Maplestory 2 Heavy Gunner Guide With Skill Builds

Game: MapleStory 2
Time: 2023-02-13
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The primary output of the Maplestory 2 heavy gunner is mainly Bullet Spray. To maximize the damage, in addition to the primary attribute of agility concerning equipment attributes, the two characteristics of defense penetration and attack speed are preferred. Necklaces and rings, earrings, cloaks, belts are all with these two attributes. Due to the meager equipment of the heavy gunners, the cost of forming the previous Equipment is low, and the PVE output method is simple and self-contained. The heavy gunner can be said to be the most cost-effective occupation in the current version. As a career in almost the city, the operation of the gunner is not simple, and the active logic and understanding of the copy are the key to determining the output. Reasonable use of various control skills, so that your skills are in the center of the bull, can correctly avoid the defects of the gunner. The gunner's equipment, the preferred agility, hit, this is a CD stream career, not too deliberate pursuit of attack speed, while defense penetration and long-range damage are also essential for the gunner, and, if you can combine this equipment, It's better to add some speed of movement. It is worth mentioning that the gunner's blue return mechanism is different from other occupations. The gunner does not automatically restore the blue amount. Instead, it uses the ammunition replenishment skill to fill the blue one at a time. The good news is that the skill has no CD and can be continuous. Use, master the skill, the gunner's return to blue speed will be the fastest career of the whole adventure island 2. Of course, if you change the magazine in the same place, it will be easy for the enemy unit to choose the target. Generally, when you run and jump, you can change the magazine and find the right attack opportunity in the kite. The best action for the player. Here U4GM Maplestory 2 Team Will share Maplestory 2 Heavy Gunner Guide With Skill Builds

Maplestory 2 Heavy Gunner Guide With Skill Builds

Class: Archer
Weapon: Cannon
Attributes: Physical, Fire, Lightning
Main Stats: DEX, Physical Damage
Play Difficulty: ★★☆☆☆
Instructor: Jenna
Has the longest attacking range for basic SP Replenishing Skill.
Most SP Skills are based on AoE (Deals Area of Effect Damage).
Great mobility. Rocket Launcher allows you to move to a specific location quickly.
Has skills to perform high total damage in Boss Raids when utilizing skill rotations correctly.
Female Heavy Gunner sexy voice-over is merely excellent.
Fastest mob clearing skills/stats
Not too flashy but fun to play and look at.

Grenade skill has concise attacking range, unsuitable for bossing/training activities.
Heavy Gunner is squishy (low HP) similarly to other non-Warrior class.
Damage range is lower compared to Ranger, Assassin, Thief, Berserker, Knight, and Wizard.
Many SP Skills has cooldown timer and has long skill animation before damage affects enemies.
Lock On skill commonly used on Bosses does not have a high impact.

PVE add Points
Heavy gunners in the Adventure Island 2 is a relatively unpopular occupation, but the upset does not mean weak, on the contrary, the heavy gunner is an excellent job in all aspects of the current version, especially in the PK is very strong, in The performance in the copy is also very eye-catching. It has excellent output ability and can bring recovery ability to the team. If it is not a very difficult copy, you can change the position of the priest to the DPS occupation for the team to improve the output ability of the team. Let's take a brief look at the PVE skills of the heavy gunner's bullet stream.
This set of points we mainly rely on the Ping A skill Bullet Spray for output, using Lock-on and Suborbital Bombardment to break out. The overall output method is straightforward, that is, unlimited Bullet Spray. When the Lock-on and Suborbital Bombardment CDs are released, the amount of blue is sufficient to use the Gatling Fire to bleed the blue.
Because we rely mainly on the skills of the bullet system to output, so we can increase the Advanced Bullets to bring an additional 15% output boost for the entire bullet system skills, very affordable so it must be full.
The skills of the laser system are based on their own skill points. The player above level 55, Electric Blast, is sure to be full. Here we do not choose to point the Suborbital Bombardment to infinity, because it is used for the explosion, so point to Suborbital Bombardment to ensure the attack capability of Suborbital Bombardment.
Players with sufficient skill points can point out Suborbital Bombardment. This skill not only brings certain AOE ability but also enhances our Electric Blast damage. It can be used with Electric Blast. Need to point out 4 Stun Grenades to use, so according to their skill points, skill points can be considered.
Med Kit is recommended in the PVE for everyone to point out, can bring the overall resilience to the team, to reduce the pressure of the pastor, when playing some difficult group, we can reduce the position of a pastor in exchange for a DPS, To improve the output capacity of the group as a whole. Here, I recommend you to point out 4-5 points, no need more.
The main point of the bullet flow is that it is not affected by the output environment. No matter whether the leader likes to move or does not like the influence, the output is very flexible. Moreover, the simple damage of the skill is not simple. Through the actual test, it is found that the damage of the bullet stream can be said to be the number one plus point among all the genres of the heavy gunner.

Dungeon add Points
Bullet Spray or Gatling Fire, the former is a single output, the latter is slightly reduced but it is a group injury, depending on the situation.
Magnetic Bomb, which has the function of gathering monsters, not only can improve the efficiency of monsters in Dungeon, but also can interrupt monster movements and protect teammates from the side.
Electric Blast, the main output skill, can be stored in three stages. Each stage can add one damage and can defeat the enemy.
Rocket Launcher, similar to a burning missile, has a burn effect and a considerable output.
Homing Missiles, which can attack several nearby units at the same time, and even attack a higher level of enemies, is an essential skill for Dungeon.
M-BOMB, airdrop bomb, the damage is very high, but the skill has a delay, and the main damage is in the second paragraph, so early prediction will allow you to play a higher output.
Stun Grenades, CD short and has a stunning effect, is a good control skill.
Med Kit, can place a medicine box on the ground in its own position, only 5 levels, 2000 blood is enough, can work on multiple units at the same time, but there are at most 2, and the second need to be used immediately, otherwise it will disappear.
Ingenious skill connection, need to arrange for different Dungeon reasonable, more groping and practice, so as to continuously improve the gunner damage.
The gunner's tricks are usually started with M-BOMB, Suborbital Bombardment, Magnetic Bomb so that they can't leave the M-BOMB range, Rocket Launcher burns the ground, Lock-on, Homing Missiles, Stun Grenades stuns to prevent monsters from being close. Accumulate Electric Blast.

PVP add Points
The gunner's PK adds a variety of points. The gunner is the leader in the PK field. A gunner who can play is unwilling to face any profession.
Bullet Spray and Gatling Fire are basically not used, but they are not a front-end skill for Lock-on.
Lock-on, like an automatic aiming sniper, can easily locate an enemy and cause damage.
Magnetic Bomb has the effect of gathering enemy units and reducing the speed of movement. If pre-judging is appropriate, it can be carried away at the enemy landing site.
Electric Blast, the gunner's strongest output skill, has a repelling effect but requires power, and the three-segment skill can cause tons of damage to the target, which is best for casting after Magnetic Bomb and Stun Grenades.
Rocket Launcher, here only as a front-end skill, although the damage is high, there are front and rear shakes, it is not easy to hit the unit, but it can burn the target area, and there is a specific blocking function.
Homing Missiles, the primary skill of the gunner PK, can hit the target directly without aiming, causing good damage.
M-BOMB, the point level is only for blocking the position, the skill delay time is too long, it is difficult to hit a more prudent PK player.
Stun Grenades, the core skill of the gunner PK, a CD is short, has a great chance to stun the target, has a sound output, and is the most headache for other professions because as long as it is stunned, you have to greet a set of the bombing.

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