How to Earn All the Zero Gravity Rewards in NBA 2K22 MyTEAM?

Game: NBA 2K22
Time: 2023-02-13
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How to Earn All the Zero Gravity Rewards in NBA 2K22 MyTEAM?


2K Sports has introduced a daily player reward during the Zero Gravity season. Each day, a new player will be added to the game, and their OVR will increase until you can claim a 99 OVR Dark Matter card for free. Here, we will go over each task available to complete for the Level Up Daily challenges, and you will get your Level Up Daily Rewards.

NBA 2K22 Zero Gravity MyTeam Daily Rewards

First, you'll have to complete a task with the card you previously earned to redeem the 75 OVR Gold Giannis Antetokounmpo. Then, you can earn the daily rewards of Zero Gravity by completing the following tasks.


RankTasksHow to Complete Them?Rewards
1Antetokounmpo Minutes & PTSPlay 5 minutes and score 4 points with Zero Gravity Rewards Giannis Antetokounmp in a game.Golde Vit Krejci
2Krejci PointsScore 10 points with Zero Gravity Rewards Vit Krejci in a game.Gold Grant Williams
3Williams PIPScore 4 points in the paint with Zero Gravity Rewards Grant Williams in a game.Gold Shaquille O'Neal
4O'Neal DunksMake 2 dunks with Zero Gravity Rewards Shaquille O'Neal in a game.Gold Tyronn Lue
5Lue AssistsGet 7 assists with Zero Gravity Rewards Tyronn Lue over multiple games.Emerald Alperen Sengun
6Sengun PointsScore 23 points with Zero Gravity Rewards Alperen Sengun over multiple games.Emerald Lonzo Ball
7Ball AssistsGet 12 assists with Zero Gravity Rewards Lonzo Ball over multiple games.Emerald Patrick Williams
8Williams REBGet 7 rebounds with Zero Gravity Rewards Patrick Williams over multiple games.Emerald Luka Doncic
9Doncic Double-DoubleGet 1 double-double with Zero Gravity Rewards Luka Doncic in a game.Sapphire Jay Williams
10Williams PTS & ASTScore 15 points and get 5 assists with Zero Gravity Rewards Jay Williams in a game.Sapphire De'Andre Hunter
11Hunter PointsScore 33 points with Zero Gravity Rewards De'Andre Hunter in a game.Sapphire Devin Booker
12Booker PointsScore 40 points with Zero Gravity Rewards Devin Booker in a gameRuby Smush Parker
13Parker 3's & ASTMake 6 3-pointers and get 5 assists with Zero Gravity Rewards Smush Parker in a game.Ruby Bill Russell
14Russell BlocksGet 8 Blocks with Zero Gravity Rewards Bill Russell over multiple games.Ruby Will Barton
15Barton 3-PointersMake 15 3-pointers with Zero Gravity Rewards Will Barton over multiple games.Amethyst Vinny Del Negro
16Del Negro AssistsGet 20 assists with Zero Gravity Rewards Vinny Del Negro over multiple games.Amethyst Brandon Clarke
17Martin Jr. 3'S & BLKMake 4 3's and get 1 block with Zero Gravity Rewards Kenyon Martin Jr. in a game.Diamond Robert Covington
18Covington StealsGet 6 steals with Zero Gravity Rewards Robert Covington over multiple games.Diamond Rik Smits
19Smits ReboundsGet 20 rebounds with Zero Gravity Rewards Rik Smits over multiple games.Pink Diamond Latrell Sprewell
20Sprewell PTS & REBSScore 50 points and get 5 rebounds with Zero Gravity Rewards Latrell Sprewell in a game.Pink Diamond Vlade Divac


As you can see, things are starting relatively low-rated. Don't worry. You will increase the OVR in the following order until 2K drops a brand new 99 OVR Dark Matter:

    • Five days of Gold players
    • Five days of Emeralds
    • Three days of Sapphires
    • Three days of Rubys
    • Two days of Amethysts
    • Three days of Diamonds
    • Two days of Pink Diamonds
    • Two days of Galaxy Opals
    • One day of Dark Matter

For a constantly updated list of these Level Up Daily Rewards, please follow here. In addition to player's cards, other rewards such as 2K22 MT, VC, Tokens, and more will be available on these agendas.

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