All Types of Passes In FC 24

Game: FC 24
Time: 2023-12-15
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FC 24 have several ways to create offense out on the pitch. One of those way is passing. The game has revolutionized the game with a wide range of passing techniques, each designed to improve strategy and execution on the field. In this article, we explore the different types of passes and how each can be used to maximize your playing opportunities.

1. Driven Pass

Using R1/RB + X/A allows you to execute a powerful along-the-ground pass that will swiftly change the point of attack by moving the opposition from side to side. This should leave space for you to exploit, provided you can do this quickly enough. This is essential to maintain tempo and create opportunities.

2. Ball Roll Pass

The Ball Roll Pass is a skill move in FC 24 that allows a player to execute a smooth and controlled ball roll while passing the ball. To initiate the ball roll, use the right analog stick. Depending on the direction you want to perform the ball roll, the player will start rolling the ball in that direction. While the player is performing the ball roll, initiate a pass by pressing the regular pass button (typically 'X' on PlayStation or 'A' on Xbox). The timing is crucial to ensure a smooth transition from the ball roll to the pass. This move is often used to evade defenders and maintain possession of the ball.

3. One-Two Pass

It’s a lightning-fast move where you pass the ball to a teammate, then sprint ahead to receive it back. This is your go-to move for breaking through tough defenses & making a straight run for the goal. Hold down the L1 button on PS (or LB for Xbox) and press the pass button. Use the left analog stick to aim your pass just right. After the pass, your player should start making a move, either finding some open space or heading towards the goal. Then, Hit that X/A button again to pass it back to the first player. It looks like a breeze, but trust me, it takes practice to master!

4. Precision Passing

Precision passing in FC 24 is a new feature that uses a cursor to pinpoint the exact path of the ball. This allows players to have the ability to target any spot on the field and accurately pass the ball. It essentially gives players more control over the trajectory of their pass. You can hold R1 on PlayStation or RB on Xbox to complete it, which is ideal for breaking predictable patterns and surprising the opponent.

5. Through Pass

A through pass is a long pass aimed at getting the ball deep behind defenders, reaching an attacking player and creating a scoring opportunity. On Xbox, press the Y button; on PlayStation, press the Triangle button to execute a through pass. Some in-game challenges, like the RTTK Gio Reyna, may specifically demand assists with through balls, making it important to be proficient in this skill to accomplish objectives and earn rewards.

6. Swerve Passing

Swerve passing typically refers to a passing technique where a player imparts a spin or curve on the ball, causing it to deviate from a straight path. This technique is often employed to bypass defenders, reach a teammate more accurately, or create goal-scoring opportunities. The spin on the ball can make it more challenging for opponents to intercept. It is executed by holding down L2 on PlayStation or LT on Xbox while passing.

7. First Time Through Ball

This refers to a pass played directly and immediately into open space for a teammate to run onto without controlling the ball first. This type of pass is executed swiftly, often in one fluid motion, without the player receiving the ball taking a touch to control it. The intent is to exploit open space behind the defensive line, creating a goal-scoring opportunity. It requires precise timing and is done with L1 + Triangle on PS or LB+Y on Xbox.

Each of these passes offers a unique tool to unlock defenses, create space and surprise opponents. Mastering these techniques in FC 24 will give you a significant advantage on the field and make your game more dynamic and strategic.