NBA 2K22 Passing: How to Throw an Alley-Oop Pass?

Game: NBA 2K22
Time: 2023-02-13
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Alley-Oops are hard to perform in IRL. Luckily it isn't that hard to execute in NBA 2k22. Here is a guide on how to use NBA 2K22 passing to throw an alley-oop pass for a rim-rattling dunk and nail it every time you do it.


NBA 2K22 Passing: How to Throw an Alley-Oop Pass?

What is an alley-oop pass in basketball?

In Basketball, an Alley-Oop is an action performed by two players where one player tosses the ball in the air, either towards the Hoop or towards the second player, and the second player goes for the Dunk mid-air. When executed correctly, it can be a devastating move and will guarantee your points.

In performing an Alley-Oop, you can either be the one Tossing the ball or the one Dunking the ball. 

How to use NBA 2K22 passing to throw an alley-oop pass?

You can perform the alley-oop in NBA 2K22 passing very quickly:

When you're handling the ball and see a player you want to throw an alley-oop pass to, double-tap the Triangle button on the PS4 controller. For Xbox controllers, double-tap the Y button.

Alley-oop pass: Double-Tap Triangle (PS4)/ Y (Xbox) and use Left Stick to choose/guide the player you pass to.

Right after double-tapping the Triangle/Y button, use the Left Stick on your controller to select the player you're throwing the alley-oop pass to. This is easier when there's only one player near the basket, but if there's more than one, you may not complete an alley-oop dunk if you throw to someone a bit too far from the basket.

Things to Keep in Mind for Alley-Oops

1). You will need a good Passer and a good Dunker on your team for the best chances of executing an Alley-Oop.

2). As you are going for the Alley-Oop, make sure that the path towards the Hoop is clear for the Dunker, and the pass must be given at the optimal angle.

3). An Alley-Oop is a timing-based move, so the Passer and the Dunker must be in perfect sync else it won't work.

4). Alley-oop passes can work great on fast breaks as all the players rush to get back on defense. 

5). If you've got a player ahead of the group, consider using the alley-oop.

6). It also works excellent in mismatches in the paint or if you see a defender move away from your big Hoopnear the rim.

7). You equip badges like Lob City Finisher and/or Lob City Passer depending on the role you are going to play.

8). Having NBA characters with a high dunking rating will be advantageous than not.

9). Make sure your MyPLAYER has either high Driving Drunk attribute or has a high Passing Accuracy attribute.

10). Keep in mind, alley-oop passes may not always result in a dunk. Sometimes the player will tap the ball into the hoop or make the simple layup off the backboard. However, with enough practice, you'll have your players able to alley-oop dunk whenever necessary.

That's everything you need to know about how to throw an alley-oop in NBA 2K22. Certainly, you need more 2K MT in the game, make sure to check out our news page for how to get NBA 2K22 MT coins!