TERA Dreadspire PVE Guide

Game: Tera
Time: 2023-02-13
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TERA Dreadspire PVE Guide


The popular Dreadspire, is back and better than ever with a fresh set of improvements. First let's go over what Dreadspire is, as well as how Dreadspire is fundamentally different from any content we've had so far. (This guide is not complete at the moment). The data is from Essential Mana to share with U4gm users, we paste it here.



Dreadspire is a dungeon that has 10 Floors, on each floor you wil fight a single boss. Each of these bosses are buffed up versions of the same boss we've seen before. For example from Hard Mode Dungeons, Raids or perhaps you've seen them in the previous Dreadspire. Unlike the 3 previous Dreadspires, there is no "Lowers" and "Uppers". It's just the 10 floors we talked about.


The biggest difference is that when your party wipes, you do not just go back in and try again where you left off. In this dungeon, if your party fails you get teleported out of the dungeon and will have to start over. Only if you have another entry tho, you lose your entry when you fail.


The ways in which you can fail are the following


Your party all dies.

You did not meet the timer.

You failed one of the main boss mechanics.


As for boss mechanics we'll go over each one individually on each specific boss.


An important part about this dungeon is that each boss usually starts with one of their most annoying attacks the moment they spawn.


Another difference between normal dungeons and Dreadspire is the fact that you constantly have a debuff that reduces your HP every 2 seconds, depending on how far into the run you are.


Stage 1 – 3: 5% per 2 seconds

Stage 3 – 6: 7% per 2 seconds

Stage 7 – 9: 9% per 2 seconds

Stage 10: 10% per 2 seconds


The reason not all 10 bosses are completed is because it takes a lot of time to get gifs from each and every boss and we honestly don't think the higher floors require a guide as we doubt parties will get to those floors any time soon.

Floor 1: Akasha

HP: 3,368,326,731


Akasha is your typical Crab BAM type. Even if you have never fought Akasha before, his basic attacks are a lot like every other Crab boss. If you recognize these then you'll have a small advantage over players that have never done these bosses.

An example of a recent Crab Boss is the first boss in Red Refuge, Kalavese.


This boss has a mechanic where he needs to be stunned at certain times or else he'll summon clones, more about this in Key Mechanics.


Akasha has a built in passive effect where it gains 0.1% of it's max HP per second. Which pretty much means it heals for 3.3 million hp every second.


Important note:

This mostly goes for healers, but is not limited to them: In Key Mechanics we'll go over a certain mechanic in which Akasha spawns little mobs. If you bring Sky Lotus Drink, which can be obtained by opening Bamarama Boxes, it will give you a margin of error. More about this in Key Mechanics.


Normal Attacks



Simple 1-hit attack.

You can recognize this by him crossing his arms.


One Two

Simple 2-hit attack.

You can recognize this by looking at him raise his hands above his head.


Two Four

Simple 2-hit attack.

You can recognize this by him putting his hands into an X-shape in front of him.



Simple spin attack.

You can recognize this by the boss spinning to the side, then spinning back.


Sideways Charge

Boss turns followd by Blockable Charge.

You can recognize this by him turning his entire body 90 degrees clockwise.


Special Attacks



Blockable Charge



Not Blockable, AoE attack.

You can recognize this by his eyes glowing red.



Not Blockable, AoE attack.

You can recognize this by the boss lifting up his butt, followed by his eyes glowing red.


Charge and Spin

The boss either charges twice to the front or he backsteps.

Followed by a spin that hits the back, and then the front.

Getting hit by this spin will cause a knock back and then the boss will target someone who got hit.


Key Mechanics



A text indicator will show up on the screen saying: "Akasha summons a large army."

This mechanic happens every 20% hp, starting at 90%. So that's at 90/70/50/30% Boss hp.

Akasha will then summon a lot of baby spiders. To deal with this mechanic the healer should cast a few heals so that the baby spiders aggro onto them, then the DPS and healer should kill them. This can be done by kiting around the babies behind the boss.


Important Note:

These baby spiders don't necessarily do a lot of damage but they have a very high stagger chance. Which means if you have several of them attacking you, you die. As mentioned in the Introduction, using a Sky Lotus Drink will make you immune to these staggers and allow you to walk/iframe away from these spiders. This can possibly save you as a healer and thus saving the run.


Clone Mechanic

The boss will gain a buff that needs to be removed by stunning the boss. There's a 3 second time period to stun the boss, failure to do so will cause the boss to summon 3 clones of himself. Which will then do one of the 3 attacks listed under Special Attacks. All of these attacks can be iframed but stunning is just that much easier.


The idea is to stun the boss but since not every class has a stun available, for example Priest. It is also possible to sleep the boss using Ishara's Lullaby.

Floor 2: Baphomet

HP: 4,926,643,709


His name is Baphomet because, apparently, the first version of this boss type is found in a leveling instance called "Batu Desert". However this is just a reskin of Kaprima (last boss of Vault of Kaprima) and Balbatos (last boss of Broken Prison). He does lean a bit more towards Kaprima because he does the snake attack for example.


For this dungeon I suggest bringing Rejuvenation Potions, we'll go over this in Key Mechanics but the idea is that the Pentagram Attack that the boss does. Deals 100% of your max HP a damage, this means that a Kaias or a Thrall of Protection from the healer allows you to facetank and live. However there's the constant damage being dealt from the debuff. The timing on the shield and hp being full needs to be on point for this, thus you should bring pots. Rejuvenation Potions will allow you to pop it a bit early and still be full health when you need it. (Note: If you mess this up, you lose your entry)


When this boss is enraged, all of his attacks do significantly less damage. Around half the damage he does compared to when he's unenraged.


The first attack Baphomet does is the Tankbuster or Swipe mechanic.


Normal Attacks


Simple 1-Attack hit

Baphomet swipes his scythe across the tank.


Front Back

Baphomet hits the tank and then hits behind him.


Special Attacks


Double Tap

Baphomet hits the tank by slamming the back of his weapon on the ground. Followed by a not blockable, but iframable attack in front of the boss.


Breath into Spin

Baphomet breathes something on the tank and then puts his weapon down to spin behind him



Baphomet's eyes glow red, followed by a swipe to the front. As well as an unblockable hit after which stuns the tank. Followed up by a strong attack in the front that's blockable but does bleed, iframe to the side on the second attack.

In the gif you see the warrior use Torrent of Blows, with this you still bleed through the block.


When the boss is enraged, this last attack can be blocked and it will barely hurt.


Baphomet often follows up this attack by doing the above mentioned Double Tap.


Key Mechanics




A well known mechanic from Vault of Kaprima, to the people who have done this dungeon before. This snakehead mechanic is slightly different this time around.

Baphomet will give someone a debuff that lasts 10 seconds, when these 10 seconds it will spawn a Snakehead on that person. This debuff will also slow you for 50% over the 10 second duration.

If you stay mobile you can avoid getting stuck in this (note: A priest can pull you out of it).

To tell who gets targeted by the Snakehead you have to check if he's enraged or not.

Enrage: Closest

Non Enrage: Furthest Away


Getting stuck in a Snakehead will deal constant damage to you and you will not be able to move out, giving you the following debuff.


These snakeheads will be used for the next mechanic, because these two mechanics don't line up after another. Getting stuck in a Snakehead in a Mystic party, or when playing a healer, means you can't do much for a bit.



A text message will show up on the screen saying: "Finally, all is complete".

This means the boss will do his pentagram attack which was mentioned in Introduction.

This pentagram attack can be avoided by standing behind the Snakehead, by the word "behind" we mean having the Snakehead in between you and Baphomet.


This attack does 100% of your hp as damage, which means that if you have a shield you can survive this attack without getting behind the Snakehead. Iron Will, Kaia's Shield or Thrall of Protection are all possible ways to survive.


Important Note:

If you do it like this, the shield has to casted at the very last second due to the passive which does percent based damage per second.

Or you could use a lancer's Divine Protection to avoid this.



A text message will show up on the screen, either he says "You are nothing to my power" or "Worthless…"

Just like other Kaprima bosses, he does either a small or a big AoE(where close it safe) around him.

Go to the safe zone or iFrame.

Iframing when she's about to stomp her foot on the ground.


To tell whether or not you are safe close to the boss is dependent on which message shows up.

"You are nothing to my power" means you are safe close to the boss.

"Worthless…" means you are not safe near him.



Kaprima will fly backwards and then pull everyone into him. If after this animation ends someone is stunned by the pull he will do a whirlwind attack.


Important about this sentence is the fact that it does the whirlwind if someone is stunned after the animation ends.

If you can cleanse yourself using brooch or a healer cleansing fast then you can avoid the whirlwind attack

Both Priest and Mystics have a trick up their sleep for this mechanic, they can cast Guardian Sanctuary and Corruption Ring respectively and then instantly cleanse the party members. By doing this the healers will not get dragged in and can still cast their cleanse.


Floor 3: Dakuryon

HP: 4,001,030,783


The good old Dakuryon that many might remember from either Shadow Sanguinary or Velik's Sanctuary. The main difference between the old Dakuryon and the new one is that he will do 4 swipes no matter what.

This boss, like always does his "Gathering Power" mechanic where he gains attack speed as well as attack damage the lower hp he is. This makes stuff like his swipes a lot faster and really requires people to be familiar with them.


Normal Attacks


Simple 1-Attack hit

A simple 1-hit Attack


Simple 1-Attack hit

A simple 1-hit Attack


Special Attacks



The boss targets one playing with a circle which needs to be walked out of and then iramed. Compared to the old circles, this one goes under every single party member.

This is also the ress bait on this boss so you want to avoid doing this because it requires our entire party to reposition and iframe.



This is the mechanic he starts the boss fight with. Sometimes he will do a backstep after this followed by the same attack.


More Power…

The boss gets down on the ground and "More… I need… more power"

This happens every 25% of the boss fight, so 75%, 50% and 25%. The boss gets significantly faster and stronger as these buffs stack up.



The boss starts spinning his sword around and then does swipes. With a text message saying "I will rip you apart!".

If you're familiar with the old swipes then it's not that much different, except that it will always do 4 swipes. Rather than the old 3 that we are used to. The 4th swipe is pretty much instant.

For the people new to this you can tell which side he's gonna swipe by which side he holds his weapon, or by how he places it down. He either places it down vertically or diagonally

From the back it's easy to tell cause you just go to the side where the back side of his weapon is, he might do back slam but you can iframe this.

From the front, if he places his weapon down diagonally then you go to the right and expect a front slam and if he places it down vertically you go to the left side.



He will swipe every side once, so once he does a certain swipe you know it won't happen again. At the same time by exclusion you know which ones are left.


Key Mechanics



The boss smashes his weapon down twice in a row and after the second hit he will target the one closest to him and put a debuff on them. Taking this debuff twice will kill said person.

Make sure to rotate this debuff around.


Pizza Cage

The boss will summon mobs around the map, followed by the cage mechanic. Failure to kill these mobs will cause them to change into mobs that shoot annoying balls around the map.


This cage is slightly different from the cage that people are used to.

While the patterns are the same as the old cage as well as the tells, which won't be covered here.

You now gain 5 debuffs on your debuff, each having either a red or a blue color. Each representing one of the 5 hits of the cage.

You have to do the cage according to the debuffs colors you have.

If you have a Red debuff you get hit by the red indicator.

If you have a Blue debuff you avoid the red indicator.


Blood Cage

There will be a text indicator on the screen saying: "Dakuryon uses the power of the Bloodshard!"

The boss smashes his weapon down twice in a row, just like on the retargeting mechanic. Instead of putting a debuff on someone, he'll go into his cage same as the Pizza Cage mechanic.

Floor 4: Meldita

5,016,748,351 hp


Rejoice, some of the most annoying mechanics in this boss are gone, such as the jellyfish!

The other mechanics still as annoying though.


The way to tell most of Melditas basic attacks is by looking at his "arms" the way he moves next to his body are the tells for his atacks.

The main priority for this boss is dealing with the worms effectively as soon as they spawn. We'll go over these in Key mechanics.


Normal Attacks



Simple 1-hit attack.



Simple 2-hit attack.



Meldita starts a "walking animation" and then attacks the tank.



Meldita charges at the boss.


Special Attacks


Front Back (big)

Meldita attacks the front and then throws a big aoe behind itself.


Front Back (multiple small)

Meldita attacks the front and then throws multiple small aoes behind itself.



Meldita targets a player and after a slight delay, throw an AoE at them. You can tell the timing by when Meldita opens his eyes and goes into the spin. Iframe when he opens his eyes.



Meldita targets the furthest player and starts charging a laser. The timing for the iframe is when Meldita opens like a clam, his sides begin expanding.

If you are a healer and don't know the timing for this mechanic, you can get far away from the boss and outrange it.



Meldita moves backwards and then shoots a laser to the front and then to his left, followed by a laser to his right. This means the healer should not stand directly to the side of the boss and for the most part this is irrelevant for DPS.


However, when you are running around the map to kill the worms, you might get caught off guard by this attack.

Taldek, the ARTIST, made an amazing drawing to illustrate what this looks like.


Circles and Donuts

Meldita gets on his feet and uses expanding donuts around itself, this is not lethal but iframing/blocking would avoid the damage completely. Especially because of the high knock down chance when you get hit by this.

There is a close range and a high range version of this attack.


Key Mechanics



Meldita moves backwards and then shoots a laser to the front and then to his left, followed by a laser to his right. This means the healer should not stand directly to the side of the boss and for the most part this is irrelevant for DPS.


However, when you are running around the map to kill the worms, you might get caught off guard by this attack.

Taldek, the ARTIST, made an amazing drawing to illustrate what this looks like.


360 Laser into Worms

This happens at 95% and is on a 90 second cooldown.

The boss will sit down on the ground and give a text message saying "Taste this!"

After a moment he will fire a laser in front of him then he starts rotating clockwise, killing everyone who gets hit. For the people who have never done a real Meldita fight but died to them randomly during BAM events. This is the attack that most likely killed you several times.


To deal with this as a tank, you move slightly to the right so that you don't get hit by the first part of the laser. Then you can either move back to the center and iframe it when it comes back. Or you can choose to move a bit more to the left so it stops before it reaches you.

As a dps you are going to have to iframe this as it reaches you.


During this attack, Meldita will start spawning a couple of worms around the map. It is very important that you kill these as quickly as possible because if you do not, the worms will multiply.

These worms fire projectiles at Meldita that heal if they reach it. You want to get in between the Worms and Meldita to avoid healing the boss, it does deal some damage though.