TERA: Bosses and Monsters for Item and Gold Farming

Game: Tera
Time: 2023-02-13
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Quests and boss hunts are a fun and challenging way to collect gold and XP if you'd rather fight for your loot than craft for it. They require skill and the ability to remain calm and execute a strategy to the end. Some monsters and bosses are worth more in terms of XP and gold/loot. In order to maximize your results and get the most out of fighting these creatures, what follows is a simple guide to the ones most worth your time and effort. From dungeons to what levels these monsters are best for gold farming, this will help build your bankroll quickly. First a list of monsters for item and gold farming at the early levels, then a look at the bosses that are the best value for the effort.


TERA: Bosses and Monsters for Item and Gold Farming


Levels 1-5


Ghilliedhu  -  "Island  of  Dawn"

These spiked and fearsome creatures drop level two armor and are a quick way to upgrade your equipment right from the get-go. Their base gold drop is also a good way to get a small bankroll going.


Stonebreak Raider - " Island of Dawn"

Small creatures that drop level 2 fabric that can be valuable to your own future crafting or by selling it to material hungry crafting players.


Levels 6-10


Orcan Raiders - " Island of Dawn"

These brutes are just as you would imagine from the name. They are medium-sized opponents with green skin and great value. Glory Rings found in their loot will provide crystal strengthening, making your power even stronger and thereby helping you gather even more resources.


Prowling Cosmos - " Island of Dawn"

Found amongst the loot from these two headed creatures is Pierce Energy. Also, a loot item that will make future attacks more powerful, this can help you start putting together a real arsenal of power to deal with more difficult and high-level monsters.


Levels 11-15


Runekeepers  " Island  of  Dawn"

These creatures offer a good amount of XP for the lower levels while dropping both weapons and sellable/craftable items. Very good for upgrading your equipment as you advance into the levels, their base gold drop will also have a positive impact on your finances.


Levels 16-20


Cunning Araki - Carson Sen' ya roar of Arukania

Large Creatures meant for tackling at level 20+ are a steady stream of gold and drop worthwhile amulets.


After reaching level 20 you will be able to start running dungeons and taking on Big Ass Monsters (BAM) for the majority of your gold acquiring. Some of these BAM's and Dungeon spawns will produce a great value for you.


BAMs or Bosses are found at the end of dungeons and provide the best loot and experience points. As the first of these available to you at level 20, the Bastion of Lokis an instanced dungeon guarded by everything from imps to a bound Golem with distinctive attacks of its own. At the end of this dungeon, you will find the Bloodbound Vulcan. This Boss is a massive creature with wings and overlarge tusks. He requires fairly powerful tank character to slow down while the rest of the party blasts away and heals. A tip for taking down the Bloodbound Vulcan: beware when his health hits ten percent. The sorcerer Murdranak will appear at this time and start some major spell casting. Just be aware that it is going to happen and make sure you are keeping your tank healed as you work on the last bits of the Bloodbound Vulcan's hit points. This dungeon is meant to be done by groups of five players. The Bloodbound Vulcan drops a ton of loot, with good chances of seeing a brutal breastplate or a Bloodstrike lance for your tank character.


Sinestral Manor is the next dungeon you will be able to access and is particularly valuable because it has three (or four, if you wish) bosses to loot. Kagaron is an optional boss that you will encounter after defeating his guard of Lokians and wraths. He is one solid performance away from killing and his loot is very much worth the time. On rare occasions, he will drop the very valuable weapon or armor crystals.


Defended by vampires and other creatures of the night, the first boss you will have to face off against is Duchess Tirania. Beware of her breath which will kill players without significant armor, and make sure to defeat all the vampire minions she summons so they cannot slowly kill you while dealing with her. Use your tank character to keep her attention with a series of assaults, and keep him/her well healed as this is a dangerous opponent.


Duke Volperon is next. Healers will be the most important factor in defeating him, as he has more than one assault that can deal death quickly. His Blood Curse acts like a seven-second fuse that will take all of your hit points if healers do not relieve you of the malady. Do not underestimate Duke Volperon and make sure you have a firm plan established before taking him on.


Finally, there is Malgarios. A very strong bloodclaw arachnen, Malgarios has telltale signs that will allow you to defeat him. His roar means an area strike is coming, and it is best to keep your distance. This means that ranged units will have to be aware of their spacing as the tanks engage in hand to hand combat. Flashing red eyes mean that he has picked at target and is about to attack it with all his might. While all three Bosses provide a good quantity of loot and gold, conquering Malgarios provides an excellent haul. A medium chance of finding a Pendant of  Three Sins with a great attack modifier is complemented with a spate of weaponry and equipment for all classes.


At level 30 you will be ready for the halls of Utterdarkand the Boss Hydrath Demon. To defeat this boss you will need to be aware of her attacks and weaknesses. Use Evasive Roll to get behind her and hit her hard. Her eyes blinking is an indication of a big attack coming but this can be taken advantage of by attacking while the blinking is happening. There is a short window while it happens and it can be exploited. Combo moves, if you are a melee character, will throw her off her attack and deal the most damage. If you happen to be one of the lucky ones who pick up one of her Slingfire Stud drops you will be able to put in the earring and enjoy the balance and defense modifiers it provides you.


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