We Want to See Gameplay Changes in NBA 2K23

Game: NBA 2K23
Time: 2023-02-13
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As great as NBA 2K22 was, however, there are a few aspects in NBA 2K23 that we'd want to see changed. Below, we've compiled some suggested changes to improve NBA 2K23 that are things we have seen other fans asking for.


We Want to See Gameplay Changes in NBA 2K23

11 Gameplay Improvements We Want to See

1). Bring defense back

A boost to defensive animations and some more significant defense badges would bring a new dynamic to 2K23.

2). Improve paint defense

One thing we cannot forget to mention is the annoyances with defending in the paint. It would be awesome if there were a viable way for Visual Concepts to change how players defend in the paint.

3). New animations for player movement

2K has recycled the same offensive and defensive animations over the past few years, so the game has become monotonous. We want to see many fresh player animations could be brought to the fore.

4). No more dribble spam

If dribble spam is eliminated in NBA 2K23, we'll be happier with the game.

5). Side-to-Side Shooting glitch

NBA 2K recently promoted gameplay from the NBA 2K22 League. This also has to go when the NBA 2K23 gameplay is revealed.

6). Make rebounding a skill

Currently, all that matters to grab a board is the player's rebound ratings, so much so that positioning and reaction to the ball hardly have any effect. The 2K23's rebounding could use some significant improvements.

7). Fix blocks

Blocks are the most exciting part of NBA defense, and NBA 2K has yet to capture that thrill. If blocks are improved, the quality of play will drastically increase.

8). Remove visible shot and dunk meters for opponents

Remove the ability for defenders to see shot meters so that players have to start timing defense on pure animation prediction, making for more compelling gameplay.

9). Remove speed boosts

In the increasingly cutthroat MyPlayer mode, speed boosts have given certain player builds unfair competitive advantages. NBA 2K23 needs to remove speed boosts.

10). Slowed speed of the game to allow more realism

One big problem of NBA 2K22 was that you could easily speed past defenders. We think there should be stamina penalties involved.

11). An improved teammate A.I.

In the NBA 2K series, Player A.I. never has felt wholly refined. We want to see improvements in A.I.

5 Things We Want in MyWNBA

Here is our list of 5 things we want to see in MyWNBA:

1). A MyTEAM Mode for MyWNBA

There are now 3 main game types available in MyWNBA (The W, MyWNBA, and Quick Play). Introducing a fourth where you can build your team and compete online would drum up interest.

2). Frequent updates

This is something that NBA 2K23 can easily do to keep players interested.

3). Cross over with The W & The City

We want to take our MyPLAYER from The W into The City, which could pose a fun challenge.

4). Speaking of challenges

NBA 2K23 has to give players more reason to play MyWNBA mode.

5). Earning XP & Rewards

A great way to get players into MyWNBA would be offering rewards for other game modes.

8 Things We Want in The City

Here are some NBA 2K23 The City predictions that we hope happen:

1). Better Fast Travel (Perhaps a subway system).

2). More MyCAREER Quests.

3). Competitive Online Balancing.

4). Fewer Bugs throughout The City courts.

5). More interactions with NPCs.

6). The return of City Slam but with online capability.

7). Co-Op Quests.

8). Build Balancing.

That wraps up the top recommendations for how to improve NBA 2K23. We hope the team over at Visual Concepts follows through on some of these ideas. Recheck our U4GM news section soon for more on NBA 2K23. What's more, you can buy 2K23 MT from here and enjoy a meager price. If you become our VIP member, you can also get a 5% discount!