NBA 2K23: Big Changes Coming to Gameplay, MyNBA, and The W

Game: NBA 2K23
Time: 2023-02-13
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Visual Concepts revealed a plethora of new features to be added to Gameplay, MyNBA, and the W in NBA 2K23. Find them all out below. 

NBA 2K23 Gameplay Enhancements

Here is everything 2K has revealed about NBA 2K23 gameplay:


ShootingEvery signature jump shot will have unique stats by adding the shooting attribute. At launch, five new shot meters will be available, and you will have the chance to unlock 15 more as the Seasons unfold over the next year.
Pro Stick EnhancementsGamers will be delighted to know that Pro Stick will include New Gesture Combos. Additionally, you can stop worrying about unexpected skill dunks thanks to the new commands that Dunking is getting.
Skill Moves and Adrenaline BoostsAdrenaline Boosts are brand new to the game and will help to prevent overdribbling. After you perform an explosive sprint launch or a hard go, a "Boost" is consumed. You receive three of them during a possession. Once you run out, your speed and acceleration go down until the possession is over.
DefenseBlocks are getting an overhaul this year that will improve stops and yield more consistent results and a higher degree of realism. There are also going to be enhancements to ball security.
BadgesIf you are playing on a current-gen console (Xbox Series X/S or PS5), you can look forward to a new tiered badge system. In every attribute category, there will be 16 badges.
TakeoversIn Team Takeover, the whole team will now have one common meter. But there will not be any changes to primary or secondary Takeovers.
AIAs many players have requested, there will be significant upgrades to AI gameplay on current-gen consoles. Areas where you will notice improvement include pick and roll execution, defense, ball handling, and coaching.

NBA 2K23 MyNBA Changes

The following changes come from MyNBA:


MyNBA Eras

In the new MyNBA Eras Mode, players will be able to start a new MyNBA save at specific points of NBA history, allowing them to meddle with past events and reconstruct them to how they see fit.


Here are the different eras available as starting points in this new NBA 2K23 MyNBA Eras Mode:

    • The Modern Era: It's essentially the traditional franchise experience with current rosters and familiar features.
    • The Magic Vs. Bird Era: This starting point is set in 1983, ahead of a Lakers vs. Celtics NBA Finals and the legendary 1984 NBA Draft.
    • The Jordan Era: Beginning in 1991 and representing the Chicago Bulls' ascension to the top of the league.
    • The Kobe Era: Began in 2002 with the titular Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O'Neal together on the Los Angeles Lakers.

CourtsThe development team has reworked the courts for realism and encourages players to stick around and build the team throughout the 82-game season. Every team has at least one unique floor per Era, with a few teams getting more if they had a big rebranding or relocation; approximately 100 new floors in total across all Eras.
UniformsThe development team worked to get as many uniforms as possible for each of the teams. When a team relocates, make sure they have matching uniforms to fit the new city.

New commentators have been added and pulled from the archives for specific eras to add to the authenticity.

    • 1983-2002 commentary booth will consist of Kevin Harlan, Clark Kellogg, and new addition Mike Fratello.
    • 2002-2020, Fratello steps aside, and Greg Anthony arrives to provide a more current flavour to the evolving booth.
    • 2021-onwards, the full multi-team commentary booth with additional sideline reports and guest commentators.


NBA 2K23 The W New Features

The W mode adds a number of new features to NBA 2K23, including the following:


The WNew Features
Community GoalsEvery Season will feature six weekly goals the community can work together to reach. If the community is able to reach the collective goal in four out of the six weeks in that Season, every NBA 2K23 player will receive a reward.
League ExpansionProgressing in The W to the maximum level 10 in League Popularity will unlock two Expansion Team slots. From here, players control how the league expands. Pick the city, build the arena, create the logo, and design the uniforms.
The W RewardsNew content and epic rewards, including WNBA Jerseys, Logo, and Coach MyTEAM cards, can be exclusively found in the W Online. Players can flaunt their jerseys, brand new historical gear, and more in both The W and The City.
Game ChangersPlayers who dedicate an immense amount of time and effort to achieving the community goal will earn Game Changer status. Game Changers will be granted exclusive access to rewards such as Team Takeover Boosts and will have the ability to imbue other players in The W Online with Player Boosts.
Contact ChallengesAs players progress through the mode and gain contacts, they will be issued challenges. These challenges will have players circling certain games on the calendar, teaming up with new players in Contact Workouts, aiming for season-long stat goals, and stretching their game in new ways.
All-Star & Commissioner's CupFor the first time in The W, players will have the opportunity to make the All-Star team and participate in the All-Star game and the Commissioner's Cup.


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