How You Can Actually Get Better in FC 24 with A Clear Mentality

Game: FC 24
Time: 2023-10-26
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It has been some time since FC 24 was released and naturally everybody wants to learn new things in the game, become better and get successful results. However, we don't always achieve what we aim for and sometimes the progress we want takes longer than we hope for. We wanted to give you this article that explains how you should handle problems in FC 24. Because if you look at the problems from the wrong perspective.


So what is the problem, do you know that? I can hear you say 'I am stuck in Division x and even if I play further I can't get through anything. I am simply stuck and nothing works for me.' Do you really think that being stuck at a flag mark in a certain division is the actual problem? Obviously not. Because you are thinking more of winning or losing games instead of being able to do certain mechanics or failing at them.

Once a new game comes out there will be new mechanics, a new meta and it can take quite some time to get used to it. As a usual elite player, I was stuck in division 2 for days, even if I tryharded. I had the same idea as well, nothing was working out for me. But then I asked myself the most important question: 'What am I doing wrong?'

You also have to ask yourself 'Why did I win or why did I lose this game'. Because only this way you can find your strengths and weaknesses. What can you do about it?


First, be calm and don't blame the game. We are all playing the same game and we are all having the same difficulties. This is a very big mental block if you are always blaming the game and not identifying your own mistakes.

Be open-minded to new things. There is always room for improvement. You can record your games using different features of your given consoles and watch the replays. Especially the games you most struggle in. During the game, you don't realize your mistakes, but if you watch them right afterward, you will have a neutral and better overview on what you can improve.

Get rid of your bad habits. As an example; sprinting too much. You know you shouldn't do that, but you can't get your fingers off of that sprinting button. If you know it is bad for you, force yourself and don't do it.

Don't compare FC 24 to real football. I know, it's still indeed football. But thinking about real football and thinking with the real football mentality will go on hard on you. It is in the end a video game, which has strong mechanics, a META. So focus on that point.

Understanding the core mechanics > winning games. Always have that mental. Once you master the mechanics, the wins will come your way automatically.

And finally, don't go too hard on yourself. On some days you might play bad or be unlucky, but try to motivate yourself for the next one. If you have a strong mentality and combine it with your eagerness to learn new things you will always have the opportunity to become better in FC 24.

Do you know what way you can improve? You can take a look at the services we provide, which may be able to help you.