COD MW3 Zombies Act 3 Mission Best Completion Tips

Game: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3
Time: 2023-11-24
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Through a large amount of information collection, U4GM compiled a guide about MW3 Zombies Act 3 Mission, giving the best way to complete each mission, including How to Defeat Stormcaller and how to complete the aether shroud faster mission killing mercenaries part.


1. Mission 1: Two-Factor Authentication

   - Objective: Complete a Defend Ground Station Contract. Collect data from three seismic refractors and activate a server to start the upload. Maintain the computer's health above 60% and kill 20 mercenaries during the contract.


Task tips: 
1. Defend Ground Station Contract: Collect data from three seismic refractors and activate a server to start the upload. This will put you into a 2-minute-45 lockdown, where you'll face a ton of zombies and mercenary AI. 
2. Maintain the computer's health above 60%: Keep an eye on your computer's health during the lockdown. By the time the timer reaches zero, the computer's health needs to be above 60%. 
3. Kill 20 mercenaries during the contract: Focus on killing mercenaries while defending the ground station. This will help you complete the contract and maintain the computer's health.


2. Mission 2: Firestarter

   - Objective: Ignite 50 zombies with Napalm Burst ammo mod. Ignite five special zombies with Napalm Burst ammo mod.



Task tips: 
1. To complete this mission, you need to acquire the Napalm Burst ammo mod, which can be found by going into infested strongholds and EAN nests and searching the caches inside. 
2. Once you have the Napalm Burst ammo mod, equip it to your weapon and start killing zombies. The mod won't go off every time you shoot, so it's best to train up the zombies and burst a little bit of your ammo into them before reloading and firing some more. 
3. The first part of the mission is to ignite 50 zombies with the Napalm Burst ammo mod. You can do this by going to an XO point, calling it in, and then shooting all of the zombies that spawn to hopefully get them to ignite. 
4. The second part of the mission is to ignite five special zombies with the Napalm Burst ammo mod. A guaranteed way to find special zombies is to go into the medium threat area and simply run around. You will come across some of these special zombies, such as Disciples, naturally. Another guaranteed way to get a special zombie via a mimic is to open infested strongholds. When shooting the spores in the stronghold, you will come across a mimic where you can just run it outside and slowly shoot at it to hopefully get the Napalm Burst effect to happen.


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3. Tier 2 Mission: Ghosted

   - Kill 100 zombies with the E-4 Shroud field upgrade. 
   - Kill 20 mercenaries with the Ether Shroud field upgrade.


Task tips: 
1. The "Ghosted" mission is to kill 100 zombies with the E-4 Shroud field upgrade. The guide recommends going to an exfil point, calling it in, and training up the zombies to use the field upgrade efficiently. It's advised to have a Pack-a-Punch level one or two weapons in the low threat zone exfil to ensure quick kills. The E-4 Shroud field upgrade has a short duration, so it's important to maximize its use by killing zombies as quickly as possible.

2. For the aether shroud mission killing mercenaries part, go to a stronghold with a grenade launcher and when opening the safe wait for the helicopter to get near you and then activate the shroud and start shooting inside the helicopter when it’s doors opening. Each time you do this yields 8 mercenary kills.


4. Tier 2 Mission: Alternate Current

   - Objective: Hit 10 mercenaries with the Tesla Storm field upgrade. 


Task tips: 
1. To complete this mission, you need to have the Tesla Storm field upgrade equipped and fully charged. 
2. The easiest way to achieve this is to head to a mercenary camp or stronghold. Upon opening the door, activate the Tesla Storm field upgrade. The lightning from the upgrade will link between the mercenaries, potentially hitting all 10 of them in one activation. 
3. If you don't manage to hit all 10 mercenaries, simply recharge your field upgrade and head to another camp or stronghold to attempt it again. 
4. It's important to note that the Tesla Storm field upgrade links lightning between all operators, so running around the stronghold during its activation may help hit all 10 mercenaries in one sweep.


5. Tier 2 Mission: Most Firepower

   - Objective: Pack-a-punch a weapon to level three, kill 100 zombies with it, and then kill a mega bomb with the level three Pack-a-punch weapon.

Task tips: 
1. To pack-a-punch a weapon to level three, you need to complete a series of contracts that upgrade the weapon's rarity and pack-a-punch level. It's recommended to complete at least two contracts to reach level three. 
2. Once you have the weapon upgraded, locate a suitable spot to set up your weapon, such as near a mercenary camp or a spawn point for zombies. 
3. Place the weapon and start killing zombies. Every 10 zombies you kill will increase your weapon's kill streak, which will in turn increase its rarity and pack-a-punch level. 
4. Continue killing zombies until your weapon reaches level three. 
5. Once your weapon is at level three, relocate to a location where a mega bomb is likely to spawn, such as near a stronghold or a high-traffic area. 
6. Keep an eye out for the mega bomb and use your Pack-a-Punch weapon to destroy it.


For the killing mega bomb mission, you can just do an HVT in a low-threat zone, and it counts. I got a mangler and killed it with a pack3 weapon, and it counted. So for anyone struggling with that, easy way to do it.


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6. Tier 2 Mission: Paint The Target

   - Kill 20 mercenaries with precision air strikes. 
   - Hit a mercenary convoy with a precision air strike.


Task tips: 
1. You need to spend 5,000 points to buy precision air strikes, then go to mercenary camp, where you will see a lot of mercenary. You can get close to the camp, or go to a high place to monitor the mercenary camp. There is no need to enter the camp. Use precision air strikes repeatedly to kill the mercenary until the mission is completed.

2. Finding mercenary convoy is a very time-consuming task because it always appears randomly everywhere. You can quickly search it with a drone. If you're lucky, they'll appear next to you.

3. If you call in a mortar strike or precision airstrike on a camp or convoy and then shround right befre it hits, it makes it much easier and quicker.


7. Tier 2 Mission: Crash and Burn

   - Shoot down 3 Enemy Helicopters



Task tips: 
1. One way to complete the "Crash and Burn" mission is to engage in a "Deliver Cargo" contract, activate the vehicle, and then shoot down the helicopters that spawn while using the vehicle as cover. The helicopters will take some time to destroy due to their health, but this method can be repeated by obtaining another contract and using the same strategy.

2. Another option is to engage in the "EPA Extractor" contract, which spawns a lot of mercenaries and reinforcement helicopters during the mission.

3. Tip for destroying the helicopters, you can do the aether reactors mission and activate the turrets using circuit boards. Those count as well.


8. Tier 3 Missions: Storm the Castle

   - Complete a Merc Camp 
   - Clear a Mercenary Stronghold 
   - Defeat Warlord 
   - Collect Strauss’ Research


Task tips:  
1. Look for a mercenary camp on the map and mark it. Proceed to the camp and eliminate all the AI present there. 
2. Search for the mercenary cache within the camp, which will contain a mercenary stronghold key card. Retrieve the key card and store it in your backpack. 
3. Locate a mercenary stronghold on the map and use the key card to open the stronghold. Clear out all enemies on every floor and drill the safe within the stronghold. 
4. Stay near the safe while zombies and AI spawn to ensure it completely opens. Inside the safe, you will find a fortress key card for Legacy and a ciphered tablet item. 
5. Defeat a warlord, which is a challenging task. It is recommended to spend time completing contracts to upgrade your weapon's Pack-a-Punch level, Rarity, and perks before attempting this mission. 
6. Make your way to Legacy's Fortress, a difficult military base with elite mercenary AI and a helicopter shooting at you upon entry. Slowly enter the fortress, taking out enemies, and open the door using the Legacy Fortress key card. 
7. Once inside the fortress, additional mercenary AI will spawn outside, and there will be AI waiting inside. Take out the additional mercenary AI before proceeding further. 
8. Navigate through the fortress, diffusing mines, taking out AI, and approaching Legacy, the boss, who wields a flaming shotgun and throws incendiary grenades. 
9. Defeat Legacy to obtain Strauss's research item. Note that the mission may be bugged, and there is a chance of Legacy not dropping Strauss's research.


9. Tier 4 Missions: Closing Time

   - Enter the Aether Storm 
   - Kill 50 Zombies inside the Aether Storm 
   - Defeat Stormcaller inside the Aether Storm


Task tips:  
1. The Aether Storm is a significant part of the mission, and it is essential to understand its mechanics and challenges. 
2. The Aether Storm location can be identified on the map as a small nuclear circle, which grows bigger over time as the game progresses. 
3. To fulfill the first part of the mission, you need to enter the Aether Storm. This involves running into the storm area, which triggers the mission objective. 
4. The second requirement is to kill 50 zombies inside the Aether Storm. Inside the storm, the zombies are tier three armored zombies with additional health provided by the storm caller boss, who is a disciple. These zombies are fast and incredibly strong, requiring effective strategies to defeat them. 
5. Using decoy grenades to group up the zombies and then using molotovs has been found to be an efficient method for dealing with the armored zombies inside the storm. The molotovs are particularly effective against these zombies, and there is an ammo cache nearby to refill molotovs. 
6. Once the currently spawned zombies inside the storm are eliminated, it's necessary to run out of the storm to allow the storm caller to spawn more zombies. This process needs to be repeated until 50 zombies are killed inside the Aether Storm. 
7. The final part of the mission is to defeat the storm caller inside the Aether Storm. This is a very challenging task.



How to Defeat Stormcaller? 
1. One approach involves using a Juggernaut kill streak to maximize the time spent in the Juggernaut suit and deal as much damage as possible to the Stormcaller. However, even with one Juggernaut suit, the Stormcaller's health may still be at 50%. 
2. Another method involves using an alternative cheese method, which involves using the "Blood Burner" dark EA bike that spawns randomly in the medium threat zone. By running over zombies with the bike, a field upgrade can be charged. Once the field upgrade is fully charged, driving into the storm and using the field upgrade near the Stormcaller will automatically kill him instantly.


A visual glitch when using the Juggernaut suit within the storm, where there is an unusual amount of purple on the screen, advising players to be aware of this.


For the Aether Storm mission make sure it is in the tier 1 area so the zombies inside are tier 2 type. In Dalek’s gameplay, it was in tier 2 area so the zombies inside were tier 3.


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10. Tier 4 Missions: Spring Cleaning

      - Clear an Infested Stronghold in the High Threat Zone


Task tips:  
1. The Spring Cleaning mission requires players to clear infected strongholds in high-threat areas. This mission sounds very difficult, but in fact, it is not difficult to complete. Before entering a high-threat area, you need to prepare enough decoy grenades. The infected stronghold is actually very small, and the mission can be completed quickly as long as you lure the zombies away. There's an open door upstairs within the stronghold that you can quickly escape from if things get too chaotic. If you're trying to do it solo, it's recommended to bring some self-resurrection kit as the zombies sprint here very quickly.


11. Tier 4 Missions: Holdout

      - Complete an Outlast Contract 
      - Kill 50 Zombies inside the corrupted space 
      - Exfil with the Wunderwaffle DG-2 Plans

Task tips:    
1. This mission is relatively simple. All you need to do is activate an 'Outlast' contract, which can be done at any threat level, once you activate it, go to the zone and activate the PN.

12. Story Mission: Defeat Zakhaev

      - Deploy to Zakhaev’s Stronghold 
      - Cleanse the Exclusion Zone


Task tips:  
1. Upon jumping out of the helicopter, proceed to Zakhaev's facility, where you will encounter a large number of mercenary soldiers and containers containing zombies and special zombies. 
2. There are three different directions you can take to reach Zakhaev's facility, each leading to encounters with AI and zombies hidden within containers. 
3. Inside the facility, you will face mercenary AI on the floor and snipers on the railings above. It's crucial to eliminate these threats before advancing further. 
4. You will be prompted to plant an explosive charge on the Ethereum enrichment device, followed by proceeding to the neutralizer, encountering AI soldiers, grunts, and trip mines along the way. 
5. As you approach the neutralizer, more AI will spawn in on helicopters, which you can choose to take out separately or shoot down.


For the Pack 3 challenge, go to the bridge by the city that leads to high threat and lead the mega abomination to the medium threat to kill it. It makes it much easier.


Since they reduced the number of zombies in the ex files,  the best way to get a lot of zombies is to do the weapon stash contracts. exfils are no longer going to throw hordes at you for free. Raid Weapon Stash, Outlast, and Spore Control contracts will be what you should aim for. Also, any Aether Nests or Infested Strongholds will usually get a good group to spawn.


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