How to defeat Greylorm and unlock MWZ new season legendary schematics?

Game: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3
Time: 2023-12-12
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To get the legendary schematic: pap 3 Crystal, legendary Epal, and scorcher weapon case. You need to collect CALIBRATION DATA USB on the map according to the task prompts and fight the new boss, GreyIorm. This boss is very challenging and Difficult, so make sure you are well-prepared with a strong loadout, all perks, tier three Pack-a-Punch, and high rarity weapons.


To begin the process, you can find two locations on the map. One is in the top left above Levan Resort, and the other is in the top right in all of the military base. In these locations, you will find a room with a large map of the öand map and four photographs beside it. Each photograph contains screenshots of locations you need to visit within the map. Within each photo, there will be a location for a UAV tower that you must interact with.


How to collect All USBs?

To proceed with the Easter egg, you will receive a USB drive. You must visit four locations to collect the Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, and Delta USB drives.


Opera house
If your photo matches the one showing the Sherry Opera House in Zaran City, head there to collect the USB drive.



Orlov military base
If your photo matches the one indicating the military base and ZV array, go to that area and locate the UAV Tower between the buildings on your mini-map.



Popov power plant
If your photo looks like this with two cylinders, you need to pop off the power just in front of them. You'll find a UAV Tower there.



Old town
If your photo shows a building with a dome roof in the tier three Zone, mantle up onto that building in front of the ammo cache to find the UAV Tower.


Levin resort
In the case of the photo depicting Opal Palace in the tier three Zone, the UAV Tower will be located there.



For the photo showing a broken building in Sarahan City behind the football field, head to that location on the left side.



If your photo matches the one in the top left of the map above leev Resort in Koto blocks, you will find the UAV Tower beside the statue there.



If your photo matches the one showing the Urzikstan Community Center, head to the bottom left of the map. Look for the labeled area and go to the second-floor balcony of the building. You will find the UAV Tower there.



For the photo indicating a building just south of the seaport District in tier 2 with unique shape buildings, go to that location. In the middle of the uniquely shaped buildings, you will find the UAV Tower.



If your photo shows a location behind the shahen manor on the second floor with a shack on the pier, head to the bottom right of the map. You will find the UAV Tower there.



Lastly, if your photo matches the one depicting the hia farms next to four large CS, go to that area. The UAV Tower will be located outside near those structures.



All USB maps


The region where GreyIorm is located

Once you have activated all four UAV Towers in your game and have the alpha, bravo, Charlie, and delta USBs in your backpack, Just need to find GreyIorm and defeat it, but you can't initiate it until the Stormers start to come in. after the 45-minute timer ends in your game. Open your map and look for the storm's location. Somewhere near the storm, whether it's to the left, right, further north, or further south, you will notice two ammo caches next to each other on the map. This is not a normal occurrence, as it indicates the presence of the four refractor stations that require the USBs. It is also the area where the boss will appear.



Preparation before killing GreyIorm

It is crucial to utilize the remaining time to ensure you have all the necessary perks, the highest Pack-a-Punch level, and the highest rarity weapon. Additionally, it is essential to have a durable gas mask as the boss fight will take place entirely in the storm. PhD Flopper no longer negates storm damage, so make sure to purchase a gas mask from a tier three buy station. You can also use a normal gas mask, but remember to refill it by visiting an ammo cache during the boss fight.


Defeat GreyIorm's Tips

Once the storm starts approaching the refractor stations, you can activate them by approaching each of the four individual machines corresponding to the USB names. After activating all four, you will hear in-game chatter from Barrera, and zombies will start spawning. After approximately 30 seconds, the giant worm named Grey will spawn from the middle of the area. Until the timer reaches zero, you must defeat the GreyIorm before the storm completely engulfs the map. This boss fight is more challenging than the Act 3 and Act 4 bosses, as it has the highest amount of health and can regenerate health if not consistently damaged.


Get legendary schematics

While this boss fight can be completed solo, the location you get for the fight is crucial. Ideally, you want as much time as possible to defeat the GreyIorm without running out of time. As a world boss, you can form a six-man squad with other random players. Other players who are not part of your squad can also participate. Once the GreyIorm is defeated, you will receive a reward Rift containing a guaranteed spawn for one of the new legendary schematics: the legendary ephor, the Flawless Ethereum diagram, or the scorcher weapon case blueprint. This is the only way to obtain these legendary schematics; you will receive one per boss takedown. Farming tier-three contracts are pointless as you must complete this boss fight to obtain a legendary schematic.


You will need to defeat the boss multiple times to obtain all three schematics. Fortunately, you won't have to rush to the final extraction point once you defeat the boss. A new portal will spawn, allowing you to immediately extract without the need to call in a helicopter or any other means of extraction. Once you have successfully extracted one or all three schematics, you will gain access to schematic crafting, where you can finally obtain the legendary EA tool, the Flawless in Crystal, and The Scorch weapon. These can be brought into future games.


It's important to note that the legendary ether tool has a 1-day crafting cooldown, the Flawless Ethereum has a 3-day cooldown, and the scorcher case has a 2-day cooldown.