Modern Warfare 3: Optimized Settings

Game: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3
Time: 2023-11-11
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MW3 Optimized Settings

This article about optimized settings for Modern Warfare 3 includes quality optimized, balanced optimized, low optimized, and competitive optimized. You can set it up according to your needs. Let you run the game better. The previous article explains the system requirements on a PC, which you can read.

Optimized Quality Settings

Dynamic Resolution: On (Subjective)

Upscaling/Sharpening: FidelityFX CAS (Subjective)

FidelityFX CAS Strength: 30-100% (Subjective)

Anti-Aliasing: Filmic SMAA T2X

Anti-Aliasing Quality: Normal

VRAM Scale Target: 65-80%

Variable Rate Shading: On

Texture Resolution: Highest VRAM Can Handle

Texture Filter Anisotropic: High

Detail Quality Level: High

Particle Resolution: High (Subjective)

Bullet Impacts: On

Persistent Effects: Off

Shader Quality: Low or Medium (Subjective)

On-Demand Texture Streaming: Off

Streaming Quality: Low

Shadow Quality: Ultra

Screen Space Shadows: High or Off

Ambient Occlusion: Static Objects (GTAO)

GTAO Quality: High

Screen Space Reflections: High or Off

Static Reflection Quality: High

Tessellation: All

Terrain Memory: Max

Volumetric Quality: Medium

Deferred Physics Quality: Off

Weather Grid Volumes: Normal

Water Quality: Off

NVIDIA Reflex Low Latency: On + Boost or Off (Subjective)

Depth Of Field: Off (Subjective)

Word Motion Blur: Off (Subjective)

Weapon Motion Blur: Off (Subjective)

Film Grain: Off (Subjective)


Optimized Balanced Settings

Texture Resolution: Low (Subjective)

Particle Resolution: Low

Shader Quality: Low

Shadow Quality: High

GTAO Quality: Normal

Tessellation: Off

Volumetric Quality: Low

Weather Grid Volumes: Off


Optimized Low Settings

Shadow Quality: Normal

Screen Space Shadows: Off

Ambient Occlusion: Off

Screen Space Reflections: Off


Competitive Settings

Particle Resolution: Low

Ambient Occlusion: Off

Screen Space Reflections: Off

Depth Of Field: Off

Word Motion Blur: Off

Weapon Motion Blur: Off

Film Grain: Off


Optimization Tips

Disable Steam overlay (possibly other overlays too for different launchers/programs) Steam overlay in this game causes lower than expected GPU utilization thus your GPU is not running at full capacity. To do this right click on the game > go to properties > then disable

Next go into your game and go into Audio > Voice Chat > Game Voice Channel > Then select "Friends Only" or "Party Only". If it's set to anything else it will strain your CPU and cause lag spikes, especially the more talking there is like Warzone

Note: Remember to restart your game if changing "Persistent Damage Layers", "Shader Quality" or "Static Reflection Quality" for it to take affect

29% / 47% / 53% Performance Uplift (Depending on preset)