New Mission Schematics and Weapons for MWZ S3

Game: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3
Time: 2024-04-03
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Season 3 Reloaded for MWZ is just around the corner, U4GM will break down everything you need to know about the season, including new missions, schematics, weapons, and the new warlord.

1. New Dark EA Mission

The new season introduces a thrilling new Dark EA Mission. The mission begins with Dr. Jansen being lured into a region of the Dark Ether under the influence of an unknown force, and it is up to the players to locate and rescue her.

The mission takes place in a new Rift, which is located in the high-threat zone of the Dark Ether. As players enter the Rift, they will confront the disturbing power that has taken hold of Dr. Jansen. The screenshots released show a visually stunning environment, with a Skybox that adds to the eerie atmosphere of the Dark Ether.

To rescue Dr. Jansen, players must complete a series of unlock objectives, similar to the previous Dark EA Gate Hunts. These objectives will focus on finding and attuning several relics, allowing access through the gate. While the overall structure of the mission may be similar to previous ones, there is a hint that there will be some Arcane secrets to discover within this new Dark EA Rift.

It is important to note that the new Dark EA Mission is not available immediately with the release of Season 3 Reloaded. Players will have to wait until around the beginning of May to experience this new content. However, the wait will likely be worth it for those eager to delve deeper into the mysteries of the Dark Ether and rescue Dr. Jansen.

2. Unlocking New Schematics

In Season 3, players will have the opportunity to unlock and utilize three new schematics. These schematics offer unique enhancements and abilities that can aid in your zombie-slaying endeavors.

Dead Wire Detonators: This schematic enhances the Dead Wire ammo mod, allowing players to attach it to explosive weaponry, including lethal and launchers. By utilizing the Dead Wire Detonators, players can significantly increase the electrical damage inflicted by their explosive weapons. This enhancement has the potential to make launchers and explosives much more effective against zombies, potentially transforming them into devastating weapons.

Golden Mask Filter: The Golden Mask Filter is a prized schematic with a shiny hue and an impressive long-lasting effect. When equipped, players gain a self-regenerating gas mask for the rest of the match. This proves to be extremely useful when facing zombie strongholds and unexpected surprises in the Rifts. The self-regenerating gas mask provides added protection and ensures that players can navigate hazardous areas without the need to constantly replenish their gas mask.

Sergeant's Beret: The Sergeant's Beret schematic offers a unique ability that allows players to disguise themselves among the Mercs. By donning the Sergeant's Beret, players can summon a trusty MC bodyguard who shadows them throughout the game. This bodyguard ensures that the Mercs do not shoot at the player, providing a significant advantage in combat. This schematic is particularly useful when dealing with Zak's Hired Guns, as players can move freely without being targeted by the Mercs.

Unlocking these schematics will require completing specific objectives or challenges within the game. As you progress through the season, keep an eye out for opportunities to unlock these powerful enhancements. Experiment with different combinations of schematics to find the ones that best suit your playstyle and enhance your effectiveness against the zombie hordes.

3. New Warlord: The Rain Maker

The Rain Maker is the new warlord introduced in Season 3 Reloaded. This formidable adversary is situated in a fortress on Raha Island, which is located across the water from Shaheen Mana. The Rain Maker is an artillery and demolition expert, making the battle against him intense and challenging.

As players attempt to take down the Rain Maker, they will face a barrage of mortar rounds and RPG fire. The compound where the warlord resides is filled with tripwires and traps, adding an extra layer of danger to the encounter. It is crucial for players to stay alert and strategize their approach to overcome this powerful enemy.

During the first week of the warlord's release, the Rain Maker will be available permanently. However, after that initial week, the warlord will rotate with other warlords in the game. This rotation system ensures that players have the opportunity to face different challenges and experience a variety of encounters.

It is worth noting that while the warlords in Modern Warfare Zombies have been updated to drop weapon cases for Wonder Weapons, there is hope that future updates will introduce unique and exclusive loot tied to specific warlords. This would provide players with even more incentive to take on these formidable foes.


4. New Weapons and Aftermarket Parts

Players can look forward to new weapons and aftermarket parts that will enhance their arsenal and gameplay experience.

New Weapons: 
Moos Sniper Rifle: This sniper rifle from Advanced Warfare makes its debut in Modern Warfare Zombies. Its performance in Zombies remains to be seen, but it has the potential to become a powerful weapon in the mode.

Bow 27 Assault Rifle: Another iconic weapon from Advanced Warfare, the Bow 27 Assault Rifle, will be introduced mid-season. This assault rifle has a rich history in Call of Duty and is sure to bring a new dynamic to the zombie-slaying action.

FJX Horus SMG: This new SMG will be available at launch in Season 3 Reloaded. While details about its specific attributes are scarce, it promises to offer a fresh option for players to wield against the undead.

Gladiator Melee Weapon: 
A new melee weapon called the Gladiator will also be available at launch. This weapon adds a close-quarters combat option for players who prefer to get up close and personal with the zombies.

Aftermarket Parts: 
Season 3 introduces a range of aftermarket parts that can be used to enhance weapons and abilities. These parts offer unique and potentially game-changing abilities. One notable example is the return of the Model 1887 Akimbo, which can be paired with the Magazines of Holding for a powerful combination.

The aftermarket parts have the potential to significantly alter gameplay strategies and provide players with new ways to tackle the zombie hordes. Experiment with different combinations of weapons and aftermarket parts to find the loadout that suits your playstyle and maximizes your effectiveness against the undead.