NBA 2K22 Shooting Badges List

Game: NBA 2K22
Time: 2023-02-13
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NBA 2K22 Shooting Badges List


NBA 2K22 finishing badges were introduced in the last guide, and now it's the turn of shooting badges. So, what shooting badges will be in NBA 2K22?

Let's take a look at the full list of NBA 2k22 shooting badges, as well as what are the best shooting badges.

Shooting Badges in NBA 2K22

There are 20 Shooting badges in NBA 2K22. If you're not sure what one does, be sure to check out our list below so you know how it'll impact your player.


Shooting BadgesWhat their effects are
BlindersBecomes unfazed by defenders from the side. Jump shots taken with a defender closing out in their peripheral vision will suffer a lower penalty.
Catch & ShootBoosts the chance of hitting a jump shot immediately after a catch. After receiving a pass, the receiver's outside shooting attributes get a significant boost for a short time.
ChefGives a boost to the range that a player can effectively shoot off-the-dribble three-point attempts.
Circus ThreesBoosts to stepback threes. Stepback threes taken off the dribble receive a boost.
Clutch ShooterIncreases the ability to knock down shots in clutch moments. Shot attempts that occur during the final moments of the 4th quarter, or in any overtime period, receive a large boost.
Corner SpecialistGives a boost to shots taken near the corner. Deep mid-range or 3PT shots taken along the court's baseline receive a boost, whether it is off the dribble or a catch.
DeadeyeReduces the impact of a defender who is closing out. Jump shots taken with a defender closing out receive less of a penalty from a shot contest. This includes both mid-range and 3PT shots.
Difficult ShotsImproves the ability to shoot difficult shots off the dribble. High-difficulty jumpers such as hop steps, spins, stepbacks, and pull-ups receive a shot percentage boost.
Fade AceImproves ability to shoot post fades. Shot boost to post fadeaways taken from ANY distance.
Green MachineIncreases the bonus given for consecutive excellent releases. Gives an additional shot boost when consecutively achieving excellent releases on jump shots.
Hot Zone HunterBoosts the shot percentage for attempts taken in a player's favorite spots. Shots that are taken in a player's hot zone(s) are given a boost.
Limitless Spot-UpBoosts the range that one can effectively shoot standing three-point shots.
Lucky #7Gives a boost to mid-range or three-point attempts within the first seven seconds of a preseason.
Mismatch ExpertReceive less of a penalty when shooting over tall defenders.
Rhythm ShooterImproves shots taken after breaking down your defender. Increases the chances of a made shot after sizing up your opponent with dribble moves.
Set ShooterIncreases shot rating when taking your time before shooting. It gives a shot boost after standing still before taking a jump shot.
Slippery Off-BallStrengthens the player's ability to get open off the ball. When attempting to get open off screens, the player more effectively navigates through traffic.
SniperBoosts to well-aimed shots. Jump Shots taken with the aiming stick will receive a boost when aimed correctly.
Stop & PopBoosts shot rating on stand-still three-pointers after dribbling. Boosts shot rating on stand-still three-pointers after dribbling.
Volume ShooterBoosts shot percentages as shot attempts accrue throughout the game. After a player has taken a small handful of shots, an additional boost to shot attributes is given for every subsequent shot, whether it's a make or a miss.


What are the best shooting badges in 2K22?

These are the best shooting badges to consider in NBA 2K21 and make any shooter better in NBA 2K22 when used properly.

1. Deadeye

The Deadeye is one of the original badges that are considered a must-have when it comes to shooting badges is the Deadeye. This one goes through defensive animations when on a higher level.

Deadeye boosts a player's shooting ability when closely guarded or while being closed out on. This badge is handy for getting off shots on tight defense and at later tiers can even allow players to shoot through defensive contests. If you struggle to sink jumpers on pesky defenders, a few Deadeye badge tiers will significantly boost your success on contested shots.

2. Sniper

The Sniper badge is one of the newer badges. It's a shortcut for those whose jump shot timing doesn't always hit the excellent range.

Jump shots with slightly early/late timing will boost, while early or late shots will receive a bigger penalty. Once you've got your shooting really down pat, you'll be able to shoot slightly early and slightly late. When you can do this, the Sniper Badge will allow you to get a boost on those shots. This is not for new players. If you have early or late shots, you'll get a penalty instead. The trick here is to be slightly early or slightly late.

3. Catch and Shoot

The Catch and Shoot badge has been lethal for pure shooters in every 2K title. This year the Catch and Shoot badge requires a minimum of 66 three-point shot ratings to equip. This badge is a great go-to for Pro-Am if your team needs a great shooter waiting to be set up for great shots.

Catching and shooting is almost the entirety of shooting against defenders that don't leave players open for long. When combined with the new shot meter, the boost in the chance for the shot to land from Catch & Shoot, when combined with the new shot meter, is really bringing back the three-pointer from guards this year.

4. Circus Threes

Circus Threes is a great badge if you frequently shoot difficult three-pointers. It is what's going to help increase your chance of conversion!

Damian Lillard is the best example of a circus three-point shooter. His badge is at a Hall of Fame level, but you can make do with at least a Gold one, just like Trae Young.

5. Blinders

This is another new badge that you might need if you want to create shots for yourself. This badge is great for players who like to shoot off picks or pull-up with a step on the defender. Blinders affect both mid-range and three-point shots, so it is a handy badge. Paired with Deadeye, close-outs won't matter as much on jumpers.

6. Corner Specialist

Corner Specialist is back for NBA 2K22 and boosts deep mid-range or 3pt shots taken along the court's baseline. It works on both off the dribble and off the catch corner shots. Couple Catch & Shoot with Corner Specialist, and you get a double boost catching and shooting from the corners.

7. Green Machine

Green Machine boosts excellent timing releases on consecutively green shots. This badge is definitely not for everybody, but it can devastate opponents and make players nearly unstoppable with enough practice. Green Machine requires players to have amazing timing on their shots, but if you are a player that struggles to get green shots, here are a few alternatives to improve your shooting.

Now that you know the full shooting badges list and the best shooting badges in NBA 2K22, it's time to practice draining those shots! Of course, if you want to play better in the new game, NBA 2K22 MT is essential. Our website is the best place to sell MT points at low prices, fast, and risk-free!