In-Depth Maplestory 2 Berserker Analysis With Skill Builds and Equipment

Game: MapleStory 2
Time: 2023-02-13
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A Maplestory 2 Berserker who exudes dark energy! A hero who has unknown energy at birth. I have been trying to handle that energy, and sometimes I use that power. When the anger broke out, his sword was unstoppable. Without the need of worry due to their obsession and madness, Berserkers rampage though wielding their Excellent Sword and instill fear inside their opponents. They charge straight into enemy lines, destroying them with their overwhelming energy. When cornered, they bring out a much more amazing strength. Maple World's Berserkers are known to become raised within a tribe from Perion. To survive the barren and harsh environment, their tribe became stronger and more gifted warriors than other folks. Individuals who learned to swing a sword before they could even stroll were provided the name, Berserker. When on the list of three Lapenta who had been protecting the Maple Planet fell, chaos arose. Perion's Chief, Heart of Red Wolf, allowed even these not from the tribe, but who had extraordinary fighting spirit and challenging strength grow to be a Berserker. The physical and mental prowess needed to exceed human limits, and incredibly couple of developing into accurate warriors.

In-Depth Maplestory 2 Berserker Analysis With Skill Builds and Equipment

Class: Warrior
Weapon: Two-Handed Sword
Attributes: Physical
Main Stats: STR, HP, Weapon Attack
Play Difficulty: ★☆☆☆☆
Instructor: Recreation
One of the best damage dealing classes.
Great damage burst.
Skills transition smoothly.
Lots of fun swinging a giant sword!
Has skills to replenish HP by stealing it from enemies while wounding them.
Difficult to train in medium to large parties due to lack of accurate range mobbing skill.
Receive more damage as they perform close combat. Consumes a high amount of potions.
Unlike Knight class, they do not have skills that can shield themselves from damage taken.

Berserker Attribute analysis
The attribute analysis is literally because this is the PVE direction, so here is the report of the critical attributes related to the damage, we extract the relevant Attributes and analyze it.
We sorted out "attack power", "defense penetration", "physical resistance penetration", "hit", "crit hit", "crit damage", "melee damage increased", "xx attribute damage increased" There are a total of 11 items that can increase the damage of mad war by "increased damage when attacking the leader", "increase total damage", and "attack speed".
"Attack power" is the basis of the attack attribute. It is directly related to the initial damage of the skill. It is also the essential attribute. The higher the attack power, the higher the damage, that is, the higher the attack power, the better.
"Defense penetration" and "physical resistance penetration" are generally promoted in percentage form. Through testing, we can understand that both defense penetration and physical resistance penetration can be directly added and skill damage. We don't need to know the specific formula, but both properties are weakened based on the monster's defense and physical defense.
"Hit" refers to the probability of hitting a monster when attacking a monster. The probability of hitting is related to "the difference between the monster and the player," "the player's hit attribute value," and "the monster's dodge attribute value." We don't know the formula first. When the monster level is higher than the player, the player needs to stack more hits.
"Crit hit" and "crit damage," we can learn through the test that the crit hit is directly related to the crit rate, the crit rate and the level difference between the player and the monster, the player's crit hit, the monster's Crit are related to dodge. Crit damage is the amount of damage in the crit, the player's initial crit damage is 125%, and every ten crit damage can be 1%.
"Melee damage increased" and "xx attribute damage increased," we need to understand the skill introduction, in the Berserker's skills, enjoy "Melee damage increased" and "Physical resistance penetration," some skills enjoy "Dark damage increased" such as Total Annihilation. It can be seen through skill damage.
"Injury increases when attacking the leader," "Total damage increased" is related to the final damage settlement. The total damage increase is the increase in damage when the last damage is settled when attacking everything. "The damage increases when attacking the leader" refers only to the attack leader. When the amount of damage settlement time increases, it is necessary to understand that the "leader" monster only has the world's regularly refreshed world leader and Dungeon of the BOSS count leader!
"Attack speed" is related to the frequency of skill release in the game. It should be noted that 100% improves the attack speed. The benefits enjoyed when the attack speed is low are almost negligible, and the attack speed is 13% or more.
In general, Berserker's hits are meager. Singles are an essential attribute. When you can't stack enough attack speed, "defense penetration", "physical resistance penetration", "increased dark damage" are all Very good attribute, when there are enough weapons to attack and improve (weapons are high enough) "Crit hit" and "Crit damage" is a very good choice.

Skill feature analysis
Skill characteristics We from three sides, "active damage skills," "passive skills," "actively triggered passive skills." Because the content is more and more people can go directly to the game to watch, I do not introduce one by one, mainly through the characteristics of skills to understand this profession.
The passive skill "Dark Aura" is the inherent passive skill of the Berserker, which can improve the energy recovery speed and is related to the release of certain skills; the lower the "Adrenaline Rush" health value, the energy boosted per second; the "Deep Wounds" crit Causes continuous damage; the "Greatsword Mastery" percentage increases weapon damage.
Active damage skills we can see in front, enjoy the dark damage bonus with "Raging Slash," "Death Spin," "Void Slash," and "Dark Breaker," while "Ground Breaker" and "Bloodlust," "X Slash" "It's just physical damage."
It should be noted that the "Dark Breaker" release process is a hegemony but needs to be launched in the "Dark Aura" BUFF10 layer. "Ground Breaker" will enjoy the damage bonus of "Dark Aura" BUFF, but it will not Consumes "Dark Aura" BUFF. "Bloodlust" can return the blood CD for 8 seconds.
Actively triggered passive skill, "Blood Price" consumes damage caused by increased health, but does not consume 10S for life at 25% or less, CD 60S; "Dark Aura" BUFF10 layer Can be launched, consume ten Layers of BUFF, improve attack speed and attack power for 10S, CD30S.
Overall, Berserker is a very typical melee output career, with a short CD back to the percentage of blood skills, can effectively survive, "Dark Aura" is a skill that needs attention at any time, the release of all core skills are related to it It can also consume the health to increase the output, and in extreme cases can produce extreme output.
Skill and equipment selection.
But in the current version of the ordinary copy is very good to output, the monster is not difficult, the mad warrior can go well to harvest damage in the current version, but if the copy is updated in the future, it is difficult to have excellent The output environment, so at present, players need to practice walking and output techniques to prepare for later difficult copies.
In the current version, the best equipment has a third-order and strong suit, here I recommend two routines based on the third-order set and the powerful set.

First, third violent bleeding

This routine is based on the third-order additional attributes, with "Ground Breaker" and "Deep Wounds" as the core skills. By physically resisting penetration and increasing crit damage to generate enough sustained damage, this set of equipment requires weapon attack power. And crit damage requirements are higher.
The skill uses "Ground Breaker" as the core to cause continuous damage through "Deep Wounds." This set is a 52-level plus point. At 55th level, "Greatsword Mastery" can be filled. This set of skills for the BOSS output with more displacement, in the usual "Death Spin" as the core skills in the more displacement of the boss (such as the black inflammation dragon beast P1), can be output in the shortest time.
The main output method, first "Death Spin" stack "Dark Aura" Buff to 10 layers, and then "Ground Breaker" output.

Second, the violent attack speed

This routine is based on the great suit, with the ultimate attack speed and dark damage bonus, with "Death Spin" and "Ground Breaker" as the main output skills, supplemented by the "Dark Might" attack speed heap to the limit for output.
Hats, tops, bottoms, shoes, gloves, and weapons all choose the strong anger suit prefixed by "Rage Fury." A certain chance to increase the attack speed and physical attack, a total of 6 pieces per item increased by 6%, and the package can increase the attack speed and physical attack power by a total of 36%.
In necklaces, rings, cloaks, belts, select "Dark Damage Bonus" > "Tapping Speed" > "Injury Bonus when attacking the leader" > "Defense Penetration" ≥ "Physical Penetration" because of the original crit damage Adding achievements is relatively low, so at this time, in order to improve the dark damage that comes with the skill, the crit and hit related attributes are abandoned, but still can cause extremely high damage.
This is a 52-level plus point. At the 55th level, you can fill the "Dark Might." This set of output methods is mainly "Death Spin" with "Dark Aura" Buff to start "Dark Might" to "Death Spin." For the main input skill, the "Ground Breaker" continuously releases the blue amount when the "Dark Aura" Buff is full, and there is enough blue, and continues to use the "Death Spin" output.
It's just the second set of points, with Blood Price as the means of damage improvement. After the level is high, the "Adrenaline Rush" can be improved. This set of "Ground Breaker" increases the damaging weight and balances the energy recovery in the various BUFF. Under the bonus, more "Ground Breaker" can be erupted in an instant. This is a set of more expensive points. The dark damage superimposition is not very high when used.

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