FC 24 Controller Settings Guide (In-depth)

Game: FC 24
Time: 2023-09-27
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FC 24 Controller settings


FC 24 Controller settings are important. Yet so many creators go ahead and bang out the same guide on day one of the new game without even testing anything. We do things different here and are now giving you our in-depth opinion on all the settings after extensive testing! Friendly reminder, we are selling FC 24 coins. If you have a purchasing need, please feel free to buy.

Complete Settings Overview:


Competitive Master Switch: Competitive

Shot Assistance: Precision / Assisted

Timed Finishing: On

Through Pass Assistance: Semi

Lobbed Through Pass: Semi

Ground Pass Assistance: Assisted

Cross Assistance: Semi

Lob Pass Assistance: Semi / Assisted

Pass Receiver Lock: Late

Precision Pass Sensitivity: Normal / High

Clearance Assistance: Directional

Defending: Advanced Defending (Experienced players) / Tactical Defending (Beginners)

Pass Block Assistance: On

Auto Switching: Air Balls / Manual

Auto Switching Move Assistance: Low

Right Stick Switching: Classic

Right Stick Switching Reference: Player Relative

Right Stick Switching Sensitivity: 4-5

Next Player Switching: Classic

Player Lock: On

Icon Switching: Off

Orbit Dribbling: On / Off (Depending on if you use it)

Save Assistance: Assisted (Doesn't apply in FUT)

Analog Sprint: Off

Trigger Effect: Off

User Vibration Feedback: Off