MWZ Guide: Defeat Dokkaebi and Exploring The Fortress

Game: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3
Time: 2024-01-18
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Season One for MWZ has with it a new warlord boss named Dokkaebi. In this article, we will guide you through the process of defeating Dokkaebi for the first time, showcase the rewards you can expect, and reveal a method to enter The Fortress without the need for a key card.

Get Fortress Keycard -Dokkaebi 
To begin the encounter with Dokkaebi, players must first obtain a key card. This can be acquired by completing a mercenary camp. Once you have the key card, head to The Fortress, where the battle against Dokkaebi awaits.

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Clear Drone 
Upon entering The Fortress, players will encounter a swarm of drones controlled by Dokkaebi. The Storer weapon proves to be effective against the drones, dealing significant damage. Additionally, players will discover a lift that allows them to navigate through the various floors of The Fortress.

Exploring The Fortress 
As players progress through The Fortress, they will encounter a maze-like structure, filled with drones and sentry guns. The unique layout of The Fortress adds an exciting twist to the gameplay, providing a fresh challenge for players. Along the way, players will face off against AI troops and must navigate through different areas to reach Dokkaebi.

Defeat Dokkaebi 
After overcoming numerous obstacles, players will finally come face-to-face with Dokkaebi. She is accompanied by a group of Elites and is protected by a swarm of drones. Players can utilize weapons like the Ether Blade to deal damage to Dokkaebi and her drones. It is worth noting that Dokkaebi can fly, adding an extra layer of challenge to the encounter.

Dokkaebi Rewards 
Upon defeating Dokkaebi, players can expect to receive various rewards. These include the DG-2, and the Mediator blueprint, which is Dokkaebi's weapon. The Mediator is a powerful firearm that players can add to their arsenal.

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Skipping the Key Card Requirement 
Interestingly, players have discovered a cheese method that allows them to bypass the need for a key card. By utilizing a zip line located on a building opposite The Fortress, players can access the rooftop without a key card. This method can save time and is particularly useful for completing challenges involving Dokkaebi.

Please move to the location in the picture below and go to the roof to find the zipline.

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While the defeat of Dokkaebi and the exploration of The Fortress provide an exciting experience, some players have expressed disappointment with the rewards. The drops from Dokkaebi are considered underwhelming, similar to the previous boss, Legacy. However, it is important to note that Season Two holds the promise of introducing more substantial and exclusive rewards, which may address these concerns.