Trading in FC 24 - What's New?

Game: FC 24
Time: 2023-09-19
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FC 24 is around the corner, and it will bring some massive changes. In this article, we are showing you the three major changes and how it will possibly impact the transfer market.

Position changes

Many trading mechanics rely on changing the position of a player. This year there isn’t a possibility to change the position of a player with a modifier card, since all players will have a second position which will optimize automatically if you switch your card to the position. In this case an important mechanic gets lost but at the same time something new opens up for us. It will be important to analyze the 2nd position of player cards to trade with them effectively for SBCs.

Icons are back

The most iconic cards of Ultimate Team will be optimized in giving chemistry! Icons will grant more chemistry which makes them more useful in building your best team. From the trading aspect it’s even more interesting, because when players use Icons more in their teams now, methods like Icon trading will be more valuable again.

Release date

The start of our new Ultimate Team season is different in comparison to the last years. Instead of getting early access about 5 days after the WebApp release with pre-order, we can dive in the following day this year. More packs and more cards in less time which will be listed on the market.

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