MW3 Zombies Act 4 Mission Kill Gorm'gant Complete Guide

Game: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3
Time: 2023-12-08
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Make sure to equip this mission in the main menu before entering your Zombies game. Be prepared for a difficult version of the worm boss fight, so it is advisable to bring a suitable loadout. We recommend using decoy grenades as tactics, thermite or Semtex as lethal, and playing in a team of three for optimal results. It would be best if you have Golden Armor Plate's Classified Schematics, which can provide you with reliable protection in fierce battles.


Loadout Recommendations

For your weapon, it is highly recommended to use an assault rifle or LMG to eliminate zombies and engage in boss effectively fights from a distance. If you have Pack-a-Punch crystals, tools, or Perk-A-Colas Schematics, bring them along for added advantages. Speaking of perks, we suggest equipping Stamina Up, Speed Cola, Quick Revive, Deadshot Daiquiri, and Juggernog to enhance your survivability. Take your time to prepare and gather resources before embarking on this challenging quest, Please don’t forget to bring HEALING AURA and your pet dog.


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Unlocking the Dark Epha Rift

Head over to Zaran City and locate the new Xville marker. Interacting with the marker will transport you to the Dark Epha Rift. Open your Tac map and press the designated button to cancel contracts (Triangle on PlayStation, Y on Xbox, or the respective key bind on PC). However, keep in mind that all players in your squad must vote "Yes" to be teleported. After a brief loading screen, you will find yourself in the Dark Epha.


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Breaking the Seals

Your objective in the Dark Epha is to break four seals, each marked with a yellow objective marker. The order in which you complete these seals is up to you. Approach the seal and activate it, which will prompt you to kill zombies near the seal. A green wall of smoke will indicate the barrier within which you must eliminate the zombies. As you kill zombies, their souls will ascend towards the orb, and you must continue until the seal is fully completed.


Seal Locations and Unique Challenges

The first seal can be found in the vicinity of the starting area. Be prepared for numerous mimics to spawn during this challenge. The second seal is located in the middle of the map and is distinguished by a cryo-freeze symbol. You must kill zombies within the radius of the visible wall of icy smoke. Finally, the third seal is situated in an open area and is marked by a visible Ring of Fire. Eliminate zombies within this fiery radius to progress.


Breaking the Fourth Seal

As you progress through the Dark Epha, you will encounter a multitude of Manglers spawning during the fourth and final seal. This seal will take you to the right side of the map, where Disciples will appear, accompanied by another visible radius circle. Eliminate zombies within this circle to complete the seal. Once all four seals are broken, your next objective is to leave the Dark Epha and head to the beach.


How to kill ACT 4 Boss Gorm'gant better?

After completing all four seals, your next objective is to leave the Dark Ether. As you approach the beach, a horrific surprise awaits you in the form of a new boss fight. Compared to Act 3 boss, Gorm'gant presents a significantly greater challenge, boasting a range of brand-new attacks.

The worm has various attacks, including a laser attack, the ability to send out damaging purple orbs, a slamming attack that can instantly kill players, and the capability to swallow players whole, resulting in an instant kill.

To defeat the Gorm'gant, players are advised to keep their distance at all times and use the environment for cover. It is crucial to continuously fire at the worm, aiming for its weak points, while being mindful of its various attacks. If the worm swallows a teammate, players should focus their fire on its mouth to force it to spit the teammate back out.


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Tips for Defeating the Gorm'gant

1. Maintain Distance:   
Throughout the fight, it is essential to keep a safe distance from the Gorm'gant at all times. This will help you avoid its devastating attacks and increase your chances of survival.

2. Watch Out for Laser Attacks:   
The Gorm'gant utilizes a powerful laser attack that can cause significant damage. Stay alert and be prepared to dodge or take cover when the Gorm'gant unleashes this deadly assault.

3. Beware of Purple Orbs:   
The Gorm'gant also releases purple orbs that can inflict damage upon impact. Keep an eye out for these projectiles and swiftly evade or eliminate them to minimize harm.

4. Unleashing Devastating Attacks:  
Apart from the aforementioned attacks, the Gorm'gant possesses another deadly move - it can launch rocket-like projectiles that track and follow players. This aerial assault adds an extra layer of complexity to the battle, requiring players to remain agile and constantly on the move to avoid being hit.

5. Burrowing and Swallowing:   
One of the Boss's most dangerous abilities is its capability to burrow underground and swallow unsuspecting players who venture too close. Exercise caution and retreat to a safe distance when the Gorm'gant resurfaces to avoid being devoured.

6. Utilize Cover Effectively:   
Take advantage of the environment to your benefit. Identify strategic positions, such as specific buildings or areas on the map, that provide excellent cover from the Boss's attacks. This will allow you to focus on the boss while minimizing the threat from accompanying zombies.

7. Targeting Weak Points:  
The Gorm'gant has vulnerable spots on its body that players must target to inflict maximum damage. These weak points are represented by shards, and players should prioritize shooting at them. However, caution is advised, as the worm can burrow and reposition itself, making it crucial to stay alert and adjust your aim accordingly.

8. Saving Teammates:  
In the event that the Gorm'gant swallows one of your teammates, it is essential to fire at its mouth continuously. This increases the chances of the worm spitting your teammate back out, allowing them to rejoin the fight. Cooperation and communication among team members are vital to ensure everyone's safety and increase the chances of success.