Latest way to get RAY GUN Schematics in new season of MWZ

Game: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3
Time: 2023-12-20
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With the update of the MWZ season, the method of obtaining RAY GUN Schematics is also constantly changing. Since the previous RAY GUN unlocking scheme was too complicated, U4GM found a faster way to get RAY GUN.

Compared with the previous plan, the advantage of the new plan is that it does not have any requirements for players' weapons, nor does it require players to accumulate MW3 CP. Just complete the specified contract repeatedly until you get the rewards you want. The following content details the preparations required in the early stage of the new plan, as well as matters that need to be paid attention to during the task.

Preparation for the new plan:

- Choose your favorite gun or one you're currently leveling up for your primary weapon. Weapons are not the focus here.          
- Leave your secondary weapon slot empty as you will be running with your fists to increase movement speed.          
- Use the decoy grenade as your tactical, as it acts like a monkey bomb and can help in sticky situations.          
- The choice of lethal is not crucial, but recommend the thermite as it is considered the best lethal in the game.          
- Equip the Aether Shroud as your field upgrade, temporarily allowing you to go invisible in sticky situations.          
- If available, bring Jugger-Nog and Stamin-Up as perks to make surviving in the Tier 3 Zone easier.          
- Having a three-plate vest and a self-revive as gear will also greatly enhance your chances of success.          
- Prepare a gas mask to help you survive the storm safely.


U4GM RAY GUN Schematics new solution-1


Get new solutions for RAY GUN Schematics?

1. First, open the map and mark the nearest vehicle, get into the vehicle, and bring up your route map. Find and navigate to the tower marked on the map. Notice the three symbols at the top of the tower: a "W," an "l," and a “V.” Remember these symbols, they are very important for cycling through the mission and will allow you to return to this location quickly.

The tower marked in the map below belongs to the G4 area. In order to avoid fighting zombies, you can quickly get there through the portal. Click here to view the corresponding portal and portal code. No matter where you are currently, you can quickly find the portal.


U4GM RAY GUN Schematics new solution-2


2. Contract selection: 
After reaching the top of the tower, open the map and look for nearby contracts. You will find the tank contract, the Spore contract, or the Deliver Cargo contract in the surrounding area. In this case, we choose the Deliver Cargo, which is the easiest to accomplish. The contract involves driving a truck through Level 3 to the extraction point, making it a simple task. The Deliver Cargo contract may not always be the first to appear, but now that it's available, take advantage of the opportunity.


U4GM RAY GUN Schematics new solution-3


Please use a parachute to go to the contract location. This will not only save time but also avoid fighting zombies.


U4GM RAY GUN Schematics new solution-4


After activating the contract, you need to run with your fists. This can increase your movement speed and avoid zombies. You need to pay attention to the choice of route to the target, Choose to move on the roof as much as possible. If the two roofs are far apart, please use a parachute to cross.


U4GM RAY GUN Schematics new solution-5


You will find a group of zombies wandering nearby when you reach the garage door. Use the decoy grenade to lure them away. Although the duration of the decoy grenade has been shortened, you still have enough time to open the garage and drive away.


U4GM RAY GUN Schematics new solution-6


Now, we will proceed to deliver the cargo contract to the extraction point. Along the way, we will pass through a new tier-four tornado area. Our goal is to complete the contract and hope for good loot. If a storm is developing, this can be easily resolved by exiting the game and starting a new one. If you have a durable gas mask, you can stay in the game without any issues. Just exercise caution if you find yourself in a similar scenario where the storm aligns with the contract's endpoint. Once we reach the extraction point, we will collect our loot and get into our vehicle.

Once you have completed the contract, it is essential to leave the area immediately. Drive to the nearby police station, enter the building, and replenish your ammo. Afterward, return to your vehicle promptly and depart from the area. Refilling your ammo will not only restock your supplies but also recharge your durable mask, which is particularly useful if you encountered a storm at the contract's endpoint. Additionally, this will provide you with more decoy grenades, making the upcoming tasks easier.


U4GM RAY GUN Schematics new solution-7


Next, drive to the Shack located on the map. Upon arrival, quickly exit your vehicle and proceed to shoot the three symbols:  

U4GM Rune W U4GM Rune I U4GM Rune V


The specific location of the hut is near H5 [3716.055, 5654.089]


U4GM RAY GUN Schematics new solution-8


By utilizing the fast travel option, we can quickly return to the Tower. Once we are back up here, our focus will be on finding one of the three contracts mentioned earlier. We are specifically looking for the tank contract to appear in this area or waiting for the spores contract to show up. Please note that this may involve some waiting as it can take anywhere from instantly to around 3 or 4 minutes for the contracts to appear. If you reach the Tower and none of the contracts have appeared yet, simply be patient and wait for a little while.

As previously, the contracts would rotate between these three options. However, occasionally, even with the rotation, there may be instances where the desired contract does not appear. If you ever encounter this problem and find yourself waiting indefinitely, it is recommended to grab any available contract in the area and cancel it immediately. This action can help reset the contract availability.

This updated method introduces some randomness, and the contract spawn is no longer guaranteed. However, the rotation between the tank and Spore contracts still tends to be the norm. If you encounter a situation where those contracts are not appearing, feel free to grab and cancel one of the other contracts in the area repeatedly.

There is now a slight complication with the deliver cargo contract, as it is located in a more challenging area to access. caution is advised due to the tight corridor and the absence of a guaranteed rotation between the tank contract and the deliver cargo contract, as it used to be. To overcome this, you will need to follow the same steps as before but also grab other contracts in the area when the desired one is not available, and then cancel them repeatedly.

It's worth noting that besides the ray gun, there are other schematics that you can obtain through this method. While the ray gun is the primary objective, there are additional rewards to be gained.

If you prefer a quicker approach, you can take an alternative route. However, be mindful not to damage your vehicle excessively, as it would be inconvenient to have to repeat the process without receiving the desired reward.