TERA Making Gold from Crafting

Game: Tera
Time: 2023-02-13
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TERA is unique in that you can do all six crafting skills on the same character. This makes for a very diverse and uniquely challenging way to make some gold and good items, without having to deal with the process and hassle of making a different character for each. This also gives you the distinct advantage of being your own best friend. You will be able to make the items you need with no need to log in and out of characters. You will be able to gather the resources you need because you can use your main character as your crafter, and will be battle ready. This makes crafting a much more enjoyable way to make gold and a much more enjoyable experience in general.


TERA Making Gold from Crafting




Alchemy requires gathering, where you will need to collect Ores, Essences, and Plants. Without all three of these materials you will be in trouble, so make sure to collect enough of them all. The area northeast of the Mysterious Ruins on the Island of Dawn is a good place to gather. There is no aggressive monster behavior, and competition will be slight. This area is also abundant with materials so you will not have a hard time collecting all that you require. This will get you started.


The items from the vendor for alchemy crafting are very expensive, so you will want to level your characters fighting abilities up as well as your alchemy profession. Using alchemy you will be able to make potions, scrolls, and runes.


The best way to make gold within the Alchemist profession is to be a boon to the parties that you are in. Especially as part of a guild, you will be a great addition because of the many ways you can be a boon to the group's abilities, and thus their gold making capabilities. The runes you make will empower them, the scrolls will teach them skills, and the potions will allow for quick help in a pressure situation. This is definitely a good skill to choose if you wish to be a major player in the guild scene.


Weapon Smith


Your basic way to make gold as a weapon smith is to forge really valuable weapons. Level this profession up by mining and using the ingots/ore/metal you obtain to craft melee character weapons.


This professional skill is very valuable to high level characters, as a melee warrior is only as good as his weapon. You will be able to craft rare swords, lances, and axes that can be sold at auction or traded. Do not be afraid to try as much as needed to produce the really rare, elite level weaponry a weapon smith can make. These items will more than make up for the cost of making them when they are sold. You can also make really nice weaponry with which to arm your character should he be a melee fighter, and this will increase your gold output as you are more efficient at farming dungeons and Mobs.


Once you have leveled up to 100, you will be able to start making rare items on occasion. This can be an expensive way to make gold because your failure rate will still be high. When you are successful though, you will be able to have an item that will be worth more than you spent on the failures at auction. The other items you make in the attempt will also supplement your income, so this is an area where you really cannot lose.


Armor Smithing


Basically the same thing as a weapon smith. You will be gathering materials to make armor for the melee fighting characters like the Lancer and Berserker class. This is Hauberks, Gauntlets, and Greaves, and they can be pretty valuable.


When considering this class, what you really need to think about is supply and demand. Everyone that plays this game knows that you have to have a tank to tank on the highest level dungeons. The highest level dungeons are not only where you find the best drops that upper level players seek, they are also the hardest to beat. This makes your Weapon Smith a must have because you are equipping the tank that is essential to this who process. The nice thing about TERA's entire system is that it is so dependent upon so many different skills. Tanks are necessary, therefore maintaining their armor at the highest quality is necessary.


Using this type of thinking you will be able to make an Armor Smith that will probably not start producing large amounts of profit until he gets to the higher levels. Then you will be able to demand a premium price for your premium product. It is simple supply and demand.




Leatherwork deals with the making of armor for the more mobile classes, like the Archer, Warrior, and Slayer. These items will also be valuable. They are not however, as valuable as an Armor Smith as these characters rely on armor to a much smaller degree than the tank melee characters.


There is still a desire to be full equipped with the best equipment out there, so if you choose to go the Leatherwork route then it is recommended that you also employ one of the characters it supplies. If you are an Archer, you will be able to make money with your crafted items as well as use them in battle yourself. This will drop the expense of purchasing your own armor, as well as eliminating the need to farm for drops from Mobs that are rare anyway.




Tailoring makes Robes, Sleeves, and Boots for robe wearing classes like the Mystic, Priest, and Sorcerer. Because these characters are almost as necessary as a tank to dealing with Bosses and dungeons, the armor that they wear is also placed at a premium.


As much as you will want to make quality items, you will want to craft items that will be a boon to the wearer. Enchanting your tailored robes will give the wearer a boost that is often what they need to overcome the challenge. You will be able to charge a good price for your wares, and because it covers three classes instead of two you will have a wider range of customers. Guilds will also love to have you because you can keep their damage dealing characters alive in case their tank fails to keep his attention or a mistake is made in combat.


To most effectively make money as a tailor, simply create the best items you can and auction them off. On the way you will be able to sell your less valuable items to the vendors and make a decent profit that way. Another win-win situation.


Focus Craft


Focus Craft makes Bows, Staves, Discs and Scepters for the ranged warriors like Archers and Sorcerers. This can be an extremely profitable profession to choose because you will be supplying yourself with those weapons, and ranged characters are deadly in TERA.


While the advice repeated throughout this guide, that you will find the most success within a group as a Focus Crafter, holds true here, there is also the opportunity to go solo with a ranged character. Archers in particular are able to set traps and fell enemies while still being very nimble, making this a very fun way to make some money if you prefer to play your same solo instead of with others.


To best make gold with Focus Crafting, pay the most attention the quality of the bows you can provide. A lot of people enjoy Archer characters, and at the higher levels they are always looking for a bow with a little more power or deadliness. Make your bows have the highest damage modifiers possible and you will be able to make quite a bit of gold selling them at auction. You will also be able to supply yourself and your guild with deadly weaponry, making your questing and gold farming in dungeons go a lot quicker.


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