MWZ New Season Update Leaked

Game: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3
Time: 2024-01-07
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MWZ is set to receive exciting new updates, including the introduction of new bosses and gameplay features. In this article, we will explore the upcoming content, including new bosses, the wallet system, Xill Streak, field upgrades, perks, alternate ammo types, and the possibility of a new map.

New Bosses: 
MWZ will introduce several new bosses, including THE CHEMIST, KERES, THE RAINMAKER, and MAESTRO-ALL FOR ONE. Key cards for some of these bosses have already been discovered in the game, indicating their imminent arrival.

Wallet System: 
A wallet system will be implemented in MWZ, similar to the one in DMZ. This system allows players to extract and store points earned in the game, preventing them from being lost upon extraction. The exact details, such as the maximum limit and point transfer mechanics, are yet to be revealed. The wallet system will provide a more controlled and rewarding experience for players.


U4GM MWZ New Season


Xill Streak System: 
MWZ will feature the Xill Streak system, similar to DMZ. Each successful Xill will add to the player's streak, unlocking various rewards. The rewards include points on spawn, armor plates, reduced perk machine costs, increased contract payouts, reduced mystery box costs, and more. As long as players maintain their streak without dying, they will retain all the rewards.

-Exfil Streak 1:Start with 500 Essence 
-Exfil Streak 2:Start with 5 Armor plates 
-Exfil Streak 3:Start with 10 Essence 
-Exfil Streak 4: 30% off Perk Machine cost 
-Exfil Streak 5: Start with 1500 Essence 
-Exfil Streak 6: Increase Contract Payout 
-Exfil Streak 7: Start with 2500 Essence 
-Exfil Streak 8: 30% off Mystery Box cost 
-Exfil Streak 9: Start with 5000 Essence 
-Exfil Streak 10: 20% off Pack-a-Punch cost

Gameplay Features: 
MWZ will introduce new field upgrades, perks, and alternate ammo types. The missing field upgrade, Ring of Fire, may potentially be added in the future. A new alternate ammo type called Shadow Vortex, which creates a mini Gersch Device-like effect, was discovered but may have been cut from the game. Additionally, the perk, allowing players to carry three primary weapons, is set to make an appearance. Two new power-ups, Undead Sight, and Looting Spree, have also been found in the game files.

New Map and DLC: 
Rumors suggest that MWZ may receive a full-fledged new map, possibly tied to the reintroduction of Rebirth Island in Warzone. While this is currently speculative, previous updates have shown support for new content in both Warzone and MWZ. Season 2 of MWZ is rumored to introduce the ability to craft the Blood Burner Bite, a powerful vehicle. Furthermore, an unknown equipment called Eepa Counter has been discovered in the game files.

MWZ is set to receive exciting updates, including new bosses, gameplay features, and a potential crossover with My Hero Academia. The wallet system, Xill Streaks, and new field upgrades and perks will enhance the gameplay experience. The possibility of a new map and DLC further adds to the anticipation for MWZ players. Stay tuned for more updates as the game continues to evolve.