FC 24 Ultimate Team Trading Guide: First Login

Game: FC 24
Time: 2023-09-21
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First login, that's how you shall act.

- Collect your first club packs and pick a top 5 popular nation.  
- Open your "welcome-back" packs (If you receive some).  
- Sell every non-meta player which is worth more than 500 coins.  
- Discard worthless cards in order to gain about 300 coins per card.  
- Keep meta players in your club - They will rise soon.

What to do with the first cards?

On your first login you'll receive "welcome-back" packs if you played FUT23 before on this account. These packs include tradeable FUT cards which determine your first budget in FC 24. In the first step you should compare the prices of your packed cards on the transfer market. It's important to look at the cards & how they truly get sold on the market at this early stage. If you got a card outside of the top 5 leagues or popular nations, I recommend selling this one via discard. You'll receive about 300 coins for discarding a non rare gold card, which is fine, because nobody is in need to buy unpopular cards at this early stage of the game. You generate FC 24 coins instantly & can work yourself ahead. In the worst case you could end up with 3.000-5.000 coins which is totally fine to start trading.


Top 5 leagues

Premier League (ENG) 
LaLiga Santander (ESP) 
Serie A (ITA) 
Bundesliga (GER) 
Ligue 1 (FRA)


Popular nations



What if I pack something great?

If you pack something outstanding, I recommend you hold these cards until the full release of the game, because they will rise in value. From the beginning the market will rise very fast because of the coin injection from every side. People are opening "welcome back packs", getting their preorder 4.600 FIFA points or loading up points themselves. The curve of supply and demand will rise extremely fast, especially prices of popular players will rise immediately. While opening packs, they're injecting FC 24 coins in the market because they simply generate them from discarding some of the objects. Next to that even players which don't open packs are injecting FC 24 coins in the market because they earn them from playing games. The purchasing power rises and that's where the prices increase.