FC 24 Trailblazers Rodrygo Review

Game: FC 24
Time: 2023-10-18
Views: 83
Trailblazers Rodrygo

With the Trailblazers Event, Rodrygo received a brand new card with a new playstyle+ and we want to give you if you need to spend FC 24 coins on him in this early stage of the game.

Pace & Dribbling

Rodrygo feels so quick with his new card. Compared to his gold card he also received the quickstep playstyle, which allows him to accelerate faster. With his agility he can execute skill moves very quickly and can get rid off the defenders easily.


I must say, I didn't expect too much in case of passing as I finished passing but he can deliver hard passes surprisingly. His ability to give the ball the curve it needs allows him to deliver both short and long passes. He is way to capable beyond my expectations.


With the new card, he received a playstyle+, First Touch. That means he is more capable of controlling the ball with the first touch on the ball even if it is a hard one. See in examples how fast he can do the first timed turns and gets away from the defender!


Even if he came as a striker, I believe his shooting is not that strong. Even with the green-timed finishings I experienced that he lacks the strong touch on that area. Therefore, not my first scoring choice.


Rodrygo can be the perfect winger at the start of the game. He is very easy to link in your squad. Even though he seems a bit expensive, you will manage to do him for cheaper with the untradables you get. No second doubts.

My personal recommendation: Don't miss this SBC.