Everything We Want to See in NBA 2K22

Game: NBA 2K22
Time: 2023-02-13
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It's July, which means we can start NBA 2K22 soon. However, do you have any suggestions to improve the next series of the NBA 2K game? Here, we list our suggestions, ideas, and wishlist for the upcoming NBA 2K22 game.


Everything We Want to See in NBA 2K22

Cross-Platform Play: We hope 2K supported cross-platform play and allowed PlayStation and Xbox players to compete against each other online.

Cross-Generation Play: While we're at it, 2K22 will hopefully support online competition between players on the current and next-generation systems.

Next-Gen Improvements: 2K made some improvements from the present gen version of the title, but let's be honest, nowhere near enough to maximize the capabilities of the Next Gen machines. We want to see big improvements on the Next Gen front by the time 2K22 comes around when hopefully, the consoles will be far more accessible!

Carryover Saves in MyNBA: The MyNBA feature is a godsend, but it's not perfect. We'd love to see 2K22 embrace carryover saves, or at the very least, carryover rosters.

Badges: But as good as the NBA 2K21 badge system is, we still want more! There is a handful of Next-Gen exclusive badges, of which we are likely to see many more added, whilst we'd also like to see a bit more variety in the current-gen offerings.

Tighter Under the Hood Mechanics in MyNBA: Last year's version of MyNBA has some issues with crashes, and some of the mechanics didn't work well. Player progression, in-game injuries, and a few other seemingly minor but pretty significant problems lingered. We want them to add new features to the new version and make sure everything currently in the mode worked as designed.

Improve Guards: We want to see is an improvement to the way the guards play within 2K. Guards should be capable of so much more.

More Hairstyles for Created Players: We hope creating MyPlayers or players for offline rosters would be much more fun with access to more hairstyles.

Face Uploader Option for Created Players or a Better Sculpting Tool: For years, the NBA 2K creation community has been asking for a tool that allows its creative community to upload the image of someone's face to use it on a created player. Or it would be nice if creators had access to a sculpting tool on par with the one available in MLB The Show. You can make just about anyone's face. Having something like this in NBA 2K would be amazing.

Keep MyTEAM Ticking: The Ultimate Team style mode has been successful this year, with the induction of a couple of new modes - including the Weekend League-Esque Limited - keeping fans on their toes. 2K should be looking to keep MyTEAM ticking along similarly.

Draft Mode in MyTeam: We are waiting on NBA 2K22 MyTEAM to add a DRAFT MODE.

Salary-Cap Mode in MyTeam: It's time for the Salary-Cap mode to return MyTEAM. It offers a necessary balance for a collector mode experience that can get out of control.

Less Focus on VC: We'd love to see 2K take a step back from VC for a year. Those who don't want to plunge their hard-earned cash in the game quickly find themselves left behind, whether that's in MyTEAM or on the Park with a severely depleted player. We'd love it to go back to the old, 2K11 days of grinding to be the best.

The Return of Euroleague Play: The league hasn't been in the Euroleague since 2017,  but with two of the biggest European stars Luka Doncic and Dirk Nowitzki, in NBA history potentially front and center for the game this year, we hope this seems like a good year to bring back the Euroleague.

Commissioner Tools for Pro-Am: 2K doesn't allow its users to organize leagues within its Pro-Am mode. However, this feature would allow for a more structured and trackable feeder league to function more smoothly. It would be a beautiful thing to see that kind of tool added to aid the up-and-coming players, coaches, announcers, and content creators who could arise.

Do you have any other suggestions? Please list your ideas in the comments section, and we'll try to send them to 2K developers.