TERA Gunner PVE & PVP Guide

Game: Tera
Time: 2023-02-13
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Gunner makes repeated use of Arcane Barrage and Scattershot to generate Willpower until it ceases to yield resets or approach the Willpower maximum, whichever comes first.


At that point, given time bomb is available, a Gunner will drop their Time Bomb and Burst Fire until they've run themselves out of Willpower given it's available.


Then, generate as much willpower as fast as possible to repeat the process within the soft window of Time Bomb's cooldown.




Prime Battle Solution:

This is a consumable you should always have active. On every single classs.


Bravery vs Canephora:

Canephora is the stronger of the two potions in most cases, although if a player deems fit, they can use bravery in the presence of a brawler given their lack of an attack speed steroid.


Other Consumables:

Other optional consumables consist of Noctenium Elixir, Lamb Bulgogi, Feast, and Lein's Dark Root Beer. These are considered more of luxury, but they provide buffs that will help you maximize your performance.


Noctenium Elixir improves skill's Noctenium effect as well as skill damage. The duration varies by the tier of the item used.

Lamb Bulgogi grants additional 20 Crit Factor, so make sure to reference the Crit Factor Chart.

Feast grants various buffs at once, including Lamb Bulgogi. However, note that "Friendly Feast" do not include Lamb Bulgogi.

Lein's Dark Root Beer grants 20 Attack Speed for 10 seconds, but note that this will distort your screen a bit.


This concludes the PvE part of this Class Promotion.

PvP Guide


This is where we'll cover the PvP Section of the guide.



When doing PvP content on Gunner the optimal stats you can get are the following:




· Top Line: Increases Attack Speed by 9%.

· Increases Crit Power by 0.3.

· Decreases skill cooldowns by 7.2%.

· Increases damage by 6%.

· Fourth Line: Increases Attack Speed by 4.5%


If the weapon only has 3 lines on the bottom, take 6% damage, Crit Power, and Cooldown Reduction. Attack Speed stat should be taken for 4th line on weapons such as Frostmetal and Stormcry.


Sometimes I swap out bottom most stat with "Increases damage by 6.9% when attacking from behind."




· Top line: Increases skill damage of Arcane Barrage by 7%.

· Raises max HP by 8%.

· Decreases damage taken by 6%.

· Decreases damage taken from frontal attacks by 6.9%.

· FRecovers 1.2% of total HP every 5 seconds.


If the armor only has 3 lines on the bottom (which is the case for Guardian and Twistshard Armors), only take Damage Decrease stats. Maximum hp stat should be taken for 4th line.




· Increases Power by 5.

· Increases Crit Factor by 9.

· Increases Attack Speed by 2.25%


These are your typical DPS Glove rolls. Every single DPS class uses these.




· Increases Endurance by 4.

· Increases Movement Speed by 6%.

· Recovers 0.6% of total HP every 5 seconds.




When using Crystals it's important to use the highest available level for your weapon, so at level 65 this means you should use Fine …. Niveots. Ideally you want to use Dyads, which are crafted by using Dyad Niveot Structures of Smart Dyad Niveot Structures. For more information you can click here


· Salivating if you have mana Issues.

· Swift if you are having trouble kiting.


Accessory Crystals

In PvP you want to use Pristine Griefing Zyrk, in every possible accessory slot. So that means 2 earrings and 2 rings.



The etchings you'll want to use for PvP are:


For Mass PvP:




For 1v1:






Similar to etchings, accessories will depend on the type of PvP

In Mass PvP, you want Full Pumped Accessories

While in 1 vs 1, you want 3 Pumped and 2 Carving Accessories.


Stats for the accessories are the following:


4% Max HP4 Power4 Crit Factor6 Crit Factor
Decreases duration of stun effects by 10%N/A4 Power3 Power


For the Mask, which is obtainable as a rare drop from high tier dungeon, Cooldown Reduction stat should be taken. However, note that Mask's stat cannot be chosen, so this may take a while to obtain.


PvP Glyphs

PvP Glyphs     PvP Glyphs 2


General PvP Tips


Here are some useful tips for PvPing on a Gunner.


Arcane Barrage splits damage when it hits multiple people.

If in massive group, try to use this on a single target when you don't have Bombardment or Balder's Vengeance available yet.


Get used to using Command: Self Destruct and the first hit of Point Blank to stagger targets, making them vulnerable for your next follow ups!.


Utilize your HB7 to its fullest potential!


Use Command: Stay/Follow to make it stay in a place so you can kite away from it just to trick your opponent by using Command: Recall, which then HB will pull you back to where you left it.


Example of using Command: Self Destruct in a combo:


Stats for the accessories are the following:


Battleground Overview

Here we'll go over Gunner's uses and some tips on how to perform in the different battlegrounds


Champion's Skyring

As a Gunner in Skyring, you shouldn't be doing any really aggressive plays. You should usually be there peeling for your team and shutting down the other team's damage.

Using Balder's Vengeance on a slept target is always a good play and can often close a game out if your partner is aware of what's happening.


Fraywind Canyon

Charge Willpower as quickly as possible and use Balder's Vengeance or Bombardment to follow-up on what your other teammates do. Following up on a Lancer's Chained Leash or Brawler's Ground Pounder will usually result in some kills.


Another note is to be aware of when the BAMs spawn and try to always be there to get the BAM for your team, Balder's Vengeance and Bombardment are both really good at sniping BAMs.


Corsair's Stronghold

As boring as it sounds Gunners are amazing at sitting on inners. You can sit on the ledge and use skills that will reach the bottom to get enemies in combat so they cannot climb, i.e your ST-4, Timebomb, Arc Bomb and Bombardment.


You can also shoot down the airships with Arcane Barrage and Mana Missiles if you time it correctly.


1 Tip vs Each Class


ArcherBe aware of their Tenacity buff that makes them immune to stuns.
BerserkerKeep your distance and you're fine.
BrawlerBrawlers have alot of frontal blocks so try to get the timing right on your AB detonating at their back to stagger them out of important skills like ground-pound.
GunnerKPlay aggressive and almost on top of the other gunner when you see them use their recall. Higher attack speed helps a lot.
LancerYou can use your HB7 as a block for the lancers leash, if your hb7 is in between you and the lancer they will miss their leash. (They can giga off it though so be careful).
MysticWatch for the mystic to use their retaliate and try to 0 charge mana missiles them to get them into a KD with no retaliate.
NinjaTry to land a stun with your HB7's self destruct then arc bomb it and blow them up.
Priesttype /select (priests name) and be aware of if they have Guardian Sanctuary / Kaias up, Don't stun into Guardian Sanctuary and try to strip them of their kaias with your AB's when you see it.
ReaperUsing your HB7 recall on a reapers stagger is really good as most reapers rely on their staggers to set up their combo.
SlayerAvoid them when they have tenacity / ICB.
SorcererUse your Iframes / Recall sparingly to avoid being gyred into a sleep.
ValkyrieThe backstab is a root, don't try to rocket jump after they backstab you. Try to be quick on HB7 self destruct when they backstab you.
WarriorSame thing as lancers you can use your hb7 to avoid backstab.