Which Class to Pick for New Player?

Game: Tera
Time: 2023-02-13
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This is not only an important decision based on how you will be able to acquire resources with a new character, but also in the most important element of the game: fun. You are playing to enjoy the process of growing as a character and accomplishing goals. This experience is enhanced greatly by choosing a race and character that best fits your gaming personality.


Do not be afraid to try different combinations of characters so that you can get a feel for what each is capable of. Each race has different strengths and weaknesses, so finding the right fit is important. Lancers, for example, is a melee combat based character so they will be up close and personal with their fights. This means that you will not be able to attack multiple enemies from a distance like you would with the Sorcerer or Archer classes. You will, however, be tough as nails and be able to stand up to much more damage than those ranged classes.


Gathering resources with a new character is going to be dependent upon their skill set as well. If you are a melee character, you are going to have a hard time dealing with large mobs of monsters as you cannot strike from a distance or hit multiple targets at once with consistency. Melee characters are also not as nimble as their ranged counterparts, preferring to stand and trade blows with enemies. This means they will have trouble escaping should they eventually be overwhelmed. You will also need to be the member of the team that absorbs damage in groups. You will count on others to heal you while you take blow after blow from the mob or Boss. In this game, you will want to pay special attention to your defensive skills, blocking and dodging. This will allow you to become an efficient killing machine and acquire wealth. Melee characters in TERA can be especially fun because of the unique combat system it employs. As you progress and gain skill you will begin to master your combat moves and become a deft and agile defender. it is fun to challenge yourself up close with a melee character and test your gaming ability. Try a melee character in TERA, even if you've always preferred to use a ranged one, for the unique experience, if nothing else.


Ranged characters will face the challenge of being vulnerable to attack to their advantage of ranged assault disappears when they are confronted at close range. Their obvious advantage is their ability to strike an enemy without having to absorb any punishment themselves. This makes them an invaluable tool for any party, as they can fire a never ending the stream of damage at tough opponents who are taking on your tank character. When using a ranged character, it is not only important to upgrade your weapon and ammunition, but also to take advantage of your ability to move quickly. Reposition, fire, and repeat if you are being chased by a mob and wish to live! Do not make the mistake of trying to be something you are not with a ranged character. You are not a foot soldier and you will not last long in hand to hand combat. Be sure to develop your character's talents in a way that will enhance their specific skill set. Archers, for example, should take advantage of skills like the breakaway bolt. This will have your character shoot an explosive arrow at his feet, leap away, and then watch as the mob you have aggravated into chasing you is obliterated. Range characters can be really fun and extremely deadly. For Player vs Player combat, they are especially talented in vanquishing enemies.