In-Depth Maplestory 2 Classes Guides For Assassin With Skill Builds

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Maplestory 2 assassin, she is in a position to eliminate his target in deadly silence. She was probably the most technically skilled assassin, but contrary to the orders of the organization, she intends to find out what her accurate objective. She uses razor-sharp stars and secret methods to rid the planet of your target. The Assassin is really a higher harm dealing, the long-ranged class which utilizes the Luck stat. The Assassin is in a position to discover skills which can cut down enemy accuracy, which compliments the kiting-based playstyle of this class. They're recognized for having the ability to conceal themselves and turn invisible, along with dash regularly! Here U4GM will share Maplestory 2 Classes Guides For Assassin With Skill Builds for you, U4GM is the best place to Buy Maplestory 2 Mesos Website.

In-Depth Maplestory 2 Classes Guides For Assassin With Skill Builds

Class: Rogue
Instructor: Ruki
Used Weapon: Throwing Stars
Attribute: Darkness
Major Stats: Luck, Critical Damage
Operation difficulty: ★★☆☆☆

- Flashy moves.
- Very fun to play.
- The good range allows them to level quickly.
- Using 2 weapons allows great damage potential.
- Uses very little HP potions in training.

- Low Health.
- Requires a lot of running around to avoid damage.
- Requires a lot of running around to kite enemies into a line for mobbing.
- Damage not as high as other classes.

Assassin Skill Build

1: Darts flow
Lucky Stars, Star Chaser, Star Flurry, Shadow Cutter, Fatal Strikes Max.
Fragmented Star 5 Level, Thrown Weapon Mastery 4 Level, Shadow Web 1 Level (if not required to be assigned to Thrown Weapon Mastery)

2: Dark flow
Lucky Stars, Shadow Cutter, Shadow Burst, Star Flurry, Fatal Strikes Max.
Fragmented Star 1 Level, Shadow Arts 7 Level, Dark Cloak 2 Level, Mark of Death 1 Level (to increase Shadow Burst's damage during the killing phase).

3: Team gain
Lucky Stars, Shadow Cutter, Shadow Burst 8, Star Flurry, Shadow Arts 7.
Fragmented Star 1 Level, Dark Cloak 2 Level, Mark of Death 10 Level, Fatal Strikes 10 Level.
This addition greatly improves the output of the team during the killing phase on the premise of slightly sacrificing its own pre-output.
Such as one-handed high-strength recommended dark flow, such as hands-enhanced can be based on their own preferences and operations
To choose the right point scheme that suits you.
Key combination recommendation: Lucky Stars+Shadow Cutter. A group of Star Chaser+Star Flurry.
Children's shoes that like one-button output can be ejector + Shadow Cutter+Star Chaser+Star Flurry
But the effect is extremely poor.
Add a dot to the attribute point:
Lucky/Crit hits depend on individual needs.
The crit hit limit is 400 points, which can be added according to your own equipment.
For example, the crap damage of your own equipment, you can consider the whole family crit hit.
If you don't gamble the crit rate, you can be lucky.

PVE plus points:

Shadow Stream (60Level):
Lucky Stars, Shadow Cutter, Shadow Burst, Star Flurry, Fatal Strikes Maz, Dark Cloak 2 points, Mark of Death Maz, and the rest of MazShadow Arts (or 1 point spider web).
Recommended macro: Lucky Stars + Shadow Cutter.

Auxiliary flow: (55Level)
Lucky Stars 7, Fragmented Star Max, Star Chaser 3, Shadow Cutter4, Dark Cloak2, Mark of Death Maz, Death Sentence Max, Fatal Strikes Max, Shadow Web 1

PVP plus point: (55Level)
Lucky Stars Max, Fragmented Star 4, Star Chaser 7, Star Flurry 1, Shadow Cutter 4, Shadow Burst Max, Broken 1, Fatal Strikes Max, Shadow Web 7

Or (55Level plus)
Lucky Stars Max, Fragmented Star 4, Star Chaser Max, Star Flurry 5, Shadow Cutter 44, Shadow Burst 5, Dark Cloak 1, Fatal Strikes 2, Shadow Web 7.
Standard flight attribute selection recommendation
Assassin quality attributes crit damage, defense penetration, boss injury, long-range injury, attribute damage, total injury, lucky, physical attack power (1 lucky ≈ 0.65 physical attack power), attack speed, hit (note the highest crit damage) Heap 1250)
Assassin does not recommend a crit hit, only need to crit damage, because the assassin comes with crit skills, plus crit drugs can be 45% crit, eat crit and open crit skills when you The hit rate of a crit hit is 0, which is not worthwhile.
Lucky offers an extra crit rate for the main attribute of the class (Assassin, Grand Theft Auto) 100 lucky to increase the 1% crit rate, but not shown in the panel.
The property selection priority needs to be heaped enough to hit (the current version is about 90, and the new version needs to be upgraded)

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