TERA Lancer Gold Grinding Tips

Game: Tera
Time: 2023-02-13
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The true tank characters of TERA, this class is built to defend while dealing significant blows of its own. Armed with long spears and shields to help defend their parties, Lancers are a melee class that is meant to be part of group operation.  They can be played solo, however, and if used properly can be very effective for gold farming. No more countless hours of boring grinding and farming gold. Our marketplace has players waiting for you to buy TERA gold right now! 


TERA Lancer Gold Grinding Tips


Using a Lancer as the object of fury for a Boss is a great strategy for taking them down and is the key to allowing Bosses to be conquered. There is no party for the dungeons and dealing with the larger Bosses without a Lancer character, thus making it the ultimate team player character. You will sacrifice glory in order to be the one to takes the blows for the rest of the squad. Skills like Stand Fast will enable you to go toe to toe with huge Bosses and make their attacks look irrelevant as you battle on. Pledge of Protection is another spell that will come in handy when facing a mob. Pledge of Protection will absorb damage done to other team members and inflict it on you instead, allowing them to live another day while you use your larger store of hit points and toughness to stay alive yourself. Also able to deal some damage with a lance, this character can be a real money maker as an irreplaceable part of the team. This can also be an excellent way to collect your fair share of the loot, as without you there would be no loot for anyone.


When battling a Boss with a Lancer, deft defense is a priority over the offense. The rest of your squad will be dealing out the damage, it is your job to stay alive and distract the Boss from going after them. Lancers have a large shield and are also able to dodge attacks, meaning you will live a lot longer if you are successful at this. Learning your shouts, which will throw enemies off balance, will enable you to take advantage of your brain as well as your muscle. Let your combat moves do your talking for you and keep Bosses off balance with a strong mixture of attack and defend. Maxing out your aggro with skills is a way to keep the Boss's attention on you, and this is where becoming excellent at defense comes into play. As you engage a Boss, you will learn his signs and begin to figure out how he will attack you next. Using this information you can understand the best time to stand your ground or to get out of the way. This can also be invaluable information to your group, as they will be susceptible to a quick death should they not know when to avoid an area damage attack by the Boss.


Lancers have an initial ability to regain mana that is especially important at the beginning stages. Performing combo one will strike your enemies three times quickly, and give you a mana boost for each blow. Use this to keep your mana up and your hit point filled. Having this extra boost early in the game will make it easy to take on gold acquiring tasks like mobs by yourself. Be aware, though, that lancers do not have horizontal attack, meaning they will only strike enemies directly in front of them. The best way to take advantage of this combo is to aggro a mob of enemies and bunch them in front of you by circling around them. Most monsters will be slower than you, even though lancers are one of the slowest movement characters in the game. Do NOT allow the mob to get behind you, as you will no longer be protected by your giant shield and you will not be able to do any damage to the monsters.


One unique ability you will need to take advantage of as Lancer centers around the quickness of TERA's combat engine Remembers it is real time fighting, with you deciding each move you make. Lancers will always be in the thick of things when fighting in a dungeon or taking on a mob of monsters. Because of this, you will need to be able to adapt on the fly as a Lancer and use their unique ability to perform a quick cast.


While you are performing an aggro shout that will focus a Boss's attention on you, you can also queue up another ability such as your Block ability. This will allow you to get the enemy's attention and then immediately absorb any attack he inflicts on you. While most characters in the game have to wait for their current ability to be cast, your Lancer character will be able to stack skills on top of each other so that you can better survive the assault you are sure to be facing. You especially want to take advantage of this ability when fighting mobs in a group. When your group encounters a large number of enemies, the majority of them would be sitting ducks if you were not around to take all the damage for them. You can keep the attention of the mob by using your aggro skills, but then immediately defend yourself against their attacks. This will keep your group alive as they inflict damage on all the monsters enraged at you from your aggro shouts.


Because your Lancer is a warrior built for defense first, one of the abilities you will most need to take advantage of is Counter. This ability will be available after you block an opponent's blow with your shield, and will instantly inflict two blows on them after. Akin to a boxer blocking a blow and then taking advantage of the opening his opponent has left him by attacking, Counter will enable you to defend yourself with skill and be rewarded with a damaging assault on your enemy. Use this skill when soloing mobs by yourself for gold and loot. You will be able to keep your hit points intact while being able to kill your enemies at the same time. Combine this with the Debilitate skill that will lower monsters endurance, giving you more power with your strikes.


So in order to make the most gold the easiest way with a Lancer, it is time to work as a team. You will be an invaluable member of your group, as somebody has to go toe to toe with the giant Bosses you will be taking on. Working as a group will lead to some really good loot drops from the dungeons, and you will be able to accumulate gold at a quick pace this way. Sharing the gold will cost you, but the amount you will be able to make will make it more than worth it to team up because of how much faster you will be able to tackle tough quests and dungeons.


If you are more of a loner type and prefer to play the game solo, then take advantage of your ability to face directly up with your enemies. To make the most gold in the least amount of time without the help of a group, simply round up mobs using your aggro abilities and get them all attacking you from directly in front of you. Then use your combo abilities to keep your mana up while unleashing assaults on them. Make sure to keep your blocking skills sharp as this will allow you to deftly fight opponents in large groups and to stay alive long enough to vanquish them and collect the gold.