How to Farm Gold as a TERA Priest?

Game: Tera
Time: 2023-02-13
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The most diverse character in TERA, this class can be one of the easier ways to accumulate gold. They are very good to have an in a group, they are very good at soloing mobs and even Bosses themselves. Their unique array of talents includes the ability to buff and even resurrect fallen team members, meaning your quest can continue after a casualty. When you purchase TERA gold, you can skip grinding boring delves and jump straight into the fun with the new gear that you bought!


How to Farm Gold as a TERA Priest?


As usual, it is recommended that you team up to make the most gold with your Priest. Armed with combat staves, Priests can deal damage in a number of ways and remain nimble as they wear robe armor. Taking advantage of their overall skill set will keep the gold and loot flowing into your pockets. The reason Priests are so valuable in a group is that they are so powerful is so many ways. If you can resurrect a comrade you will be able to keep attacking the dungeon and stockpiling valuables instead of having to repeatedly start over. Your ability to buff the other players and yourself will increase everyone's firepower, making you a boon to all and making the gold drop quicker.


Priests are so effective at this because they can target specific characters in their party that are in need and keeps them empowered. You can target someone for healing such as your tank in a dungeon, and you will enable the rest of the group to attack and take down the Boss. You are also going to be able to buff specific characters. One way to take advantage of this is to target buff one of your damage dealing group members. If you can turn your archer into a much more deadly archer then you will drop Bosses and Mobs incredibly quickly, and maybe not have to worry about healing so much. Because killing the monsters faster means earning more gold in a quicker time, do not be overly scared to try turning your Priest into a nurturer of death. Enabling your team to kill monsters quickly means you can continue to mow through the Mobs and dungeons and make the most gold in the least amount of time.


Soloing with a Priest is also an effective way to make gold and loot if you enjoy going at it alone. You will be just as able to buff yourself when going at it alone, utilizing the same abilities you use to enhance your teammates in a group setting. You will be able to avoid getting trapped and killed with your teleport abilities, leaping you away from your opponents. This is an important skill to master while you are out collecting gold yourself. Your Priest character will not survive long when facing off against Mobs or Bosses, as he is equipped only with robe armor. In order to position yourself most effectively, you will need to keep all of your escape routes open and also to be able to get the most out of your counter attacks. Do not be afraid to teleport if you do not like your position!


To best solo farm gold with a Priest, you will need to understand how to take down Mobs and eventually how to take on Bosses alone. When starting out with your Priest use Mana Infusion as often as possible while adjusting positions. This effect of regaining one hundred mana points per second for twenty seconds will be erased if you take damage, so make sure it is done while repositioning. Retaining your mana at lower levels is essential for a solo Priest because you will be good at a lot of things but not powerful enough to be great at any of them yet. This is a thinking man's character and is meant to challenge your mental combat skill just as much as your physical talents.


Purifying Circle is a skill you will want to take advantage of when gold farming in a group. Within a twelve meter radius around you, any harm affecting your allies will be alleviated. This is essential to making it through the dungeons and dealing with the Bosses, as they will often come in swarms and you will have several companions being attacked at once. Using Purifying Circle and good communication, you can save yourself the mana and the time of having to heal companions that are under the duress of a harmful effect.


This is an example of how your Priest character can be one of the more crucial characters to group success. It has hopefully been established by now that the best way to make gold is TERA is to join a group and take on dungeon Instances. Not only are you going to be counted on to heal your companions, but you will also be needed to supply them with cures to harmful effects. At the same time you will be counted on to resurrect them should they fall, so that your gold farming can continue unabated. Lastly but perhaps most importantly, you will be counted on to buff your offensive characters and make them terrifying killing machines. Looting requires that you win the battle first, and your Priest character will be a major element to accomplishing that.


Remember to take advantage of your Priest's escape abilities, as you are not a tank and will not fare well in hand to hand combat. Healing Circle and Summon Group are both very powerful skills to keep your group alive when things really tough. Diversify your character and learn to be a mental warrior with a sound strategy. Communication with your teammates will be crucial to farming gold as you will be relied upon so heavily to supply whatever skill your group most needs.