NBA 2K23: How to Level Up Fast?

Game: NBA 2K23
Time: 2023-05-13
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NBA 2K23: How to Level Up Fast?


You will get exclusive rewards and gear as you level up in NBA 2K23. However, if you are a new player and have no idea how to level up in the game, this guide will give you some tips to help you reach that goal in NBA 2k23.

1. Complete daily challenges

The easiest and fastest way to level up is by completing daily challenges for bonus XP. Players can receive daily challenges if they finish the previous challenges first. Most of these tasks can be accomplished by just playing a game. Some challenges will require you to do a specific feat of strength.

2. Complete weekend challenges

There are weekend challenges in addition to everyday challenges. They provide an additional method for leveling up in NBA 2K23. Every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, they are presented; completing them helps us add 6K XP in total, and added to what we earn in the daily challenges, we will have a lot to level up. However, they are much more difficult to complete.

3. Theater

The Theater is an area near the Block that will allow you to participate in the event playlist under the same roof. This allows you to participate in numerous events and gain valuable XP.

4. Seasonal Challenges

While seasonal challenges last long and are significantly difficult, if you reach Level 40, you will unlock the high-tier rewards. This will significantly help your leveling up.

5. Double XP Tokens

Players can also use double XP tokens to increase their overall XP total in the game. Double XP tokens may be bought from the market, unlocked through lockers, or rewarded as a prize for leveling up throughout the season.

Something important to note is that double XP tokens stack with double XP events. Hence, pop a token to gain massive XP if you see a special event.

6. Special Events

Players can play Special Events to farm XP. You'll get the Event Schedule in your ‘What's New' section. Check this list regularly to see the new Special events. Complete these challenges to get more XP than daily and weekend challenges and level up faster.

7. Rec, 3v3 Pro-Am, and 2v2 Park

You can choose where to play online to help you grow to Legend status. The three best places to rep up are the Rec, 3v3 Pro-Am, and 2v2 Park, given the amount of rep you receive is proven to be worth the number of times players put in.

8. High Teammate Grade

The main key to leveling up this year has a high Teammate Grade. The higher your Teammate's Grade, the more rep you get. Of course, this does mean that bigs naturally have a leg up since it's very easy to get your grade up by grabbing rebounds, setting screens, and finishing plays off of dimes.

9. Use Any Opportunities to Earn Bonus Reps

Lastly, taking advantage of any opportunities to earn bonus reps, whether by participating in limited-time events or popping 2XP Coins pulled from the Daily Spin, is essential.

These are all possible ways to level up faster in NBA 2K23. While you are here, make sure you visit, as we will keep you informed on all of the lastest NBA 2K23 updates here.