it early to unlock its full potential and turn it into a zombie-eradicating machine.

Consider swapping the FSS for the Serpent Grip if you prioritize stability over handling speed. Utilize perks like Juggernog and Speed Cola to stay alive and nimble on the battlefield. Don't be afraid to experiment with different attachments and tactics to find your perfect playstyle.

Remember, the key to mastering the TAQ Eradicator lies in understanding its strengths and weaknesses. Embrace its firepower and mobility, prioritize headshots where possible, and adapt your tactics on the fly. 

If you're looking for the ultimate LMG for zombie killing in Black Ops 2, look no further than the TAQ ERADICATOR.


15. RAM-7 Performance & Build

The RAM-7 is a force to be reckoned with in MWZ. This full-auto weapon boasts incredible damage, making it a formidable choice to take down undead hordes. However, it does come with a drawback - limited reserve ammo.

In tier 2, it effortlessly obliterates everything in its path, and even in tier 3, it continues to make zombies disappear. Its high damage output makes it a reliable choice for annihilating the undead and clearing the way to victory.

Ammo Management   
One drawback of the RAM-7 is its limited reserve ammo capacity. If you're not diligent about picking up ammo from the ground or searching for ammo crates, you may find yourself running out of ammunition frequently. This issue becomes more pronounced in co-op play, where ammo drops are not guaranteed for everyone. Teammates may inadvertently take ammo drops, leaving you without a crucial resource.

In solo play, the RAM-7 is more effective as you can ensure you collect all available ammo drops. However, in co-op, adopting strategies to manage your ammo effectively is essential. Utilize the under-barrel shotgun as a backup when you run out of ammo, allowing you to reach an ammo crate safely. Using the shotgun to eliminate a few zombies may yield ammo drops, providing a temporary solution to your ammo shortage. Coordinate with your team to ensure everyone has access to ammo drops and communicate when you need to replenish your ammunition.

Against Bosses   
The RAM-7 proves its worth when facing bosses, including the formidable mega Abomination. However, due to its limited ammo capacity, it's crucial to position yourself near an ammo crate when engaging bosses. This ensures you can replenish your ammo as needed, maximizing your effectiveness in taking down these challenging foes.


U4GM MWZ Weapon RAM-7


RAM-7 Build   
- This barrel attachment enhances the RAM-7's overall performance and increases its damage output. It ensures that each shot packs a punch, making it more effective against zombies.

2. Optic: NYDAR MODEL 2023   
- The NYDAR MODEL 2023 optic provides clear visibility and improved accuracy, allowing you to target and eliminate zombies from a distance precisely. It enhances your overall aim and ensures you don't miss any crucial shots.

- The UL TRA-LIGHT STOCK PAD improves your mobility, allowing you to move quickly and maneuver efficiently through the zombie-infested areas. It ensures that you can swiftly navigate the map and escape dangerous situations.

4. Magazine: 60 ROUND DRUM   
- The 60 ROUND DRUM magazine increases your ammo capacity, providing you with more rounds to unleash upon the undead. With this larger magazine, you can sustain your firepower for longer periods without needing to reload as frequently.

5. Under Barrel: CORVUS MASTERKEY   
- The CORVUS MASTERKEY attachment adds versatility to your loadout. It serves as a backup option for close-quarters combat, allowing you to dispatch zombies quickly. It provides an extra layer of protection and ensures you're prepared for any situation.


14. PULEMYOT 762 Performance & Build

One of the standout features of the PULEMYOT 762 is its boosted fire rate. This allows for rapid and continuous fire, decimating enemies in seconds. While an increased fire rate often comes with the downside of heightened recoil, the recommended build minimizes this issue.

Ample Ammo Capacity   
Upon Pack-a-Punching the PULEMYOT 762, its magazine capacity skyrockets to an impressive 400 rounds, with an additional 800 rounds in reserve. This abundance of ammunition proves invaluable when facing tier 2 zombies, as they are swiftly annihilated. Furthermore, the PULEMYOT 762 excels against tier three zombies and higher, making quick work of them. It also proves highly effective against bosses, allowing you to mow them down with ease, as long as you have sufficient ammo.

Enhanced Mobility   
Contrary to the common downside of LMGS, the PULEMYOT 762 surprises with its agility. By utilizing accessories, this LMG offers a remarkable increase in movement speed. This means you can swiftly navigate the battlefield while still carrying a weapon that packs a punch. Enjoy the benefits of both speed and firepower with this optimized setup.

While the PULEMYOT 762 boasts incredible firepower, it's important to note that its reload time is relatively longer compared to other weapons. Although not excessively lengthy, it can become a potential vulnerability, especially in intense combat situations. Be mindful of your ammo count and plan your reloads strategically to avoid being caught off guard.




PULEMYOT 762 Build   
The most crucial attachment for the PULEMYOT 762 is the Jack Annihilator Bullpup Kit. It enhances the weapon's performance, making it a must-have for any loadout.

2. Magazine: 200 ROUND BELT   
To ensure sustained firepower, equip the PULEMYOT 762 with the 200 Round Belt magazine. This extended capacity allows for prolonged engagements without the need for frequent reloads, giving you a significant advantage on the battlefield.

For improved stability and control, attach the BRUEN HEAVY SUPPORT GRIP to the under barrel of your PULEMYOT 762. This grip reduces recoil, allowing for more accurate and controlled shots, especially during intense firefights.

4. Optic: NYDAR Model 2023   
Enhance your target acquisition and precision by equipping the Model 2023 optic. This optic provides a clear sight picture, allowing you to quickly and accurately engage enemies at various distances.

To further mitigate recoil and improve overall handling, equip the HARBOR ERGONOMIC RECOIL PAD as your stock attachment. This pad helps stabilize the weapon, ensuring better control and accuracy during sustained fire.   

13. SVA 545 Performance & Build

The SVA AR performs admirably in dispatching zombies, rivaling the popular AKA in terms of killing speed. However, what sets it apart is its superior recoil control. This allows for more accurate and controlled shots, ensuring that each bullet finds its mark. Additionally, the default iron sight of the SVA provides a clear view, leaving an extra attachment slot for further customization.

Shooting advantages of SVA 545   
One of the standout features of the SVA 545 is its ability to deal maximum damage with tap firing. Unlike holding down the trigger in full auto mode, tapping the trigger allows the first few shots to inflict more damage. By utilizing this technique, you can efficiently eliminate zombies and deal significant damage, tap firing results in a higher bullet count and overall damage output. As demonstrated, even formidable enemies like the Disciple can be swiftly eliminated. However, it's worth noting that if you prefer full automatic fire, the SVA 545 still performs admirably, especially in tier-three zones, thanks to its minimal recoil.

The Iron Sight Advantage   
One standout feature of the SVA 545 is its exceptional iron sight. The clear and unobstructed view allows for precise targeting, enhancing overall accuracy. Whether you choose to utilize the iron sight or customize it with additional attachments, the SVA 545 remains a reliable and effective choice for zombie encounters.

Taking on the Mega Abomination   
In burst fire mode, the SVA 545 proved to be a formidable adversary, quickly flinching and eliminating the enemy. The Mega Abomination's heads were swiftly dispatched with precise and continuous shots. The SVA 545's burst fire mode proved to be a valuable asset in this challenging encounter.

The SVA 545 also boasts a powerful under-barrel shotgun attachment. This feature proves particularly effective against tier three zombies and higher and deals substantial damage to bosses. The combination of the primary weapon and the under-barrel shotgun makes the SVA 545 a versatile choice for various combat scenarios.

Advantages Of the BAS-B   
While the BAS-B is a formidable weapon in its own right, the SVA 545 offers some distinct advantages. One notable advantage is its larger magazine size, holding 120 rounds compared to the BAS-B's 90 rounds. This increased capacity allows for sustained fire and reduces the need for frequent reloads. With great damage output and an ample magazine, the SVA 545 proves to be a solid choice for zombie slaying.


U4GM MWZ Weapon SVA-545

SVA 545 Build - 1   
- Laser: FFS OLE-V   
- Stock: MAKEEV R11   
- Rear Grip: CITADEL GRIP   
- Magazine: 60 ROUND MAG   


U4GM MWZ Weapon SVA-545

SVA 545 Build - 2   
- Barrel: STV PRECISION BARREL - Enhances accuracy and range for improved performance.   
- Under Barrel: CHEWK ANGLED GRIP - Provides stability and control, similar to the AK-1 grip.   
- Magazine: 60 ROUND MAG - Increases ammo capacity for sustained fire and fewer reloads.   
- Rear Grip: CITADEL GRIP - Improves weapon handling and reduces recoil for better accuracy.   
- Stock: NO STOCK - Boosts movement speed, crucial for maneuverability in zombie encounters.   
- Optic: CRONIN MINI PRO - Offers clear sight picture and improved target acquisition.

Note: While the No Stock attachment may slightly affect recoil, its significant increase in mobility makes it a valuable choice, especially for AR users who need to keep up with SMG mobility. Prioritize movement speed in Zombies, but ensure that the recoil remains manageable during actual weapon usage.

The SVA 545 is a force to be reckoned with in the realm of zombie-killing weaponry. Its impressive performance, superior recoil control, and burst fire mode make it a formidable choice for dispatching hordes of undead. Whether you prefer the burst fire mode or opt for fully automatic fire, the SVA 545 excels in tier-three zones. It is also one of the alternative weapons to challenge red Greylorm. Its exceptional iron sight provides a clear advantage, ensuring accurate targeting. 


12. BAS-B Performance & Build

If you're looking for a weapon that stands out from the rest, the BAS-B is the perfect choice. This weapon offers unique features that make it a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield.

One of the standout strengths of the BAS-B is its minimal damage fall-off. This means that even when engaging targets at long range, such as during worm boss fights or encounters with special enemies, you can maintain a safe distance while still dealing significant damage. This makes the BAS-B an excellent choice for players who prefer a more cautious and methodical playstyle.

The BAS-B is a solid choice whether you prefer to play as an anchor, provide support from a distance, or simply want to ensure your safety while dealing with tough enemies. Its incredible damage output and effectiveness against special enemies and Elites make it a highly viable option, even in the challenging tier-three Zone.

The BAS-B is highly effective in the Tier 3 Zone, excelling at killing higher-health zombies and dealing damage to bosses. It has the added advantage of being able to use the under-barrel shotgun attachment. The under-barrel shotgun can one-shot zombies when Pack-a-Punched, providing a quick backup option when low on ammo.

To further enhance the performance of the BAS-B, consider equipping it with the right attachments. With the right setup, this weapon becomes even more formidable, allowing you to maximize its potential on the battlefield.




BAS-B Build - 1   
 - NYOAR MOOEL 2023   

BAS-B Build - 2   
1. Muzzle: GL CLEAR BREACH   
- Provides weapons with increased melee damage   

- Increasing bullet velocity   
- Extending damage range   
- Reducing aiming idle sway   
- Improving firing aim stability   

Can be unlocked by leveling the BAS-B to Level 14. This attachment is compatible with the BAS-B battle rifle. The Wyvern's Respite Long Barrel is particularly useful for players who prefer to use their weapons at longer ranges, as it helps improve the weapon's effectiveness in those situations.   

- It enhances hip-firing accuracy, making it easier for players to hit their targets when firing from the hip.   

4. Stock: NO STOCK   
- Provides the weapon with increased maneuverability and speed, making it more agile and easier to control in close combat.   

5. Magazine: 45 ROUND MAG

Attachments can vary based on play style.

Don't underestimate the power of the BAS-B. This weapon is a game-changer with its full auto capability, impressive damage output, and minimal damage fall-off.


11. HOLGER 26 Performance & Build

The HOLGER 26 is an incredibly versatile weapon that can be found all over the map. The damage output it is simply amazing, It can quickly take down special or elite zombies, It is the gun recommended when going to the tier-three zone. This is because it can be upgraded to a gold rarity, making it even more powerful. There are a few ways to obtain this gun and make it even more effective in your gameplay.

1. Insured Slot: You can bring the HOLGER 26 into the game with you as your insured slot weapon. This ensures that you always have it available to use.

2. Wall Buy: Look for the HOLGER 26 on the walls in the tier one, tier two, or even tier three zones. Finding it as a wall buy makes it even more valuable and useful.

One of the standout features of the HOLGER 26 is its versatility. Despite being classified as a light machine gun, it offers excellent mobility, allowing you to navigate through hordes of zombies quickly. Its handling is also top-notch, making it easier to hit your shots, especially when dealing with zombies from a distance or facing the giant worm boss during story missions.




HOLGER 26 Build

1. Barrel: Holger Factory Barrel   
  - This barrel attachment increases bullet velocity and range, resulting in higher damage output for the weapon.

2. Under Barrel: XRK EDGE BW-4 HANDSTOP   
  - Choose either the XRK Edge BW4 or Hand Stop attachment to enhance your movement speed and strafe speed while aiming down sight.

3. Magazine: 100-ROUND DRUM   
  - Equip the 100-round Drum magazine to have the maximum amount of ammo available, ensuring you can sustain longer engagements without reloading frequently.

4. Optic: SLATE REFLECTOR (Personal Preference)   
  - The choice of optic ultimately depends on your personal preference. However, the Slate Reflector is highly recommended for its clear-sight picture and reliable performance.

  - Install the RB Assault Stock for improved stability and control while firing, allowing you to maintain accuracy even during intense combat situations.

By utilizing this build, you will enhance the bullet velocity, range, movement speed, and ammo capacity of your Holder 26. This setup will provide you with a powerful and versatile weapon that excels in various combat scenarios. Experiment with different attachments and find the best combination that suits your playstyle.


10. Lockwood 680 Performance & Build

The Lockwood 680 shotgun has gained a reputation as the new best gun in the game. One of the main reasons for its popularity is the slug rounds ammunition, which significantly enhances its firepower. When firing the Lockwood 680 shotgun without any upgrades, it shoots a single round. However, when Pack-A-Punch is applied, the shotgun unleashes a cluster of bullets.

The Lockwood 680 shotgun has the potential to reach Legendary rarity, but even at Epic rarity, it becomes an incredibly powerful weapon. With each shot, it fires 10 bullets simultaneously, resulting in incredible damage. This unique feature sets the Lockwood 680 apart from other weapons in the game.

Lockwood 680 Devastating Damage   
The Lockwood 680 shotgun is known for its ability to deal massive damage. It has been praised for its effectiveness against zombies, as it can quickly eliminate them. The shotgun's 10-round burst per shot is unparalleled, making it one of the most powerful weapons available. Its damage output is truly remarkable and has impressed many players.

The Lockwood 680 shotgun excels at taking down high-value targets (HVTs). It effortlessly eliminates these challenging enemies even at Epic rarity and level two Pack-a-Punch. Its power is unmatched, and it outperforms most other guns in terms of speed and efficiency. The shotgun's ability to quickly dispatch HVTs is a testament to its incredible strength.

The Importance and Power of Slug Rounds   
Without the slug rounds ammunition, the Lockwood 680 shotgun is considered weak and ineffective. It may even be one of the worst guns in the game. However, once equipped with slug rounds, the shotgun transforms into a powerhouse. The slug rounds drastically enhance its damage output, making it one of the best guns available. It should be noted that you need to aim at the target during the shooting process to maximize the damage caused by it.

Slug rounds ammunition significantly increases the base damage of the Lockwood 680 shotgun. The base headshot damage and critical damage can skyrocket from 84 to an impressive 320. This substantial boost in damage makes the shotgun a formidable weapon against any enemy, even at its lowest possible upgrade level.

Weapon upgrades and Base Damage Increase   
Upgrading the Lockwood 680 shotgun to Epic rarity provides a 150% increase in base damage. With this upgrade, the shotgun's damage potential reaches new heights. If we consider the base damage without any upgrades at 320, the Epic rarity would boost it to approximately 800. This significant increase sets the stage for even more devastating damage.

Pack-A-Punching the Lockwood 680 shotgun further amplifies its damage output. Each Pack-A-Punch level effectively doubles the damage. Starting from 800, the damage jumps to 1600, then to an astonishing 3,200, and finally to a mind-boggling 6,400. These numbers demonstrate the exponential growth in power that the shotgun can achieve.

The potential for even greater damage lies in the Legendary Aether Tool upgrade. With this upgrade, an additional 50% damage boost is applied on top of the existing upgrades. This means that the Lockwood 680 shotgun can become even more powerful, surpassing its already impressive damage numbers.

U4GM MWZ Weapon Lockwood 680


Lockwood 680 Build   
- Muzzle: Crown Breaker Choke attachment tightens up your pellets, improving accuracy and increasing the chances of hitting your target.   
- Barrel: Lockwood Defender Long Barrel Opt for this attachment to increase the shotgun's range, allowing you to engage enemies from a greater distance.   
- Ammunition: 12 Gauge Slug This attachment is a true game-changer. It transforms a single pellet into a spread of 12 bullets with each shot, significantly increasing your damage potential.   
- Stock: Sawed Off Mod It is a shotgun modification that significantly enhances speed and mobility, making it suitable for aggressive operators. When used with the Lockwood 680 shotgun, it allows for one-shot kills and a quick reload.   
- Bolt: Express Light Bolt Choose this attachment to enhance your fire rate, enabling you to unleash a higher volume of shots in a shorter amount of time.


Lockwood 680 performance test in actual combat, including combat testing in the new season of Dark Aether.


The Lockwood 680 shotgun has been extensively tested and proven to be a formidable weapon. Even at lower levels of rarity and Pack-A-Punch upgrades, it exhibits exceptional damage output. Players have reported its ability to quickly dispatch enemies, making it a reliable choice for intense combat situations.


9. M13B Performance & Build

When it comes to ARs in Modern Warfare 2, the M13 B stands out from the crowd. With a whopping 120-round clip and 900 rounds in reserve, it surpasses other ARs in terms of ammunition capacity. Surprisingly, it even outshines the TAQ Eradicator in reserve ammo.

Fantastic Damage   
The M13B deals a fantastic amount of damage, making it highly effective against zombies, dogs, and armored zombies in the tier-three Zone. Its firepower allows for quick and efficient elimination of these threats. It can take down enemies with lightning-fast precision, making it a force to be reckoned with. Even the toughest opponents, like the mimic, are no match for this beast of a weapon. It simply melts through them with ease.

To put its capabilities to the test, we pitted the M13 B against a mega Abomination. The results were mind-blowing. The mega Abomination couldn't even open its mouth for more than a second before succumbing to the relentless firepower of the M13 B. In fact, we've never seen a disciple in tier three go down so quickly with any other AR or SMG. It's truly incredible that a weapon from Modern Warfare 2 can outperform even the latest additions to the game.

The M13 B's superiority doesn't stop there. It excels in taking down even the most challenging enemies, like the dog. This gun was so effective that the dog was too focused on us even to open its mouth, leading to its demise as we sprayed bullets into its body. It's moments like these that truly showcase the power and effectiveness of the M13 B.

Incredible Mobility   
This assault rifle offers exceptional mobility, allowing you to swiftly move around the map and evade incoming attacks. Its lightweight design and maneuverability make it ideal for players who prioritize speed and agility.

Impressive Damage Range   
The M13B boasts excellent damage range, enabling you to engage enemies from a distance without sacrificing damage output. This range advantage gives you the flexibility to engage zombies on your terms.


U4GM MWZ Weapon M13B


M13B Build - 1   
1. 14'' BRUEN ECHELON Barrel: This barrel attachment enhances the weapon's range and accuracy, allowing you to precisely engage enemies from a distance.

2. FTAC RIPPER 56 UnderBarrel: The FTAC Ripper 56 under-barrel attachment improves the weapon's stability and recoil control, ensuring accurate shots even during intense combat situations.

3. 60-ROUND MAG Magazine: With the 60-round magazine, you'll have ample ammunition to take down hordes of zombies without needing frequent reloads. This extended magazine is essential for sustained firefights.

4. SLIMLINE PRO Optic: The Slimline Pro optic provides a clear sight picture, allowing for better target acquisition and improved accuracy. This optic is particularly useful when engaging enemies at medium to long ranges.

5. BRUEN FLASH V4 Stock: The BRUEN FLASH V4 Stock attachment reduces muzzle flash, minimizing visual distractions and improving overall weapon control. This attachment is especially beneficial in maintaining accuracy during rapid fire.

M13B Build - 2   
- Optic: MK. 3 REFLECTOR   
- Stock: M13C FS COLLAPSED   
- Underbarrel: CHEWK ANGLED GRIP

The M13B assault rifle is a formidable choice, offering fantastic damage, exceptional mobility, and impressive damage range, strengths that make it a top choice for taking out zombies. If you haven't had the chance to try out this weapon yet, we highly recommend giving it a shot. It surpasses other ARs in terms of performance and firepower. It's simply in a league of its own. Don't miss out on the opportunity to wield this game-changing weapon.


8. Riot Shield Performance & Build

The riot shield is a valuable item that can be easily obtained from defeated enemies in the match. While it is known to negate some damage from zombies, its full potential might not be fully understood.

1. Understanding the Riot Shield's Damage Reduction   
  - When initially obtained as Contraband, the riot shield is of gray Rarity.   
  - The gray rarity shield requires seven hits to kill the zombies on the second level.   
  - Upgrading to Green Rarity reduces the hits required to six, and Blue Rarity reduces it further to four.

2. Enhanced Durability and Health   
  - Even without Pack-A-Punch, the riot shield provides significant protection.   
  - Normally, players can withstand about five hits from a zombie without armor.   
  - However, when the zombie hits the regular Rarity, non-Pack-A-Punched riot shield, it can withstand seven hits.   
  - This effectively grants the player approximately 40% more health when damage bypasses the shield. Instead of taking five hits to die, you can now withstand 9 to 10 hits, effectively doubling your health.   
  - Pack-A-Punching the riot shield increases its attack damage.

3. Increased Damage Output   
  - When Pack-A-Punched for the first time, the riot shield becomes a two-hit kill in tier two.   
  - Against armored zombies, it becomes a three-hit kill.   
  - With two more Pack-A-Punch levels to go, it remains a two-hit kill, which is highly advantageous.

4. Pack-A-Punch Upgrade   
  - The riot shield's effectiveness increases further when Pack-A-Punched.   
  - Pack-A-Punching the shield enhances its durability and damage reduction capabilities.

5. Considerations   
  - It's important to note that the riot shield slightly slows you down when stowed, a change introduced in season.   
  - Be mindful of this when equipping the shield and adjust your playstyle accordingly.

6. Pro Tips   
  - The Pack-A-Punched riot shield can be used effectively against powerful enemies like manglers, even if it is underdeveloped.   
  - Adding ammo mods like Cryo Freeze to your riot shield allows you to freeze zombies and take them down more quickly.


7. Longbow Performance & Build

The Longbow sniper rifle may seem unconventional with its 40-round magazine. However, it is indeed a sniper rifle with a unique ability that activates when Pack-A-Punched. Normally semi-automatic, the Longbow becomes fully automatic after being Pack-A-Punched. In tier 2, it remains a one-shot kill, regardless of where you hit the zombies. Its effectiveness is further amplified when fully upgraded, boasting 80 rounds in the magazine with 600 Reserve, which is a hell of a lot of bullets for a sniper. Even in the tier three zone, the Longbow performs admirably against zombies, especially when aiming for the upper body or head. However, hitting zombies in the foot yields less desirable results. Additionally, the Longbow proves to be a formidable weapon against bosses, as demonstrated by its efficiency in taking down the Disciple and the Mega Abomination.

The Longbow is a weapon that is often overlooked compared to the popular Akimbo Wasps. When Pack-A-Punched, the Longbow becomes incredibly powerful, This gun also has an incredible feature, allowing it to shoot two bullets with every shot adding twice as much damage. Essentially having a double-tap effect and is capable of one-shotting enemies within a wide range. Despite being classified as a sniper rifle, the Longbow feels more like a battle rifle due to its fast shooting speed and quick ADS (aimed down sight) speed. This unique characteristic adds to the fun and unique experience of using the Longbow in the game.

To optimize the Longbow's performance, the choice of attachments is crucial. Firstly, the Cronin Intas MSP-12 sight is recommended to increase ADS speed. Removing the stock keeps mobility high, while the Sam Quick Bolt attachment allows for rapid rechambering, which is essential for quick follow-up shots. Additionally, using a 10-round magazine further improves ADS speed, and it's important to note that this will be boosted after Pack-A-Punching. Lastly, the x10 Phantom 5 hand stop under the barrel attachment enhances both sprint-to-fire speed and ADS speed.


U4GM MWZ Weapon Longbow


1. Pack-a-Punch Upgrades   
  - Upgrading the Longbow to Tier Three Pack-a-Punch enhances its one-shot capabilities even further.   
  - It retains its ability to one-shot enemies, making it a formidable weapon in Tier Three as well.

2. Attachment Choices   
  - Cronin Intas MSP-12 Sight: Increases ADS speed for quicker target acquisition.   
  - No STOCK: Maintains mobility for better maneuverability.   
  - SA-M QUICKBOLT: Enables faster rechambering, crucial for quick follow-up shots.   
  - 10-Round Magazine: Improves ADS speed, which gets further boosted after Pack-a-Punching.   
  - X10 Phantom 5 Hand Stop (Under Barrel): Enhances sprint-to-fire speed and ADS speed.   
  - CITADEL GRIP: Provides better control and stability, minimizing recoil for more accurate follow-up shots.

You can unleash its true potential by utilizing the recommended attachments and Pack-a-Punching the Longbow. Enjoy the satisfaction of one-shotting enemies from a distance while experiencing its fast-paced gameplay. Embrace the uniqueness of the Longbow and have a great time playing with this powerful and versatile weapon.


6. TYR Performance & Build

The AKIMBO TYR pistols in MWZ received a significant Nerf in season 1, resulting in a 50% reduction in damage for the snake shot variant. However, even after this massive nerf, these pistols continue to showcase their incredible performance.

Despite the nerf, the AKIMBO TYR pistols remain a force to be reckoned with in tier 2 and tier 3 zones. These pistols effortlessly dispatch enemies with a single shot, making them an excellent choice for players looking to clear out hordes of foes quickly. Even armored zombies are no match for the AKIMBO TYR pistols, as they can easily be taken down.

Fast Reload and Continuous Firepower   
One of the standout features of the AKIMBO TYR pistols is their lightning-fast reload speed. By cycling the pistols, players can ensure that they always have a loaded weapon ready to fire. This allows for uninterrupted firepower, ensuring that no enemy goes unscathed. The AKIMBO TYR pistols provide a seamless shooting experience, making them a reliable choice for intense combat situations.

Boss Battles Made Easy   
The AKIMBO TYR pistols prove their worth even against formidable bosses like the mega Abomination. Despite the nerf, these pistols can deal significant damage to bosses, often bringing them to half health or even eliminating them entirely. Their high damage output and quick reload time make them reliable for taking down powerful adversaries.


U4GM MWZ Weapon Tire Pistol


TYR Build   
1. Laser: CS15 Scarlet MOUNTED LASER   
  - Attach the CS15 Scarlet Mounted Laser to enhance your sprint-to-fire speed. This will allow you to quickly transition from sprinting to firing, giving you an advantage in fast-paced combat situations.

2. Barrel: ZIU 16 HEAVY LONG BARREL   
  - Equip the ZIU 16 HEAVY LONG BARREL to increase the damage output at range. This will make your shots more effective and deadly, especially when engaging enemies from a distance.

3. Ammunition: 12.7X55MM SNAKE SHOT   
  - The most important aspect of this build is using Snake Shot Rounds. These rounds are what make the TYR so powerful, allowing it to one-shot special zombies. This ammunition is essential for maximizing the potential of the TYR.

4. Trigger Action: ULLR'S FURY   
  - Install the ULLR'S FURY trigger action to increase the fire rate of your TYR. This will enable you to unleash a higher volume of shots in a shorter amount of time, increasing your overall damage output.

5. Attachment: AKIMBO TYR   
  - Equip the AKIMBO TYR attachment. This attachment is crucial for the TYR to one-hit special zombies. It allows you to dual-wield the TYR, effectively doubling your firepower and ensuring the elimination of special zombies with ease.

Following this build will enhance the TYR's sprint-to-fire speed, damage output at range, and ability to one-shot special zombies. The combination of the CS15 Scarlet Mounted Laser, ZIU 16 Heavy Long Barrel, Snake Shot Rounds, Fury trigger action, and Kimbo attachment will make your TYR a force to be reckoned with in the zombie-infested world.

For more professional weapon upgrades, please go to MW3 boosting.


5. M16 Tips & Build

Fully Automatic: When Pack-A-Punched, the M16 becomes fully automatic, providing a significant increase in damage output. This unexpected feature makes it a viable choice for dealing with hordes of zombies and other enemies in the game.

Damage Output: The M16's automatic mode is noted to deliver more damage, making it a valuable asset in combat scenarios, especially when facing multiple adversaries.

Ammo Capacity: The weapon's ammo capacity and automatic firing mode make it a reliable choice for sustained combat, allowing players to engage enemies without the need for frequent reloads.


U4GM MWZ Weapon M16


Gunsmith Build   
- FTAC Ripper 56 Underbarrel   
- 5.56 Armor Piercing Ammunition   
- 60 Round Magazine   
- Cronen Mini Pro Optic   
- Corio Precio Facto


4. PDSW (P90) Performance & Build

The PDSW, also known as the P90, is a standout weapon from MW2. This gun is already impressive, but it truly shines when you Pack-A-Punch it. Once Pack-A-Punched, the P90 receives a staggering 400-round magazine without sacrificing its mobility, which is truly remarkable.

With this upgrade, the P90 surpasses the magazine capacity of most light machine guns while maintaining the fast mobility of an SMG. This means you'll have an abundance of ammunition to deal with hordes of zombies. The versatility of this gun is another notable feature. While it may not excel at long-range engagements due to its SMG classification, it becomes a force to be reckoned with in close-quarters combat.

The 400-round magazine ensures that you can mow down entire hordes of zombies without needing to reload frequently. When you combine the massive magazine capacity with the P90's damage and fire rate, it becomes an almost overpowered weapon. Additionally, the P90 is highly effective against special zombies, making it a reliable choice for taking them out.

To maximize the potential of the P90, prioritize Pack-A-Punching it as soon as possible to unlock the 400-round magazine. This will significantly increase your firepower and allow you to handle large groups of zombies with ease. Remember to utilize the P90's strengths in close-quarters combat and take advantage of its versatility.

Boss Fight: The P90 is rated as the best weapon to use in the Orcus boss fight due to its large ammo capacity, allowing players to focus on weak points without needing to reload frequently.


U4GM MWZ Weapon P90


PDSW 528 Build   
1. Muzzle: BRUEN PENDULUM   
  - The BRUEN PENDULUM muzzle attachment is ideal for controlling gunkick and reducing vertical recoil. This will help you maintain better accuracy while firing.

2. Barrel: FTAC SERIES IX 14.5 in   
  - Equip the Ftag Series I 14.5 in barrel attachment to enhance the weapon's damage range and movement speed. This will allow you to engage enemies effectively at various distances while maintaining mobility.

3. Laser: ACCU-SHOT 5MW LASER   
  - The Accu Shot 5m Laser attachment is recommended to improve aim down sight time and overall mobility. This will give you an advantage in quick target acquisition and maneuverability during engagements.

4. Optic: CRONEN MINI PRO (Personal Preference)   
  - The choice of optic ultimately depends on your personal preference. However, the Cronin Mini Pro is highly recommended for its clear-sighted picture and reliable performance. Experiment with different optics to find the one that suits your playstyle best.

  - Install the Hollow Extended Stock to increase aim walking speed and sprint speed. This will allow you to move swiftly while maintaining accuracy, giving you an edge in fast-paced combat situations.

Utilizing this build will enhance the PDSW 528's recoil control, damage range, movement speed, aim down sight time, and overall mobility. This setup will provide you with a well-rounded weapon that excels in various combat scenarios. The reserve ammo for the PDWS 528 is limited, so it's important to constantly search for ammo on the ground or visit ammo crates. Without proper ammo management, you may find yourself frequently running out of ammo.


3. Crossbow Performance & Build

The crossbow in MWZ received a significant nerf in season one, resulting in an 80-plus damage reduction for thermite arrows. However, this nerf only affected the thermite arrows, while other arrow types remained unaffected. Which remains highly effective in taking down zombies in tier 2 and tier 3 zones. It allows players to one-shot zombies in tier 2 zones, and upon impact, the arrow explodes, damaging all nearby zombies. This creates a chain reaction of explosions, dealing significant damage to hordes of enemies. While slightly louder than the thermite tips, the explosive tips offer immense firepower, making them a formidable choice for clearing out large groups of zombies.

Effective in Tier 3 Zones   
Despite the nerf, the crossbow with explosive bolt proves to be a powerful weapon, offering explosive damage and versatility in close-quarters combat. It continues to perform exceptionally well in tier 3 zones. When a zombie is hit with an explosive tip arrow, it dies instantly and damages all surrounding zombies. This makes it highly effective for taking out multiple enemies at once. Players can create a constant cycle of explosions by strategically sticking zombies with explosive arrows, resulting in continuous death and destruction.

Ammo Management and Boss Battles   
It is important to manage ammo carefully when using the crossbow. Picking up ammo from the ground ensures a steady supply. However, unlike the thermite crossbow, which excelled against bosses, the explosive bolt does not possess the same level of damage against powerful adversaries. While still effective, players may need to refill their ammo to take down bosses efficiently.

Versatility and Safety in Close Spaces   
One of the key advantages of the crossbow with explosive bolt is its versatility and safety in close-quarters combat. Players can enter confined spaces, This maximizes the power of explosive bolts, effectively clearing out enemies and holding objective areas. The crossbow's explosive power makes it difficult for players to die as long as they have ammo, providing a reliable option for surviving intense encounters.


U4GM MWZ Weapon Crossbow


Crossbow Build   
1. Arms: Carbon Elite V3   
  - The Carbon Elite V3 arms provide stability and accuracy, allowing for precise shots with the crossbow.

2. Optic: NYDAR MODEL 2023   
  - Equipping the NYDAR MODEL 2023 optic enhances your aim and target acquisition, ensuring you hit your mark with precision.

3. Under Barrel: DR-6 HANDSTOP   
  - The DR6 Hand Stop under barrel attachment improves weapon handling, reducing recoil and increasing stability for more accurate shots.

4. Bolts: BLASTCAP 20" BOLTS (Explosive Tip)   
  - The most crucial aspect of your crossbow setup is the choice of bolts. Opt for the Blast Cap 20-in Bolts with explosive tips. These bolts deliver devastating explosive damage upon impact, making them ideal for clearing out groups of enemies. Use the explosive bolts to get chunks of meat when facing hellhounds.

  - It is designed to improve movement and aim-down-sight (ADS) speeds at the expense of accuracy. With BLASTCAP 20" BOLTS, precision shooting is not required. This attachment enhances the agility of the Crossbow, making it more effective for maneuvering and aiming quickly during combat.

Despite the nerf, the crossbow in MWZ remains a formidable weapon when equipped with explosive bolts. Its ability to one-shot zombies and create explosive chain reactions makes it a force to be reckoned with in tier 2 and tier 3 zones. While not as effective against bosses as the thermite tips, the crossbow with explosive tips still outperforms many other weapons in the game. Its versatility and safety in close spaces further contribute to its high ranking among players. So, if you're looking for a powerful and versatile weapon in MWZ, the crossbow with explosive bolts is a solid choice.

For more information about Crossbow, please refer to - How to kill Storm Caller Faster with a Crossbow?


2. WSP Swarm Performance & Build

When it comes to versatility and effectiveness, the WSP Swarm reigns supreme in MWZ. This weapon excels in various scenarios, including taking down the formidable red War Boss. We will explore the exceptional capabilities of the WSP Swarm, its range, mobility, and unparalleled effectiveness against the red World Boss worm. Whether you're facing hordes of zombies or challenging bosses, the WSP Swarm is the ultimate weapon of choice.

Performance Against Zombies   
The WSP Swarm equipped with the Akimbo attachment is a force to be reckoned with. Even against tier 2 zombies, this weapon showcases its power and range. Unlike other Akimbo weapons, the WSP Swarm is fully automatic, eliminating the need to worry about hand fatigue. Its impressive range allows for effective long-range engagements, making it a versatile choice for any situation.

When you equip the akimbo attachment, the WSP Swarm becomes incredibly powerful, effectively doubling its damage output. Additionally, when you combine it with a 100-round magazine, it becomes a 200-round magazine after Pack-a-Punch. This allows you to mow down large hordes of zombies effortlessly.

Mobility and Accuracy   
One of the standout features of the WSP Swarm is its exceptional mobility. This weapon allows for seamless movement and precise shooting, making it ideal for back training while engaging enemies. Whether you're maneuvering through tight spaces or engaging in intense combat, the WSP Swarm provides the mobility needed to stay one step ahead of your foes.

Devastating Power Against the Red Worm   
The WSP Swarm truly shines when facing the red worm. Solo players will find this weapon invaluable in taking down the boss. Even in a team, the WSP Swarm's damage output is unmatched. With two ammo crates conveniently located near the boss, players can unleash a barrage of firepower, ensuring a swift victory. When it comes to defeating the red worm, the WSP Swarm is the ultimate weapon of choice. Detailed Guide to Killing Greylorm Solo.

Ammo Management   
While the WSP Swarm doesn't have an extensive reserve ammo capacity, it is not as limiting as other weapons. It is advisable to keep an eye out for ammo crates and collect ammunition from fallen zombies to ensure a steady supply. Being mindful of your ammo consumption will allow you to maintain an advantage in combat situations.

Another crucial aspect of this gun is its lightning-fast reload speed. With Speed Cola equipped, it can be fully reloaded in less than a second. This can be a game-changer in life-or-death situations, especially when cornered in tight corridors by zombies. Despite its power, the WSP Swarm remains an SMG, offering excellent mobility. This allows you to maneuver around zombies without taking damage or going down easily. 

Despite its power, the WSP Swarm remains an SMG, offering excellent mobility. This allows you to maneuver around zombies without taking damage or going down easily. However, it's important to note that the akimbo attachment requires you to get up close and personal with special zombies. While the gun is still effective against them, engaging them at close range can be challenging.

Staggering Effect   
  - The high ammunition output of the WSP Swarm often staggers the zombies it hits.   
  - This is particularly useful against higher-tier enemies like Manglers, as it slows them down significantly.   
  - The staggering effect makes taking down zombies and higher-tier enemies easier.   
  - Shooting at them with the Akimbo Wasp can greatly reduce their mobility and resistance.

Remember to upgrade the WSP Swarm to higher rarities and take advantage of its double-gun feature to maximize its effectiveness. Enjoy the power and fun that this weapon brings to your zombie-slaying adventures.

Infinite Ammo Strategy   
  - With the right attachments and Tier One Pack-a-Punch, you can shoot the WSP Swarm infinitely.   
  - Start firing with one gun and switch to the other when you have about 50 bullets left.   
  - Hold down both triggers to continuously fire while the first gun reloads.   
  - This cycle allows for non-stop shooting as long as you keep killing zombies and picking up ammo.




WSP Swarm Build - 1

  - Equipping the WSP Ruthless L Barrel enhances the weapon's overall performance, providing improved accuracy and stability. This attachment ensures that your shots hit their mark with precision.

2. Laser: HIPSHOT L20   
  - The HipShot L20 laser attachment enhances your aim and target acquisition, allowing for more accurate shots. This laser sight provides a significant advantage in close-quarters combat situations.

3. Magazine: 100 ROUND DRUM   
  - The 100-Round Drum magazine offers increased ammunition capacity, allowing for more sustained firefights without the need for frequent reloads. This attachment ensures that you have enough rounds to take down multiple enemies.

4. Rear Grip: MARAUDER GRIP   
  - The Marauder Grip rear grip attachment improves weapon handling, reducing recoil and increasing stability. This allows for better control during rapid-fire situations, ensuring that your shots stay on target.

5. Conversion Kit: WSP AKIMBO BRACE STOCK   
  - The most crucial part of your WSP Storm setup is the Conversion Kit, specifically the Akimbo Brace stock attachment. This attachment enables dual-wielding, transforming your WSP Storm into a devastating force. With the Akimbo Brace, you can unleash a firepower barrage, easily overwhelming your enemies.

WSP Swarm Build - 2   
- WSP Reckless-90 Long Barrel: This is the primary weapon of choice.   
- CS15 Scarlet Cylindrical Laser: Opt for this laser sight as it provides. Because it provides concentrated firepower, resulting in a more focused bullet spread and improved accuracy at longer ranges.   
- 9MM High Grain Rounds: These rounds are optional, as they enhance recoil control but may limit aiming at farther ranges. Adjust according to your preference.

The only downside to this weapon is its slightly weaker performance when taking out Bounty Elites. As a solo player, it may take some time to eliminate them. When facing a Mangler, you can see that it's eating up your bullets. In this case, you'd better choose the more powerful Napalm Burst Ammo Mod, which proves to be highly effective against it. Additionally, the wasps are able to flinch the Mangler, which is a great advantage. When it comes to Bounty Elites, these guns may require a bit more time to kill. However, they tend to work much better if you're playing as part of a squad.


1. Knife Performance & Build

The combat knife may seem like an unconventional choice for many players. While it may not be effective against tier-three zombies, this versatile weapon shines when used against bosses.

While the combat knife may not excel against regular zombies, it becomes a force to be reckoned with when facing bosses. A tier three mimic can be swiftly dispatched with just two knife strikes. Even the formidable tier three Mega Abomination can be taken down by utilizing a decoy to distract the zombies, allowing you to focus on slicing through the boss. The combat knife proves its worth by eliminating bosses efficiently and effectively.

Conquering the Storm Boss:   
One of the toughest bosses in the game, Storm Boss, is no match for the combat knife. With a few well-placed strikes, Storm Boss can be defeated, leaving you with the spoils of victory. The combat knife's ability to quickly dispatch bosses makes it an invaluable backup weapon in your arsenal.

While the combat knife may not be the best primary weapon, it shines as a support weapon. Use your primary weapon to mow down hordes of zombies, and when confronted with a boss, seamlessly switch to the combat knife to swiftly eliminate the threat. Its versatility as a backup weapon makes it an essential tool for any player.

Optimizing Your Combat Knife Loadout:   
- Support Equipment: Carry decoy grenades to divert zombies' attention and create opportunities for knife strikes.   
- Perks: Choose perks that complement your playstyle and enhance your survivability.

While the combat knife may not be the go-to weapon for taking down regular zombies, its effectiveness against bosses cannot be underestimated. With just a few well-placed strikes, bosses can be eliminated, allowing you to claim victory and reap the rewards. The combat knife proves its worth as a support weapon, providing a reliable backup option when facing formidable foes.