How to permanently unlock DARK AETHER and get the MWZ Schematics?

Game: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3
Time: 2023-12-09
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To permanently unlock DARK AETHER Schematics, you first need to complete the story mission of MWZ ACT 4, and then collect Locked Diary, Surveillance Camera, pill bottle, and Dog Collar. After the collection is completed, you need to upgrade them all to the gold level by completing the contract, then put them into the corresponding altar, and enter DARK AETHER to obtain the corresponding seal. For specific steps, please refer to the guide below.


How to get the Locked Diary?

Players first need to complete the story mission of MWZ ACT 4, enter DARK AETHER, and defeat the powerful Gorm. This is a very difficult challenge, and it is recommended that players form a team to complete it. Before starting the challenge, it is best to collect enough weapons, ammunition, and perks. It is best if you have Dog Bone Classified Schematics. Pet dogs can improve your chances of survival at critical moments.


After defeating the formidable Boss, players will be prompted to loot the Reward Rift. Inside, they will discover a locked diary, a vital mission item for the Easter egg. It is crucial to pick up the diary and place it in your stash to ensure its safety.



How to get the Golden Surveillance Camera?

To acquire the second item, the Surveillance Camera, players must equip a weapon with the Dead Wire Ammo Mod. There are two ways to obtain this mod: craft it or find it in Eess crates. Once equipped, players need to locate a Harvester Orb, which randomly spawns across the map in all tiers. These orbs are only visible on the mini-map when players are in close proximity. Shooting the Harvester Orb with the Dead Wire weapon will cause it to change color to gold. Players must continue shooting until the orb stops moving and drops an Epic Rarity Surveillance Camera.


It should be noted that the Harvester Orb must be shot down by the Dead Wire Ammo Mod. Ordinary ammunition and other Ammo Mods will not work.



It is advisable to acquire a vehicle to explore the outskirts in tier 2 or 3. With the epic Rarity camera in your inventory, proceed to enter the EPA Rift. Upon redeployment, you will notice a yellow Rift in the sky. Fly over to it and enter. A wisp of energy will materialize, spawning a purple "Eliminate HVT" contract, consistently classified as a tier 2 Bounty contract. Ensure you are equipped with Pack-a-Punch and the Rarity to defeat the target easily. Once you have successfully eliminated the Bounty, the reward Rift will contain the coveted golden Surveillance Camera.



How to get a pill bottle of Golden Rarity?

To obtain these pill bottles, you must equip a weapon with the Brain Rot Ammo Mod. Craft one before entering the match or find one in an Ean Nest. Once your weapon is equipped with the Brain Rot Ammo Mod, locate an Ean Nest. Inside the nest, shoot one of the cysts without fully destroying it. Shoot it until the color of the cyst turns green. Once it turns green, you will receive a prompt to open the toxic cyst. Hold the interact button and wait for a moment. If you are playing solo, it is highly recommended to throw down a decoy for protection. If you are playing with other players, ensure they cover you during this process. After opening the toxic cyst, proceed to destroy the remaining cysts to complete the Eess. Return to the cyst you interacted with earlier, and you will find the pill bottle wedged in the same spot where the cyst was. These pill bottles will have a purple Rarity. Similar to the previous item, we need to upgrade it to a gold Rarity. Once you have the purple Rarity pill bottle, find an epher and use it to redeploy in the sky. You will notice a green Rift in front of you, suspended in the air. Enter the Rift and a green wisp will fly in front of you, presenting a purple Bounty contract in the tier one zone. Take down the Bounty and the reward Rift will contain the golden Rarity.



How to get a Dog Collar?

In your quest for the ultimate collection, the last item you need is the dog collar. To acquire this prized possession, you must equip a Molotov in your loadout or find one during your gameplay. Additionally, you will require a chunk of meat, which can be obtained by killing zombies with headshots or fire damage. While simply eliminating zombies should eventually yield the desired result, completing an escort contract guarantees a higher chance of obtaining chunks of meat from the numerous zombies that spawn during the mission. However, you only need one piece of meat and one Molotov for the upcoming steps.


Once you have the molotov and meat, ensure the molotov is stowed in your backpack alongside the meat. Now, it's time to locate a doghouse. These can be found scattered throughout the map, and any doghouse will suffice for the next part of the process. Place the piece of meat, and the Molotov inside the doghouse, and an enemy hellhound will spawn upon doing so. Eliminate the hellhound, and it will drop the highly sought-after Epic Rarity collar.


With the dog collar in your possession, seek out an EA Rift. Enter the rift, and you will find yourself in the air, facing a red Rift. Fly into this red Rift, and you will be instantly transported above the high-threat zone. Here, you will encounter a new purple elite HVT (High-Value Target) contract. It is crucial to ensure you are adequately prepared for this endeavor, as the high-threat zone poses significant challenges. The bounty you face will be formidable, but if luck is on your side and a nearby turret is available, coupled with a turret board circuit, you can dispatch the bounty swiftly. Upon successfully eliminating the target, the reward Rift will grant you the coveted golden dog collar.



Unlocking the DARK AETHER Schematics and get Sigils

Once you and your teammates have successfully collected all four items in a single match and they are in your inventory, you are ready to embark on the daunting journey into the DARK AETHER. Brace yourself, as the difficulty level will significantly increase from this point onward. It is highly advisable to ensure you have all the desired perks, Pack-a-Punch upgrades, MWZ aether blade schematic, and optimal rarity for your weapons. When you and your team are fully prepared, make your way to the dark Epha Rift island, located just in front of the story mission xfill.


Upon reaching the island, you will find four podiums, each corresponding to one of the items collected throughout this Easter egg quest. Place the dog collar on the Napal pedestal, situated on the far right. The Surveillance Camera goes on the pedestal with the dead wire ammo mod logo, the diary on the pedestal with the cryofreeze ammo mod logo, and the pill bottle on the pedestal with the brain rot ammo mod logo. Once all four items are correctly placed, you will witness the unlocking of the DARK AETHER Rift before you.


However, before proceeding further, be prepared for a challenging battle. A mega abomination will spawn from the portal, accompanied by a horde of tier-three zombies. Given the limited space on the island, this fight is far from easy. It is highly recommended to utilize healing aura, monkeys, decoys, and Kazmir to aid you in this intense moment. Focus your firepower on the mega abomination when its mouth glows or during its laser attack, as these are its vulnerable moments. After successfully defeating the abomination, you will notice a new item called the sigil in the reward Rift.



The sigil serves as the key to open the DARK AETHER Rift. At this point, you have two options. You can choose to activate and enter the DARK AETHER in the current game, or you can save the sigil for a future game and activate the rift then. By completing the hidden quest and obtaining the four items, you have permanently unlocked the ability to access DARK AETHER Rifts in your games, as long as you possess a sigil to offer. However, it is important to note that the sigil you have just acquired can only be used once.


Entering the DARK AETHER get the classified schematic

Once you utilize the sigil to enter the DARK AETHER Rift, it will be consumed, and you won't have it anymore. However, if you wish to acquire more sigils for future use, you can simply complete tier-three contracts. The reward Rift has a chance of dropping a sigil. To enter the DARK AETHER from this point, approach the left side of the DARK AETHER Rift and hold the interact button to spend your sigil. Similar to the story mission, open your Tac map and vote "Yes" to be transported into the dark epha.


Once inside, you will have a limited time of 15 minutes to complete three different contracts, each spawning from a different dark EPA bunny. The first contract, an EPA extractor, can be found on the left side of the building's roof. The second bunny, an Outlast contract, awaits on a bus slightly left from the center of the fortress where you initially spawned. The final dark EPA bunny, activating an escort contract, can be found on the right side of the map. It is important to note that the dark EPA contracts are extremely challenging, as they are set at tier four difficulty.


Once you have used the sigil to enter the DARK AETHER Rift, you won't need to repeat the four-item Easter egg quest to access it again. Instead, you can earn sigils by completing tier-three contracts in the high-threat zone, which has a chance of dropping sigils. Additionally, there is a possibility that by completing contracts within the DARK AETHER, you will unlock sigils for future runs. These sigils can be saved and utilized in future games or xfills.


While traversing the DARK AETHER, there is a possibility of obtaining Elder sigils from reward Rifts within the dark EPA. These sigils allow you to activate the DARK AETHER Rift and enter a more challenging version of the DARK AETHER. Despite the constant presence of a Counter UAV on the Tac map, you can utilize xfill points located underground or atop the Fortress pillars to quickly exfill from the DARK AETHER. Remember, you have a limited time of 15 minutes within the DARK AETHER, and the storm will gradually close in, necessitating a timely xfill. Stay vigilant and make your escape before time runs out.