Repeatable Quests for Making Gold in TERA

Game: Tera
Time: 2023-02-13
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This deals with how dedicated you are to making gold in TERA. As you level up and need experience points, you will want to take advantage of these as much as possible. When you reach level 60 they will still be a way to make gold, but not as quickly as just taking your level 60 character to the big dungeons and joining groups to grind them for gold and loot.


Repeatable Quests for Making Gold in TERA


On the way to level 60, you must count experience points as currency. They will lead to your character becoming much more powerful. That, in turn, will lead you to hunt more valuable prey and collecting greater rewards. Below is a list of repeatable quests that will provide good experience points and also provide good to decent loot while you are at it. When you TERA gold buy, you can skip grinding boring Quests and jump straight into the fun! Try it?


Levels 1 Through 20


Suppression Orders: Devan Thieves

The NPC for this is Neacal and is found in the Oblivion Woods. This quest is worth 8,100 experience points, which is quite a few for a low-level character. In addition, you will earn a support token, which can be used as currency for exclusive goods.


Suppression Orders: Centaurs

The NPC for this is Baltar, and he is found in the Fet Forrest. This will provide you with 5,900 experience points, and will also reward you with a support token.


Levels 21 Through 30


Thus Always to Devas

This quest requires a group of five but is worth a staggering 30,400 experience points. Support token included, taking on these quests as many times as you need to before moving up in levels is a great way to enhance your character and make gold quicker.


Suppression Orders: Mutant Recruits

The starting NPC for this repeatable quest is Bisi, located in Popolion. Defeating this quest repeatedly will give you 35,500 experience points each time, as well as a support token.


Ducal Soldiers

This quest requires a group of five and you will never every one of them to accomplish it if you take it on at its opening availability level of twenty-seven. The starting NPC is Segodun, located in the Vale of the Fang. You will be awarded a progress token as well each time you complete these missions. This repeatable quest is worth a huge 51,000 experience points.


Crushing the Skeletons

Worth 38,800 experience points, you will also earn a progress token.


Levels 31 Through 40


Sunken Yards:

Starting NPC is Lenia, found in Cutthroat Harbor. It is worth 44,400 experience points and a progress token. This repeatable quest can be done at level thirty-one.


The Slave Market is Closed

Also Lenia from Cutthroat Harbor, this repeatable quest is worth 43,900 experience points and a progress token. This quest also requires a party of five to tackle.


North Mistmoore

Worth 49,300 experience points a progress token, this quest can be repeated and is only available to characters level 32 and higher.


Paws in Mid-Battle

Again NPC Lenia in Cutthroat Harbor, this quest is easily repeatable and doles out a respectable 52,650 experience points. Again you will be rewarded with a progress token making this a very valuable repeatable quest.


Kill the Kulkaris

You will be able to take on this quest at level thirty-six. NPC Delwen, who can be found in Tulufan, will be your guide. Worth 74,800 experience points and a progress token, you will be well served by doing this quest as many times as you need to in order to advance in levels.


Dark Beings

Done at level thirty-eight and above, you will get a massive 126,800 and a progress token for completing this mission. You will need a crew of five to take it on, and you will find yourself wanting to complete it as many times as possible until you are ready for greater challenges. A great find for leveling up.


A Little Bit of This, A Little Bit of That

NPC Berner found in Tria will start you on this repeatable quest. 76,200 experience points and dedication token are your reward for this upon completion each time through.


Levels 41 Through 50


The Sirhan Leadership

NPC Georrif can be found in Acarum, you will earn 234,100 experience points and a dedication token for completing this repeatable task.


Purgatorial Beings

341,000 experience points and a dedication token are your rewards for doing this repeatable quest. You will really want to take advantage of this quest as it starts to add up to some serious experience points and levels will crawl by if you do not take the opportunity to earn some large numbers of experience points quickly. You will need a party of five to take on this quest.


End the Nightmares

If you feel like going at it alone, then you will find this repeatable quest well worth it. You will earn the same 341,000 experience points and a dedication token. All the while you will be collecting some serious loot along the way. You can do this quest at level forty-three.


Aim for the Crest

Because you cannot do this quest until level forty-five, you will want to stick with the previous two until you level up. It is the first opportunity to earn over 300,000 experience points, or 351,200 to be exact. NPC Buruk in Fontera will get you started on this repeatable quest.


Dragon, Schmagon

Done by a group of five at level forty-six or higher, you will earn 320,000 experience points and get to battle a dragon. It is a darn fine way to level up and make some gold in the process.


Thick-Skinned Diplomacy

Done by a party of five, this repeatable quest will give you a massive 480,000 experience points. You will also earn a gold reward and a dedication token. This is where you can do some serious leveling, as this repeatable task has great value.


Levels 51 Through 57


Shur-Fire and Damnation

NPC Sophilia from Castanica will start you upon this repeatable quest. You will gain a massive 465,500 experience points and a dedication token for your victory.


Suppression Orders: Woodland Beasts

Done at level fifty-one, you will need to get ahold of NPC Bhelal from Dragonfall in order to take advantage of the 479,700 experience points this provides. You will also receive a frontline token for your efforts.


Suppression Orders: Blockaders

Done at level fifty-two, NPC Yedwin from Dragonfall is the way you can get this quest started. 526,300 experience points and a frontline token worth exclusive goods is quite the prize for doing this quest more than once.


Suppression Orders: Mekonari Rebels

Again Yedwin from Dragonfall, this level fifty-two repeatable quest rewards a gigantic 596,100 experience points and the Frontlines Token. This is a very valuable reward for the lower level at which you can begin it; definitely take the opportunity to level up with this.


Suppression Orders: Ascent of Saravash

This repeatable quest requires a party of five to complete. The gigantic 800,000 experience points reward is the sole reason to do this quest more than once. You will leapfrog through levels by doing so!


Killian' s Force

Done at level fifty-four. Cerenon the NPC can be found in Elenea, and will net you 871,650 experience points and a frontline token. Also a really good value for the level you at which can accomplish it.


Argon Attack

You can take on this repeatable quest at level fifty-five. This is where you will approach one million experience points, as Argon Attack rewards you with 966,650 experience points and a frontline token. This is as good of a value for a single quest that you can find in TERA Online, so be sure to do it as many times as you need. You will be approaching level 60 by now and this will be a great way to get there.


Suppression Orders: Habere Besiegers

This is the first of four repeatable tasks that will be used to push you up to the level 60 mark. Worth 1,313,100 experience points and a frontline token. NPC Errill of Habere can get you started on this quest.


Sic 'Em!

NPC Theonell in Scytherea Fae, worth 1,320,800 experience points and a frontline token.


Suppression Orders: Wendigos

NPC Erril in Habere, worth 1,340,000 experience points and a frontline token.



This repeatable task is the last of them at level 57 and is your biggest asset to reaching level 60. Giving you 1,647,700 experience points and found in Scythera Fae, this massive experience giving quest is repeatable and should be used as much as required to push your character to his max level. You will also receive a frontline token for this undertaking.


Once you have reached level 60 it is not as profitable to do repeat quests. You can simply make more by going after Bosses and Mobs in dungeons or finding a good Mob to take on at a gold farming spot. There is no overstating how important it is that you advance your character in levels, and repeatable quests are one of the best ways to gain experience points. Take advantage of this as much as you can!