NBA 2K22: How to Fix Crashing Issues on Xbox Series X|S?

Game: NBA 2K22
Time: 2023-02-13
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Some Xbox Series X and S players usually encounter crashing issues when running NBA 2K22, that's been preventing them from enjoying the new title. Luckily, here are some troubleshooting tips to fix NBA 2k22 crashing issue on Xbox Series X | S.

1. Keep Pressing UP Button on D-Pad

A YouTuber called 'Nvad3' shared a possible workaround to avoid the crashes and continue playing the game without problems.



2. Restart your Xbox

If you can't seem to bypass the menu that freezes the game by spamming the upward button, you can try restarting or power cycling your Xbox to refresh its system cache. Turn the Xbox One off and unplug it from the power outlet for 30-60 seconds. Afterward, reconnect the power cord and turn it on to see if the NBA 2K22 game is now working.

3. Check if the Xbox One is overheating

If your Xbox One console is overheating, that can be the main reason why your game keeps crashing. At this point, you should consider:

1). Turn off the console and let it cool down for a few hours.
2). Avoid placing the console where there are heat sources. It is possible to relocate it to a space that is usually ventilated or is at a favorable temperature.
3). Attentive to the vents that the Xbox One usually has, checking that they are not blocked. Also, it will be necessary to clean it at least once a month.

4. Check for game updates

Check if your Xbox Series X | S is updated with the latest software update. To do that, connect your Xbox One console to the internet again and try to play any NBA 2K22 online mode. Doing so will force the console to check for updates for its software and the game.

5. Install the Latest Patch Update

Ensure that NBA 2k22's latest patch is installed to get rid of a couple of bugs, glitches, or stability issues. Meanwhile, the latest patch update also brings several new features or additions to the game.

6. Check the Internet

Check if your internet is working correctly and is stable. If you have an internet glitch or networking connectivity issue, you can turn off the Wi-Fi router, wait for around 5 minutes, plug back the power cable in, and turn on the Wi-Fi router to check whether the problem has been fixed or not.

7. Refresh the saved game data

If your NBA 2K22 game is still crashing, it may be due to corrupted game files. You need to delete the local save file and resync with the cloud to get your savings back. Here's how to do that:

1). Press the Xbox button on your controller.
2). Select My Games and Apps.
3). Choose to See All and select NBA 2k22.
4). Choose Manage Game and Add-ons > Saved Data > Delete all. This will delete your local save data.
5). Finally, relaunch the NBA 2K22 game to check for the issue.

8. Submit a Ticket to NBA 2K22 Support

If nothing seems to be working, you should submit a support ticket since you may require further technical assistance.

That's it, guys. I hope this guide was helpful to you, and I hope the developers fix this issue as soon as possible in an upcoming patch. For more latest tips and updates related to 2k22, stay with!