Miscellaneous TERA Gold Making Strategies

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TERA offers a great many ways to make your fortune and all of them have their advantages and disadvantages. There are little tricks here and there to make some more gold, but much more important is your ability to put your plan into action. Be smart about making your fortune. The equipment that you gain as you go along can be of great value in more ways than one. Use critical thinking and planning a strategy for your character in order to maximize their gold making potential. Of course, you can find buy cheap TERA gold from U4gm, stock up on what you need and bring the fun back into gaming!


Miscellaneous TERA Gold Making Strategies


Planning a strategy about how you want to level your character and which skills you want to advance will be critical to turning them into the money maker you want. While skill in battle or crafting will ultimately decide how quickly and efficiently you can make gold in TERA, being able to maximize those skills with the right equipment will give you a distinct advantage when it comes to building your fortune. Should you choose to be a simple warrior, who makes his living from destroying Mobs and Bosses, you will want to pay special attention to the armor and weaponry you find in your questing. It can be sold for instant profit and that in and of itself can make you some nice money. Items that you will not be able to use for your character or any of your alternates will be most useful in this capacity. Dealing them with their players or selling them to NPCs will bring in a nice profit on to the amount you make from the monsters themselves. The real value if some items, however, is made by using them yourself. If you can sell an item for a lot of gold at auction, that is great. If that item could have been used to equip yourself or someone who might make a great teammate, then by selling it you might be choosing a quick profit over the long-term advantage of making yourself or your team more effective death dealers.


Conventional strategy is easy to figure out on TERA. It is not massively different from other games, you simply need to figure out what drops the most gold and is easiest to kill. If you are into crafting you need to figure out what item is in the most demand that you can deliver the largest amount of gold. This is not complicated or a bad strategy. It is not optimal though and if you are willing to take that a few steps further, then you will be able to maximize your gold making abilities.


The point has been made that TERA can be played solo, but is best played in a group. Not only is that a more enjoyable way to experience the game and to enjoy it longer, it is also the best business strategy. Gathering in groups is a great way to level your character up quickly. If you can trade the of a group in gleaning three or even four times the amount of raw materials from a resource, then you will be leveling at that much higher of a rate as well. In return, you will be supplying them with weaponry and armor that will make your hunting to that much faster.


Short term gain in TERA is shortsighted in its overall effect. It is nice to make a big profit quickly. This will often lead you to not Getting the maximum value for your item or time. Take your time when deciding what to do with items and how to best level up your crafting character. This leads me to my final point.


Take your time and do some research when making your character in the first place. TERA offers the unique feature of allowing your main character to do all the crafting you can desire, over every skill set. This means you can figure out what will best suit your character and ambition. You will best be able to level up faster, arm yourself better and most importantly avoid the frustration of having spent a lot of time leveling up or farming gold, only to find out that you have done it wrong and now you have to start all over. This can be a crushing experience, do not let it happen to you. Do your research and listen to the advice of more experienced players before making big decisions about into which direction to pour your time and effort. If you do this, then the rewards are larger and you will enjoy being such an efficient gold maker.


Players can also take advantage of the political system to gain gold making abilities. While guilds are a great way to acquire gold with their support as a party or group, they can also lend you the support to rise in political rank.


Positionssuch as Vanarch will allow special abilities. These are selected by an election system that is held every so often or they can be decided in combat when one area is dominated by another or the position is won in a tournament.


Once elected Vanarch of a province, a player has control over a host of options. Among these options, Vanarchs are allowed to build shops in their area that are unique, deal with taxes and allow for them to be raised or lowered and imprison their enemies. Vanarchs and their guild members also get unique mounts that are instantly recognizable throughout the game. Everyone in the game will achieve political rank, but to attain the level of Vanarch you will absolutely need the support to your guild.


Your ability to raise and lower taxes will make you a lot of money should you achieve the position of Vanarch. You will be deciding how much tax players have to pay at the shops in your area and the competition for this and being business savvy can lead to fantastic wealth. The extra money in the form of eaxes in paid directly to the Vanarch and will make you extremely rich.


To take advantage of this you will need to be able to be able to compete with other Vanarchs for pricing and for the desirability of doing business in your area. Get overly greedy with your tax rate and you will drive business away. make your area player vs Player friendly and you run the risk of the business being scared away by the threat of being attacked. It is a very touchy system that needs a delicate hand at times and an iron fist at others.


The political system is probably one of the more fun elements to the game and makes for a lofty money making the goal. If you can take the leadership position in your area and be able to defend it for your own, there is no better way to make money in TERA. The best strategy for obtaining this position is through combat. Make your guild the fiercest in a territory that is desired and set yo shop there as a firm but the ruler. Once you've established your self in that territory you can start to expand your business and make it attractive to more players in your honor to flags being flown that advertise your name in the territory. One of the ways to attract new players to your area into host events for the local players and hand out items while you are there. This small payment of money should be considered an investment in making more in the future, as you will reap the rewards of new players coming to your area and players currently there enjoying it enough to stay.

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