Best Way to Unlock Ray Gun Schematic in MWZ

Game: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3
Time: 2023-11-13
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The zombie world in COD MW3 is a very popular game among players. Players can unlock various Schematics to make weapons in the apocalypse. One of the rarest and hardest to unlock Schematics is the Ray Gun Schematic. U4GM will guide you on how to permanently unlock the Ray Gun Schematic and how to craft the Ray Gun. If you want to get the Ray Gun as quickly as possible, you can check out the MW3 Zombies Boosting in the U4GM mall.


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Ray gun schematic MW3

U4GM MWZ Ray Gun Schematic


Strategies to Unlock Ray Gun Schematic

Playing in the high-threat zone is pretty difficult, and especially doing multiple contracts and killing all types of zombies in here is not going to be easy. You will need to have at least half of the perks in the game as well as a gold Rarity weapon that is triple pack-a-punched, and that requires a lot of MW3 points. You only have a certain amount of time, so it is essential to have a strategy to set yourself up in the game to have the best chances of getting the Ray Gun spawning in with a Ray Gun straight away.


How To Get Ray Gun Schematic.

- Most of the contracts in the high threat zone are eliminated, the Bounty contracts, which are going to spawn in a super powerful boss-These boss should still be pretty difficult but should be manageable and doable, and of course, they have a reward rift at the end that might have the chance of the Ray Gun Schematic.     
- As soon as you finish a contract, before you go to the next one, go to a buy station and literally fill up on armor plates - You can carry about 17 plates, and you're going to be losing a lot of plates.     
- Once you have 10,000 points, it is a good idea to go ahead and buy a Juggernaut kill streak from the buy station so that if you do try a future Bounty contract, you can drop the Juggernaut and mow down the boss.


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Where to find Ray Gun Schematic MW3.

To unlock the Ray Gun Schematic, you need to be in a high-threat area of the map, the third level of difficulty. You need to complete the contract to have any chance of finding the schematics. There are only about four or five different contracts in the high-threat areas, but they keep refreshing once completed. In the bonus rift at the end of the contract, you have a 5% chance of finding the Ray Gun Schematic.


-Spawn in with a weapon that you don't care about losing, so you can choose to use one of your insured weapon slots or Contraband weapon, but regardless, you are going to be trading it away later in the game.     
-Spawn with any Ethereum crystals that you might have in your stash or that you can craft such as Pap 1 or Pap 2 as it's going to make your life a lot easier.     
-Do as many contracts in the low tier Zone as possible so that you have 5,000 points.     
-Get a vehicle, drive into the high-threat zone, and mark one of the wall buys on the TAC map because the wall buys in the high-threat zone are more likely to be gold, which is the highest-tier Rarity weapon in the game.     
-Whatever weapon you get, this will guarantee it will have the highest possible damage out of any weapon in the game and is so much quicker and easier than trying to get your own weapon that you brought it up to that gold Rarity.     
-Once you've got that gold weapon, you want to head back into the medium three and complete as many contracts as many times as possible to try and get enough points to pack-A-punch your weapon three times.     
-You'll also want at least 4,000 points to buy the perk stamina up and speed. This is going to be absolutely crucial for surviving in the high-threat zone.     
-Once you've got that triple Pack-A-Punch on that gold weapon, you are ready to begin farming contracts.


Making Ray Gun

Once you successfully find the Ray Gun Schematic, immediately go into Xfill, and when you return to the menu, go to your Rock Bag Schematic Crafting and Wonder Weapons, and you should see it there. You can craft a Ray Gun during the 48-hour crafting cooldown. If you apply this in-game and spawn, you will have a Ray Gun weapon chest that says equip it to open and get the Ray Gun, and then you can equip the Ray Gun.


Unlock Ray Gun Schematic video tutorial


Unlocking the Ray Gun Schematic in MW3 Zombie World is no easy task, but with the right strategy and techniques, you can increase your chances of finding it. Once you have the Schematic, you can craft a Ray Gun and equip it with many crazy combinations. U4GM hopes this guide to unlocking the Ray Gun will be helpful.


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