What's Your Favorite Character in TERA?

Game: Tera
Time: 2023-02-13 11:50:47
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Before, U4gm introduced how to character selection. Then, what's your favorite character in TERA? My favorite character is Warrior, it was my first character and my main, it just feels so good playing a warrior, so fast and free. The following is a simple class overview:




Archer is a high damage ranged class that is simple to learn. It both charges skills for big damage, and uses small fast skills. Archer is considered a consistent damage dealer, unlike sorcerer who is a burst damage dealer. A downside to Archer is its ping reliance. High ping players may notice lower damage than low ping players with similar gear.



Berserker is a slow hard-hitting melee DPS class with a playstyle that mostly revolves around charging two core skills. Because of this, players may think this may be an easy class to pick up but don't be fooled: berserker is a difficult class to learn and play.

Powerful when used properly in its maximum capacity, berserker requires planning and forethought to survive. This is the only DPS class with a block, but the most efficient way to make use of this block is at the end of each skill to end animations quicker. Berserker is a heavily gear dependent class, since its damage relies on crits and its block depends on its defense from gear.

Berserker is not as ping-reliant as other classes, though lower ping may help more with survivability. Although berserker may have a high learning curve, many players find their hard-hitting playstyle satisfying.



Brawler is a high damage tank that is easy to play.

Brawler keeps up their damage and defense by keeping up their growing fury buff. The challenge to keep up this buff can conflict with the tank's role to support the party.

Brawler is a ping-friendly class, as you can cancel skills with other skills even at high ping.



Gunner is a high skillcap ranged DPS class with a robot friend. It has a third resource that must be built in order to power many of their core skills. The robot attacks alongside you, and can also assist you by pulling the player to its location.

Gunner is a highly ping-reliant class, mostly because of its multi-input skill being a core part of its damage.



Lancer is the classic tank of TERA's trinity system.

Lancer has few skills to manage but they have a lot of things to consider in combat as a tank and support: positioning, aggro, buff usage, debuff uptime, damage blocking, and damage dealing. Even though Lancer deals less personal DPS, its support skills significantly increase the party's overall DPS.

A downside to Lancer is that it is one of the most ping-reliant classes. It can be difficult to chain their skills correctly without low ping.



Mystic is a unique healer that has more focus on buffs and debuffs. Its heals are mainly a lock-on and a skillshot, which can be more difficult to use. Mystic provides a unique crit aura, as well as extra debuffs, that make them highly desirable. Mystic must pay close attention to the flow of a fight to know the right time to cast their skills. Mystic summons are not significant, except to provide a buff.

Mystic is not gear dependent as well, and can do well in mid-tier gear, just like Priest. Mystic too is also very ping-friendly and can be played with high ping. However, Mystic will see more quality of life increase with better gear, than Priest would with gear.



Ninja is a fast-paced melee DPS class that must build a third resource to use their high damage skills. Ninja can reduce the cooldown of its skills with auto-attacks. It is the only class that can provide invulnerability to the whole party.

Ninja is a highly ping-reliant class, because of their high auto-attack use and a multi-input skill.



Priest is the classic cleric-style healer with various burst heals, shield and support skills. As the lifeblood of the party, a healer's main role is to provide heals, buffs, debuffs, damage prevention and utility. Priest is a “safer” healer, with more healing, damage mitigation and utility.

Priest is not gear dependent, and can do well in mid-tier gear, unlike DPS or Tanks that do significantly better in best-in-slot gear. It is also less affected by ping, so even very high ping players can do well with healer classes.



To play reaper, you must first have a level 40 or higher character before you can create one.

Reaper is a very fast-paced DPS class that attacks from a semi-melee range. It is the only class that can use melee skills from a range.

Reaper is another highly ping-reliant class, with high ping making it more difficult to combo skills properly. Reaper is a challenging class to learn, with a very high skill cap that not many will reach. However, its fast and mobile playstyle may appeal to many players anyways.



Slayer is a medium-speed melee DPS that is very RNG-dependent to do damage. Slayer's playstyle revolves around chaining combos and their steroid which gives their main damaging skill no cooldown. This steroid skill has an RNG chance to increase damage by 25%-225%; however, there is no reliable way to trigger how much it is increased by and without the highest modifier, Slayer's damage can be quite mediocre.

Slayer is a fairly ping-friendly class, being able to chain skills even at high ping.



Sorcerer is a ranged DPS class that is easy to play. They charge flashy skills for big burst damage.

Sorcerer is a highly ping-friendly class. One downside is that it is very mana hungry, and you will find yourself often low on mana even with consumable usage and healers help.



Valkyrie is a strong melee class that is difficult to master. Valkyrie has a third resource to build in order to enter Ragnarok mode, which allows them to deal a lot more damage. Being able to quickly build and utilize this unique class mechanic will be the challenge for Valkyrie players.

This class is fairly ping friendly, with a relatively simple skill rotation to understand. However, because of its class mechanics, dying is very punishing which makes this a difficult class for learning players.



Warrior is one of the fastest-paced DPS class with very strong damage potential. This melee DPS has a unique edge system and uses skill combos to build that edge. Warrior is considered a burst dps class, with a powerful steroid to boost your damage every 1.5 min.

This class is one of the most ping-reliant classes, and high ping players may find it slower to combo their skills and build edge quickly enough. Warrior is a unique class that allows you to change stance to become a tank. Although not as desired as Lancers for tanks, Warrior tank is on par with Brawler tanks, though much more difficult to play.


What's your favorite character in TERA?